The 11th House of Group Activity and Community in Astrology

The Aquarius House

The 11th house is often known as the house of Aquarius as this is the sign that rules this house naturally. Meanwhile, Aquarius is an Air sign, which means that it is highly logical and intelligent. However, what sets Aquarius apart from the other Air signs, Gemini and Libra, is that it is ruled by Uranus. This means Aquarius is also inventive and oftentimes thinks in terms of the future, which means that in the 11th House, we may find future-thinking plans and ideas as we come together with others to discuss or implement them.

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Interests of the Eleventh House

The eleventh house can also indicate one’s sense of service through their chosen programs, which they may feel is a good cause and beneficial for the future. This could include special skills, resources they lend to causes, gifts they offer to them, and efforts extended to help these programs expand.

Similarly, we may find allies and friendships in the 11th house, but these are mostly through group endeavors. It often includes organizations, social networks, administrations, fraternities, sororities, and other small societies of certain interests. This house is a great way of looking at how we socialize, interact, and serve or integrate with the masses.

The 11th house shows us that we’re one piece of a much larger puzzle. Understood as the house of teamwork and camaraderie, it gives us insight into the common goals we may have with others and in our communities. Ultimately, this is the house that pushes individuals to become more than a single individual alone.

On the other hand, it could show us that we don’t play well as a member of a team. Depending on the sign that rules it and the planets within it, we might prefer being a lone wolf. Furthermore, those who have malefic planets in the 11th house could pretend to be team players yet secretly have self-serving motives.

Planets in the Eleventh House

Sun: You’re known by practically everyone in your community and are heavily involved in many social events, gatherings, council, etc.; your contribution may be to host such meetups yourself and be friendly and warm toward all who attend; being a regal light of service within any group involvement you partake in, others know you as someone quite giving and selfless with your attention and time; could, perhaps, get overwhelmed occasionally by the needs of your social life and the significant impact you have around anyone you welcome with a smile and may often feel that you have no privacy or time to yourself, but can’t not commit to others as this is your special skill.

Moon: You are very supportive and protective of your friends. Anyone who is your friend, you actually consider to be your chosen family; You may be a part of a type of group that tends to others by ways of nurturing or caring for others; may support organizations or donate to causes that reflect these ideals mentioned; helpful, attentive, quite tolerant of your fellow tribe members, you may take on the role of the “mother” within your community; if you feel as though someone has betrayed you or really let you down carelessly, you can turn quite callous, cold, and resentful toward this person, while possessing the ability to hold a grudge for a lifetime.

Mercury: Probably a part of every different group imaginable and can blend like a chameleon, making them have highly diverse group interests; inconsistent timeliness within social scheduling, but a strong need to network for whatever cause(s) that’s been chosen; was probably part of a study group or other type of intellectual and/or informative sessions that require nothing more than high intelligence, but may spend the time there talking, making jokes, or arguing playfully instead; involvement in societies or communities require either skills in marketing, I.T., social resources, or other task that needs someone who can speak well and often as a service.

Venus: No matter what type of group you become involved in or the job you take on within your community, you often naturally mediate between different roles, in your community; you may often feel that you have somehow fallen between different friends, social commitments that conflict and rival one another, or must often divide your time and attention between involvements time and time again because you feel a sense of pride and duty in serving others by being genuinely fair and understanding; you easily find that you have a skill in creating harmony in your environments where many people dwell together; your gift is your just presence that helps to serve others by being open and receptive among anyone and all walks of life.

Mars: Possibly the leader of your chosen group; an incredibly independent, social pioneer; hectic life others wouldn’t have the energy to take on; stimulated by challenges from others and warrior-driven spirit that makes you aggressively competitive to win for social or political causes; will go head to head with anyone to protect an underdog; has most likely been known as the “rough and rowdy one” within a group they’ve been a part of at some point in their lives; is the life of the party until rubbed the wrong way; can sometimes take passions for causes to extremes.

Jupiter: Having an optimistic and child-like spirit among any groups you belong to, you can create a sense of inclusiveness between different cultures, ages, religions, or other backgrounds involved and this is the effortless gift that allows you to expand as an individual – by taking the time to get to know those you come across at a more personal level than most others; if anyone feels lost or unwelcome, they will most likely gravitate toward you to extend a warm hand toward them because you have an innate ability to serve others by naturally making them feel they’re invited to take part; you possess the natural skill of openly sharing wisdom as your contribution to your community with gratitude for all those who have taught you something valuable along the way.

Saturn: Among your fellow team members, you are the responsible one who appears to have it all planned out and is often one of the few within a group who is dedicated, confident, and serious enough to get everyone quiet enough to get anything done; naturally, you have a gift of turning heads, not for attention, but for the sake of the needs of whatever society or organization you’re leading or are in charge of; likely feeling swamped by all the responsibility, you know if you don’t serve and contribute by taking charge, it will probably fall apart and besides, you want it done correctly anyway; on the other hand, it’s just as possible you suddenly disappear and avoid any responsibility you took on; possessing the skill of just taking control or falling into the “elder” authority, your social life is showing maturity in your community.

Uranus: Your gift in any group of people you have a part in is that you have a keen ability to see how important everyone’s roles are to your community and how everyone’s separate skills make up the whole scene; your contribution is by being a vibrant reminder of the path you’re forging in society; you have a very special skill of being a team member of all the teams who shares a friendly and progressive part that allows all to expand, while you often feel you have really done nothing at all; you have resources in all places equally- just by knowing everyone; your service is by being a beacon of respect to all, equal distribution of goodwill, and offering efforts within any organization that needs a bit more color that breathes fresh life.

Neptune: During some part of your life, you were likely a huge part of your community, as a member of many types of groups, social events, or serving other types of organizational efforts; other times, you probably weren’t part of any of it and became so quiet that some even wondered if you were still alive; the truth is that you put other’s needs before your own very frequently and you work with people in needed intervals of time because you have a gift of being highly sensitive to the society you belong to, which means you work hard until you become overwhelmed and then must take time for yourself by allowing calmness to envelop you as you prepare for the next wave you’ll serve in, which requires your unmatched sympathy; great capacity to expand others with your natural gift of altruism.

Pluto: Although you may not be incredibly social in nature and are likely not a part of many social groups, events, or other busy activities where many people gather together, you do have very passionate and intense friendships that border possessiveness and force; they friendships and tight teams you fall into have the power to transform you, while you also unconsciously tug the transformative strings of others who surround you; having a powerful and even intimidating nature at times, you’re unaware of the large impact you have just by being present; if used carefully and with consideration, you have the ability to serve as a tool of empowerment as contribution within politics or other organizations you commit to.

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