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Now until Easter, 50% your personal numerology chart! Just $5 today!

You know that feeling you get that you call” vibes,” right?

Those are vibrations and you have plenty of your own!

According to Pythagoras, numbers are the language of the universe and your birthday, your name, and many other factors contribute to your talents, your preferences, and even your spouse!

There are the numbers 1-9 and then there are the numbers 11 and 22, which are master numbers. Each one has it’s own significant meaning and importance.

Although your most important number is the LifePath number, in this chart, we will focus on the top five chart numbers mainly; the ones that have the biggest influence over us.

My LifePath number is 11 and that is the number of teaching, enlightenment, and healing. I believe that it is my duty here on earth to teach others about these strange, metaphysical and/or philosophical happenings and that’s why I do this for so little.

Come on! Give it a try!

(Photos below of the numerology charts that I make.)

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