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The Houses: The 8th House of Death, Sex, & Mystery

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The Scorpio House

Ruled by Pluto – the planet of Transformation

Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th house are all related by sex, death, transformation, and mystery. Other than the twelfth house, the eighth house can be quite dark. This is the house where we find sex- more specifically, BDSM, Sub/Dom, Fetishes, Low-key “taboo” fantasies, sexual slavery and possession, etc.

It’s not always strange sexual activities you find in this house, however. It’s the intensity of Scorpio and Pluto that can make this house intense and bizarre. For example, someone with the sun or Leo in the 8th house is generally more playful and lighthearted when it comes to sexual activities and they perhaps even get rather nervous or even disgusted at the thought of something like BDSM. Although, they would either be too prideful to admit it OR act rather dramatically toward someone for desiring that type of thing.

With that being said, anyone who has Scorpio ruling their 8th house or Pluto in their 8th house will probably experience a lot of death or transformational experiences in their lives. In fact, it will seemingly be an unending battle of metaphorical or actual death after death to an outsider. What I mean is, they experience frequent endings in life that push them toward going deeply within themselves to unravel their demons so that they can understand their own potentials and strengths.

This often means meeting their shadow-self face to face and finally accepting their own darker parts- once and for all! Generally speaking, this is one big thing that we all face within the 8th and 12th houses, but the person with the aspects mentioned above will do it over and over again and can often become either wise and steady or cold and paranoid. It’s up to all of us to decide which way we’ll go, based on how deeply we look at our own faults.

Basically the question the 8th house has for you is:

“Who will you realize you’ve been hiding once you reveal your own darkness; and once you know it’s there, who will you decide to transform into?”


Your Eighth House Placements

Planets and Signs of your personal 8th house

If you have Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, or Libra ruling your 8th house, I have now created a different paragraph for your 8th house meaning – rather than putting them together like I used to. If you have Mercury or Venus residing in your 8th house, your paragraph is toward the bottom. I began finding too many differences between Taurus/Libra and Gemini/Virgo.

Don’t forget to read definitions for both the sign ruling your house AND the planet(s) residing in that house.

Aries/Mars: This person is not afraid to express matters of the 8th house; including: sex, death, and whatever is considered to be “taboo”. However, they can be forceful in their approach toward these matters, rather than deeply compassionate. If this individual doesn’t realize the responses they get from others are negative at times, it’s important they work on becoming less pushy and more understanding. That’s when they can truly make differences in other’s lives by truth. With restraint from rushing what’s hard and finding importance in other’s advice, they can then heal themselves.

Taurus: Not only are you good at managing and handling money, but you may even work in this field or even perform illegal activities regarding financial affairs. Even though you’re a natural romantic, sex is a huge part of your life. You’d prefer spending your money on others to show your affection, but hardly ever justify spending any on yourself. Enjoying moving slowly in most scenarios, you move gracefully through transformative life experiences. You may, however, miss opportunities in life if you don’t act quickly enough; allowing others to take whatever it is that you desired and have already worked for.

Gemini: Highly curious (perhaps secretly) about the mysteries surrounding life, you take an intelligent and philosophical approach to dealing with your questions. Because you can sometimes be emotionally detached, you may seem insensitive to other’s struggles. You’re not shy at all and will often begin conversing about topics that make other’s a bit uncomfortable. Although this can push other’s toward understanding themselves, it’s important to consider your word’s consequences before speaking. Very intelligent and informed, you use your knowledge and willpower to get through any difficulties.

Cancer/Moon: Generally feeling slightly shy about “personal” situations in life, you appear to hold onto your pain longer than the majority, but go deeper than people realize and this, at some point, transforms your understandings on what pained you. You likely have secrets about your family and/or home and won’t speak of them out of loyalty. This may keep you from accepting help or helping others. Preferring your privacy a bit too much, you can come off as self-centered and brooding, but you’re highly driven by your emotional influences and are generally accurate in your intuitive feelings.

Leo/Sun: You’re likely very confident in who you are and you don’t care who notices because your goal is to lift others toward positivity and confidence. Seemingly egotistical to some, your conversations can remain semi-shallow and others may fear your judgements. It’s possible you hold onto your money or earnings too tightly and may create conflict with lovers for monitoring what’s spent. You may also lack a self-awareness and could be unconsciously driven to control what you fear to lose. How you seem to others is not actually how you feel inside and this is a constant struggle for you because your intentions are almost always good.

Virgo: When making decisions, you’re highly meticulous and calculating. Because you plan so far into the future and ask “what if” at every turn, you hold yourself back from enjoying present moments. If you struggle with anxiety, try frequently stopping throughout the day and taking a few deep breaths and relax your muscles. There’s something good at the other end of what’s seemingly bad. Open your eyes and get out of your head. Spontaneity is good every now and then! Are you aware of how critical you can be toward your romantic partners? Their unconventional outlook is why you love them in the first place!

Libra: Rather guarded with your feelings, you keep most things buried, where others will never be able to expose them. No matter what’s going on, you continuously play it cool to appear stronger than you feel and you’re probably even unaware of this. What you really desire is a partner in which you can find support and express yourself openly and honestly to, without fear holding you back from expression. If you feel that you have successfully found this, you will enter a state of vulnerability that you may unconsciously run from at first, but will likely allow it to transform you into someone fair, responsible, and helpful.

Scorpio/Pluto: Having Scorpio and/or Pluto here, this sign or planet will feel right at home in it’s Scorpio house! This person is someone who is quite comfortable talking about death and sex, as well as contemplating the dark mysteries surrounding life. On one hand, they can seem insensitive in these areas, but on another hand, they really get it and can help heal those going through difficult and painful transformations. This placement can, however, carry a tendency toward possessiveness and obsessive personality traits. They may also have strong psychic abilities or take an interest in the spiritual, occult, or metaphysical realms.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: When it comes to sexuality, Sagittarius here is very adventurous and curious, wanting to take on all the experience possible. Although they can be known as someone who is a bit “promiscuous”, they really don’t care how others view them. They may be child-like about death and loss. Quite optimistic about the afterlife, however, this placement has quite a spiritual or religious (and likely stubborn) view regarding it. Although they may not communicate without pushing another person toward their own beliefs, they do actually have a lot of wisdom surrounding life’s mysteries somehow. It’s possible they even have a dark, but playful sense of humor.

Capricorn/Saturn: You may go through many near-death experiences in life, but with Saturn’s restrictive energy you’ll most likely live to be quite old. Unfortunately, this means you’ll inevitably experience many loved one’s deaths. When they’re in old age, they’ll be seemingly cold toward loss, but only because they’ve endured a lot of it in their time. There’s a possibility that these people suppress their fears of death while they’re younger and are hit hard with the realization when they begin to experience loss. The sea-goat is both an earth and water animal, so they’re often intuitively connected to the dead, but grounded in the matter.

Aquarius/Uranus: This person easily embraces spirituality. They seem to face strange occurrences and even extreme circumstances in their everyday life, but can somehow still manage to keep a healthy and positive attitude on living. Their heads are filled with ideas on advancements toward many things. Inventive Aquarius unconsciously desires transforming what is “dead”. Being very open about sex/sexuality, this placement should be careful about whom they become involved with and for what reasons. It’s not uncommon for them to put their health at risk unknowingly. These people are very creative survivors, but deal with many unconscious battles they can’t make sense of.

Pisces/Neptune: These people go through many self-transcendent and mystical experiences. Oftentimes, they’re so sensitive to others (even the dead) that they blindly follow and end up feeling quite lost in life. They are led by the need to merge with everything and everyone and this sometimes leads them to becoming very much a martyr and without much self-respect. Highly effected by the feelings of others, they easily give their entire lives over to people they feel need their strength, but end up breaking themselves down to a point of actually realizing their own potential through struggles.

Venus: Somehow, this person has been left with a feeling of being unlovable and most likely because they were shut out by their parents for some reason. OR they oftentimes feel as though other people they become close to are not being open about their true feelings toward them, like they’re keeping harmful and selfish secrets. Although they’re someone who is very private with most of the affairs of life too, they’re also unconsciously seeking love and acceptance by almost anyone who they think may really see them. Don’t get this mistaken for attention-seeking, however. They simply feel misunderstood.

Mercury: Naturally gifted with an understanding of silent communication between others, it’s almost as if they can read minds. With a level of extreme curiosity, they can find themselves in the eye of danger only because they had to follow a red balloon to see where it led, even if it goes down in a sewer. Although this can cause trouble for them, they have a lot of life experience and acquire a lot of great knowledge on many different subjects. If they’re open to it, they can likely even communicate with the dead. People find them extra intriguing and are drawn to them for reasons they’re not even aware of.

From Within the Labyrinth,

With Love,

-Lakin <3

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