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The Elements: Air

Symbolically, water is our emotions. Air is our thoughts. An air sign, or someone who has a lot of air in their chart, will usually rationalize their emotions. This is the reason that passivity happens among air signs. While it is great to be considerate of others people’s feelings, we must also feel our own feelings and allow them room for expression; otherwise, instead of feeling them, we only think about them. This can cause a buildup of unsaid words left inside of us.

Symbolism: You May Think I’m Crazy…

You may think I’m crazy, but the universe/God/Source/Creator/etc. speaks to me through the language of SYMBOLS… As humans, our brains and our perceptions really enjoy noticing patterns. If something is symmetrical, it is generally more appealing. If it has jagged lines, strange placements, or an odd amount of numbers, we may feel repelled in some

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Tarot: I did a Reading for the World!

What if this virus is a signal for THE change? What if there’s more to the story than what we’ve been told? What if it’s been a fight to get right here to this moment, the one in which we currently live in, to finally succeed in a very important mission?


Dualities: Alpha-Omega; Positive-Negative;Good-Bad;Teach-Learn; Give-Receive; Push-Pull; Theory-Fact;Visible-Invisible; As Above So Below As Above So Below As Above So Below Weak-Strong; Illusion-Reality; Conscious-Unconscious; Presence-Absence; Boss-Leader; Demand-Request; Expression-Suppression; Projection-Manifestation You Win Some… You lose some; Fire and Ice. Dani (Destiny) and Aria (Freewill). Hero- Villain; Clean-Dirty; Happy-Sad; Victory- Defeat; Beginning-End; Birth-Death; Awake-Asleep; “For Every Action, There is an

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