The Zodiac Sign, Aquarius: Including Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising

  • Symbol: The Water-Bearer
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Element: Air
  • Associated HouseThe 11th House
  • Associated Tarot Card – The Star

Aquarius is an Air sign, but the symbol for Aquarius is that of the Water-Bearer. Although this can be confusing for some, it may be practical to say that Aquarius is a bridge between the elements Air and Water. Of course, Aquarius is often known for being completely unique!

Birthday: January 20th – February 18th

Aquarius Sun placement is known for being incredibly stubborn. Being a fixed sign, they are resistant to changing their minds easily. Once they make a decision, it is unlikely that they will change it without significant influence. Aquarius is independent, innovative, and curious, which explains why many well-known individuals share this sun sign. Aquarius is the embodiment of quirkiness, uniqueness, and eccentricity, making them stand out among the other zodiac signs.

One of the key qualities of Aquarius is their relentless pursuit of freedom and independence. They refuse to be held down or restricted by anyone. It’s not that they need to be away from others; they simply follow their own path. With their ambitious dreams and a desire to claim their own territory, it is important to give Aquarius the space they need to gaze at the stars and imagine the possibilities for their lives, especially during their childhood.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which means they are naturally innovative. When Uranus has a significant presence in someone’s birth chart, that person is unusually innovative. They’re naturally skilled with technology, fascinated by electricity and storms, and intellectually stimulated and hyperactive. They have a natural affinity for technology and a curious mind that is always seeking new knowledge. They enjoy tinkering with mechanics and exploring different parts.

Aquarius Sun Celebrities: Charles Dickens, Susan B. Anthony, Galileo, Rosa Parks, Charles Darwin, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Paris Hilton, Clark Gable, Sheryl Crow, Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Anniston, Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Langston Hughes, Etta James, Ashton Kutcher, Molly Ringwald, John Travolta, Judy Blume James Dean, Rebel Wilson, Jerry Springer, Minnie Driver, Charlie Day, Isla Fisher, Christian Bale, Virginia Woolf, and Bill Maher.

Aquarius Moon

With this Moon placement, you’re comfortable and at ease with people, groups, and socializing in general. Being independent, you don’t live your life in a way that revolves around others, but you find enjoyment in spending a significant amount of time in open discussions. You invest in ideas by freely communicating unguarded philosophies among usually separate communities. Unafraid to get close to others, you understand that you’re never truly alone, yet you still maintain your sense of freedom.

Your attitude is liberating and empowering, but it is crucial to play fair. Not everyone desires or respects the freedom to do as they please. If you delve deep within yourself, you may discover that you yearn for deep emotional closeness, but avoid it for various reasons. You might have a tendency to spread yourself too thin by engaging in shallow and short-lived relationships. Remember that you will naturally attract popularity, but the quality of your relationships will only be as open and meaningful as you allow them to be.

It is possible that you may be open to polygamous or polyamorous relationships. You could enjoy living within a commune or participating in arrangements that allow you to freely explore and connect with others. Perhaps you don’t acquire attachments the way others tend to, however. It is important to be mindful of the potential harm you may unintentionally cause others if you fail to recognize the consequences of your actions. Your feelings do not necessarily have to align with others, but they should at least be acknowledged and valued as genuine emotions.

While you are not afraid to expose your vulnerabilities, you tend to rationalize your feelings rather than fully experience them. Your heartaches may stem from over-analyzing the “what ifs” of life and building up internal fears. Visualize yourself as a pebble thrown into the water, observing the ripples that spread out and return to the source. You are the pebble, and what you give is what you receive, Aquarius moon. Karma acts as a mirror, reflecting back the energy you put out into the world.

Aquarius Moon Celebrities: Morgan Freeman, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Britney Spears, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marilyn Monroe, Eminem, Billie Eilish, Uma Thurman Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Charles Manson, Jessica Alba, Russell Crow, Caitlin Jenner, Ashton Kutcher, Victoria Beckham, Muhammad Ali, Nina Dobrev, Shawn Mendes, Amanda Bynes, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood, Denzel Washington, and Jessica Lange.

Aquarius Rising

If you’re Aquarius Rising, your chart ruler is the planet Uranus. Uranus represents innovation and futuristic ideas and these qualities you possess are apparent to others. Your gift of foresight allows you to make decisions based on what you believe will be best for your future. Surprising others comes naturally to you, as you have a natural inclination to know what’s yet to come. Although you may seem unbelievable in ways, you eventually prove yourself to be right.

Intellectual, charming, and highly knowledgeable, people are drawn to watching you, almost as if you are the star of your own reality show. However, you maintain a friendly yet coolly detached demeanor, keeping others guessing about the inner workings of your ingenious mind. Despite your adept communication skills, you may struggle with anxiety due to sensitivity overload at times. You may also have ambivert tendencies, alternating between being social and needing space and time alone.

Confident and direct, you expect the same level of assertiveness from your partners and friends. Shyness is something you find difficult to understand or tolerate in communication. However, as a fixed rising sign, it is important to recognize that you can come across as stubborn. It may be beneficial to embrace change or at least consider different perspectives. You believe everyone should have a voice and right to express it.

Your eccentricity is highly valued by your friends. Unlike most people, you may appreciate odd textures, abstract art, mixing things that others won’t, and dressing in ways that others may perceive as being weird. You embrace boldness and individuality, and your life’s journey will undoubtedly be unconventional. Remember, your Aquarius rising sign adds a certain flavor to your personality and appearance. Embrace your differences and continue to be true to yourself.

Rising Aquarius Celebrities: Adele, Shia LaBeouf, J.K. Rowling, Hozier, Hilary Duff, Orlando Bloom, Audrey Hepburn, Jay Leno, Christina Aguilera, Russel Crowe, P!nk, Matt Damon, Khloe Kardashian, Tyga, Jenny McCarthy, Ian Somerhalder, Zendaya, Michael J. Fox, Aaliyah, Elijah Wood, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lawrence, Barack Obama, and Chelsea Handler.

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