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Are You an Alien Star Seed?

Are you an ALIEN, temporarily re-born on earth as a human being?

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong here or that you can’t possibly be from this outrageous or hateful planet?

Apparently, the feelings that you have depends on what type of “starseed” you are or whether or not you are even a “starseed” at all – or if you’re a plain, ‘ole, mundane human being, like the rest of us mere creatures.

Continue reading to know what a starseed is, to hear my honest opinion on the hype of starseeds, and if I am a starseed, I’ll tell you which kind I think I am 😉

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In today’s modern world, we are seeing extremely rapid advancements in medicine and new understandings of the human body, mind, new types of blood, DNA unraveling and genotype discovery, etc. Technology is being invented, patented, produced, and sold at seemingly lightening speeds! Some of us are left feeling quite detached, with very little reaction to things that “should” shock us, or we are just underwhelmed anymore because of all the exciting things that have happened throughout our lifetimes so far; making us constantly expect the unexpected.

We now have virtual realities that we live in just as often as we do in our everyday, physical and earthly lives. The friends that we make online are just as important and relevant as the ones we’ve always had in person. Robots, A.I.’s, and other sources of information in data has been rumored to have the intelligence or the ability to know that it exists and was created; thus, making it aware of itself!

That’s right! Computers, phones, and other electronic devices are beginning to gain consciousness!

The movie, iRobot, or the show, West World, could become a true story!

After all, aren’t we the creators of our own realities? And whatever the collective, amongst societies, focuses their attention to is ultimately the very thing we create, is it not?

As it always has and always will continue to do so, nature and consciousness continuously evolves and will inevitably and infinitely evolve on… and on….. and on……….

and on…………… and on……………………

and on…………………………………..

Every single time I go into a department store, (specifically one with electronics), I’m blown away by how much new technology I see. At the beginning of 2020, I was a hermit because of depression. For months, I didn’t go anywhere where I knew there may have been people I knew/know. Once I decided to join society again, I nervously took a trip to the infamous WalMart and was in shock and wonder at all of my new findings that had been made and released so suddenly it seemed!

5G, entire virtual realities, smart home devices, drones everywhere, rapid findings on new planets and possible life in space, a deadly virus mutating quicker than the flu, and even….. sex robots?

What is a Starseed, then?

A starseed is a person who believes that their soul’s originated is from another star system, galaxy, planet, and/or a different race of beings, which usually isn’t quite human nor from the planet earth.

From my own experience seeing many of them online, it seems that the majority of them have gone through life having the feeling of not belonging to any one group or that they belong in no groups at all. They are highly creative and intuitive individuals who easily resonate with space, time, aliens, traveling, music, mathematics, physics, philosophy, etc. And are unusually harmonious, forgiving, and wise, but that isn’t always the case.

It seems to me that starseeds, the indigo children, crystal children, and rainbow children are all perhaps the same children; all coming from the stars!

Starseeds and many new age, spiritual communities believe that every soul is under a type of (metaphorical) contract that they sign up for prior to each life. Many of them believe they are here, by choice, because humanity is moving to a higher state of consciousness known as the fourth density and possibly the 5th density.

For some of them, their mission is to bring transformation upon earth and throughout humanity. With that being said, (although a bit contradictory to being harmonious), when they finally do react and become upset by something, they can give in to these unfamiliar feelings quite dramatically and flamboyantly. This is precisely the type of personality required in order to create waves that have been bringing the changes we’ve been seeing over the last century.

Not all starseeds will be as easily noticed, however. Some starseeds are here to “take record” of this reality and all its happenings. I believe the majority are here, like whispers in the wind, to quietly guide our fellow men and women toward higher evolution. Others are simply here tying up loose ends before evolving into higher consciousness. Some are here because their stars or planets are no longer viable.

Some starseeds have extremely impersonal missions and are easily recognized faces. Some are even celebrity figures. Others are here to have tightly personal and intimate experiences with other soul groups. A few chose to come here just to watch, to have fun, or perhaps they came merely out of curiosity, (it is a rather interesting time to be alive, indeed)!

I Believe Everyone is A “Starseed” of Sorts

Although I am not technically a religious person, I am highly spiritual. I am deeply interested in the inner workings of both the individual (His intentions, desires, fears, etc.) and His creation that ripples into His outer world as a result of what is inside.

What I mean is, whatever man perceives as happening outside of himself is a reflection of what is also happening inside of himself.

With there being such a leap in consciousness, there are obvious reasons why there is such a great divide among both the individual and the society as well as between the current oldest generations and the youngest generations and, of course, within different political, social, financial, racial, cultural, and sexual groups.

We are currently living in a world of extreme polarity and a misunderstanding is within thinking that we must choose only one side. The trick is appreciating both out of unconditional love.

I am bringing up everything I have mentioned because I believe these are all reasons we are seeing things like “starseeds”. Everyone wants to feel as if they belong somewhere and everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something bigger than simply just their own, singular body and ego.

The only problem I can see with having a great faith in the starseed belief is that just like religion, it can create a sense of superiority. You can obviously still believe in starseeds and be a starseed and remain humble, as long as you’re aware that you’re not exactly in a better place than any other individual. In fact, you’re simply in a different place and that is the very meaning of infinity and the reason we symbolically refer to the symbol that looks like an 8.

Something I am only now realizing in my lifetime is that instead of trying to make people understand me and hear me, I should seek to really listen to others. In doing so, I have began to realize that I am not so different, difficult, and alone after all! Late 2019, it had suddenly occurred to me that I could never have the expectation of anyone taking me seriously and actually listening if I wasn’t actually willing to really listen. Otherwise, I’d always feel alone and disappointed because I really couldn’t see from anyone else’s eyes except for my own.

By the way, I am not saying that I don’t believe in the existence of starseeds. During my meditations and astral travels, I have certainly been to some far out places and I know with every fiber of my miraculous being that they were just as real as this computer in front of me. What I am saying is that I believe in the karmic cycle, (much like Buddhism, but mainly like Taoism).

I believe every single soul is “born” from the same source as all other souls. Of course, they take different paths and do different things at different times. In my opinion, however, they all end up back at the same source in which they originally came. Just like space is ever-expanding, so is consciousness and life.

Perhaps one person may resonate with a certain star group because before they were this person that they currently are, they were some other type of distant life form. And maybe they were even there for centuries or millions of years, living thousands of lives, incarnating over and over again. Once they have learned great amounts of wisdom, they move on to something new, continuing the cycle of growth and expansion.

What Type of Starseed are You?

So, all of my lovely starseeds, let’s open your Akashic records!

On the next blog, we’ll go into more detail about each “starseed” listed below.

The More Common Types:

  • Pleiadian (humanitarian)
  • Mintakan (Orion)/(water-beings)
  • Arcturian (ethereal)
  • Sirian (brightest star)
  • Lyran (feline)
  • Andromedan (neighboring galaxy)
  • Draconian (reptillian)
  • Procyon (duality)

Starseeds Within Our Galaxy:

  • Venusian (Venus)
  • Martian (Mars)
  • Agarthan (Middle Earth)
  • Mercurian (Mercury)
  • Plutonian (Pluto)

Less Common Starseeds:

  • Polarian (North Star – Polaris)
  • Vegan (Birds / Bird-like)
  • Hadarian (Beta Centauri)
  • Essassani (The grays)
  • Maldek (Atlantean)

Rare Starseeds:

  • Cygnus (swan/angelic)
  • Zetas (Anunnaki)
  • Spican (High Council)

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