The Zodiac Sign, Aries: Including Aries Sun, Aries Moon, and Aries Rising

The Pioneer • The Trailblazer • The God of War•

Symbol: The Ram –Element: FireQuality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: MarsAries Sun: March 21-April 19

Associated Tarot Card: The EmperorAssociated house: 1st house

Aries is… Exalted in Sun or Pluto.

Fall when in Saturn.

Detriment when in Venus.

Rulership when in Mars.

Because it’s the 1st astrological sign or the “head” of the zodiac, Aries’ motto is: “I AM, therefore, I AM.”

Aries is a pioneer and a leader who will seldom be stopped once he’s started. When he makes his mind up, he could fight to the death for his beliefs, with unmatched grit and fearlessness. He’s extremely passionate and energetic, but if he’s not considerate to those around him, but driven by his ego, his assertiveness may turn into aggressiveness. When other signs fall short or weak, Aries is around the corner impatiently waiting to show you that he’s not. In fact, he will always persevere.

Aries, God of War, is very bold in personality, encouraging, impulsive, and has a strength of both mind and body, but he’s also devoted to his commitments and relationships with others. If he said it, he meant it. He keeps his promises. He may enjoy driving fast, playing high-intensity sports, and debating difficult topics that others won’t usually dare to discuss. Determined, he is often a self-made go-getter, through sheer force of willpower and confidence. He will win and he will be the best.

If your Sun sign is in Aries, you may be very competitive and you hate losing. Although you prefer direct communication, you are also highly caring, but will only bite your tongue by announcing that you’re doing so. Pretty, flowery language just won’t do, which means that you can become abrasive, especially if you’re being ignored. Headstrong, you won’t be pushed around by anyone and your natural stance is warrior-like and focused. With such high energy and stamina, you can easily tackle large projects that prove difficult for others, but you should be cautious that your zest for life doesn’t cause you to leap before you look, as this is often a blindspot for Aries.

You get confused when someone takes offense to your honesty because you didn’t mean to insult them. You simply call it as you see it. A can-do attitude means that you fearlessly put yourself out there time after time, daring anyone to prove themselves worthier than you. You can easily be a hero and are often motivated by this. You can be a villain too, however, if you let your ego precede your heart. You may appear a bit self-centered at times when you feel challenged to make a point. Perhaps you may go to great lengths to display that no one and nothing controls you, and this has likely gotten you into some trouble before.

Certainly not a mere sheep, but you are the ram! You’re not afraid to take huge leaps into the unknown while head-butting anyone who tries to give you their opinion or advice. Chances are, you didn’t ask for it, which means, in your head, that they’re standing in your way. You can be wildly reckless and impulsive, but others look up to your bravery and strength when they lack the audacity to go for it the way you do. Many people’s favorite thing about you, Aries Sun, is that you seriously know how to have fun!

Famous Aries: Aretha Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Emma Watson, Heath Ledger, Tommy Hilfiger, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Peyton Manning, Lady Gaga, Chaka Kahn, Celine Dion, Robert Downey Jr., Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye, Kristin Stewart, Big Sean, Victoria Beckham, Pharrell Williams, and Kiera Knightley.

If your Moon sign is in Aries, the more hidden and internal part of you is incredibly passionate. You likely have needs and desires, which are important, but unmet. This happens because they may not even be verbally expressed. You don’t like criticism, so you often act passive-aggressively. In turn, you could make yourself suffer, simply because you prefer to learn independently as you go.

Aries Moon, your dynamism is your leading personality trait, but you may be easily frustrated with so much internal energy lying dormant and unchannelled. As an unexpected result, it’s possible that you suddenly explode, which seems out of character because you so often lay it cool. Feeling chained down to any one thing or place will cause you to have knee-jerk reactions, which usually means running away from any cramped spaces that seem to stifle your need for freedom.

It’s possible that you feel a part of you is trapped or that your emotions are somehow blocked, deep within an unfamiliar part of you. Like Aries Sun, you have high energy, which is often expressed physically for the Sun. For the Moon, it may be more beneficial to you to express energy through art or other creative outlets, which will allow you to connect to your deeper, more authentic self and discern your emotional needs. Breathing exercises and frequently remembering to release bodily tension is something else that could help you balance any energy that may be pent up inside of you.

Famous Aries Moons: Edgar Allen Poe, Henry Vlll, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Kevin Spacey.

Aries Rising people are very similar to those who have an Aries Sun, except that they were incredibly energetic children and probably found themselves in a lot of trouble with family members and/or teachers. Perhaps they were believed to be “unruly,” but truthfully, they tend to experience the world by following their feet before questioning the urge and oftentimes this means making mistakes. There is nothing inherently wrong with them. They just don’t care as much about how it could be perceived. If they’re enjoying themselves, they’re more fulfilled. Plus, they don’t always agree with the limiting rules anyways.

You dominate most situations, but you’re quite inviting and fun to be around. People are, no doubt, attracted to your fiery essence, which means you have the ability to rally a crowd. You’re successful at almost everything you do, which intimidates those who feel challenged by your presence. Your day-to-day life is led by your creation of ideas. Lively and bold, you assert yourself through direct communication, hardly pausing to ever look before you leap. You’re strong, but often restless and always looking for something new, in which you can draw inspiration. You have tons of stamina and strength, but you’re also clumsy and will doubtfully enjoy admitting it.

For Aries rising/ascendant people, you probably have a large and bright smile, with big teeth and sharp, usually darker-colored eyes. It’s likely that you have a scar on or around your face, head, neck, or chest. Thick with more visible muscle than average, your hips may be wider than your hips. No matter the pigment of your skin, this placement generally possesses an undertone of redness and will sometimes have red or auburn in their hair. You may struggle with headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, or sinus problems.

Famous Aries Rising: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Robert Downey Jr., Stevie Nicks, Cardi B., Heath Ledger, Pamela Anderson, John Lennon, Rihanna, Sophie Turner, and Kendall Jenner.

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