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The Signs: Aries

The Pioneer • The Trailblazer • The God of War•

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

Duality: Active

Aries Sun: March 21-April 19

Associated Tarot Card: The Emperor

Associated house: 1st house

Aries Qualities:

Aries is the God of war, the pioneer, and the trailblazer. Having a cardinal quality, he takes the initiative. Once he makes his mind up, he could fight to the death for his beliefs. He’s extremely passionate and energetic, but if he’s not considerate to those around him and he’s driven by his ego instead of something deeper inside, his assertiveness may turn into unstoppable aggressiveness.

As a fire sign, Aries is very bold in personality, encouraging, impulsive, stubborn, a bit bossy, but also devoted to their commitments and relationships to others. They may enjoy driving fast, playing high-intensity sports, and passionately and assertively debating difficult topics that others won’t usually. Determined, they are often self-made go-getters through sheer force of willpower and confidence.

The “head” of the zodiac, Aries motto is: “I AM, therefore, I AM.”

Aries Sun:

If your sun sign is in Aries, you may be very competitive and hate losing. Although you hate to dance around what you mean to say and prefer direct communication, you are also highly caring. Headstrong, you won’t be pushed around by anyone and your natural stance is focused and warrior-like. Pretty, flowery language just won’t do, but you can become abrasive if you’re being ignored. With such high energy and stamina, you can easily tackle large projects that prove difficult for some others, but you should be cautious that your zest of life doesn’t cause you to leap before you look as this is often a blindspot for Aries.

Abrasive in speech and a can-do attitude means that you fearlessly put yourself out there time after time. You can easily be a hero. However, you can be a villain too; if you’re not aware of your pride. You may appear a bit self-centered at times when confidence is high and you get annoyed when you’re told no, but you’re probably innocent and it comes from a good place. You get confused when someone takes offense to your honesty.

You are the ram and you’re not afraid to take huge leaps into the unknown. Even if it means you’ll lose, you’re just daring someone to test you, but it’s unlikely that you actually will lose. You can be reckless and impulsive, but others look up to your bravery and strength. You thrive on life-force energy! You’re creative, of course, but you need to expel this creative energy physically too.

Famous Aries: Aretha Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Emma Watson, Heath Ledger, Tommy Hilfiger, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Peyton Manning, Lady Gaga, Chaka Kahn, Celine Dion, Robert Downey Jr., Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye, Kristin Stewart, Big Sean, Victoria Beckham, Pharrell Williams, and Kiera Knightley.

Aries Moon:

If your moon sign is in Aries, your internal self is passionate and you have an inner need, that may not even be verbally expressed, to do things on your own. You don’t like criticism because you prefer to learn independently as you go. You’re dynamism is your leading personality aspect, but you may be easily frustrated.

You may hold too much energy inside of you and suddenly explode when even you didn’t expect it. Like Aries sun, you need a creative outlet that can be used physically. Feeling chained down to any one thing or place will cause you to have knee-jerk reactions, which usually means running away from any cramped spaces.

You may have a tendency to get angry rather than sad. Or, your deeper emotions can only be expressed through what seems like anger. It’s possible that you feel a part of you is trapped or that your emotions are blocked somehow. Breathing exercises and meditation could help you balance the energy pent up inside of you.

Famous Aries Moons: Edgar Allen Poe, Henry Vlll, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Kevin Spacey.

Aries Rising Sign/Ascendant:

Aries rising people are very similar to those who have an Aries sun. Neither one can stand to be seen as someone who can easily be stepped on. Any indication that someone is using you and you could begin a war that they’ll immediately regret starting with you. You dominate most situations, but you’re also warm and inviting too. People are, no doubt, attracted to your fiery essence.

Your day to day life is lead by your creation of ideas. Lively and bold, you assert yourself through direct communication. You’re strong, but restless and you’re always looking for something new in life. You hate to plan, but you’re quick to act! The biggest difference between you and Aries sun is that you have less of a tendency to be aggressive. Although that’s how you’re taken sometimes, you’re really just competitive. Be careful when losing patience not to sound rude. Allow your  big, warrior heart to shine through.

You have tons of stamina and you’re agile, but also clumsy. Primal instincts and a keen intuition, you follow your gut feelings. You’re successful at almost everything you do and others may be quite intimidated by even your obvious presence. However, you’re simply magnetic and you have contagious energy that vampires may consciously or unconsciously seek to drain.

The ascendant and the first house control many of one’s physical features as well. For Aries rising/ascendant people, you probably have a large and bright smile and a sharp eyes. You may, however, often have headaches, sinus problems, migraines and some type of burn or other noticeable scar on or near your face or head.

Aries is…

Exalted in the Sun and Pluto.

Its Fall in Saturn.

Its detriment in Venus.

Its Rulership in Mars.

Degrees in Aries:

For cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, the critical degrees are 0°, 13°, and 26°. Keep in mind, however, that any sign is in a critical degree if it is at 0° or 29° (first and last degree of each sign).

For example: if your Venus is Aries 13°11′, you’re at a critical degree. Or, if your Jupiter is at Aries (or any sign) 29°42′, you’re also at a critical degree.

I have listed below some “Sabian Symbols,” which are sentences written for the unconscious mind to interpret messages through archetypes.

0° Aries: “A woman just risen from the sea. A seal is embracing her.”

13° Aries: “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”

26° Aries: “Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.”

29° Aries: “A duck pond and its brood.”

For more on Sabian Symbols:


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