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Tarot: The Five Decks

There is the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Within the Major and the Minor, there are the 5 decks; as previously mentioned. The Major Arcana are simply referred to as just that and the Minor Arcana is comprised of the other 4 decks.


Dualities: Alpha-Omega; Positive-Negative;Good-Bad;Teach-Learn; Give-Receive; Push-Pull; Theory-Fact;Visible-Invisible; As Above So Below As Above So Below As Above So Below Weak-Strong; Illusion-Reality; Conscious-Unconscious; Presence-Absence; Boss-Leader; Demand-Request; Expression-Suppression; Projection-Manifestation You Win Some… You lose some; Fire and Ice. Dani (Destiny) and Aria (Freewill). Hero- Villain; Clean-Dirty; Happy-Sad; Victory- Defeat; Beginning-End; Birth-Death; Awake-Asleep; “For Every Action, There is an

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