What is an Aura and Do You Have One?

Simply put, yes!

You do have an aura, even if you can’t exactly see it!

Everyone has an aura and I’ll explain why below!

If you haven’t yet learned at least small amount or have some idea about what the chakras are, I highly recommend you do that before you proceed. You don’t have to understand the chakras before you go on to learn about auras, but I do think it helps us to understand how an aura could even be possible. The two things are both directly and indirectly related.

If you’re interested, you can learn about the chakras here.

So, What is an aura?

Although no one can really “prove” that auras exist, in theory, it is one’s electromagnetic field.

Essentially, it is a form of protection that helps to shield and guard you from the outside world. You can, however, (and probably often do), rough-up your aura from within yourself– based on what foods and drinks you decide to consume, by what you allow to penetrate past your physical exterior and into your awareness, and by the thoughts and feelings that you decide to think and feel.

For example, having a weak aura is an indicator of poor health. It is the colors, shapes, patterns, and strange spots that can reveal what it is that is making us unhealthy and where it is hurting us the most.

Ideally, a person would want to have a layer of each of the seven colors of the rainbow/chakras surrounding them, with no gaps or holes. This is called a rainbow aura and it is seemingly rare. This type of aura would belong to a person who was mostly happy, healthy, and well-balanced within their earthly bodies and in harmony with their surrounding environment. (HOWEVER, everyone is human and no one alive is perfect)

For most people though, only a color or two are visible and that gives us a better idea of a person’s strengths and/or weaknesses. For example, a green/blue (teal) aura could mean a person is greedy/selfish and stubborn OR giving/loving and wise. If the aura was clearer and brighter rather than murky and thick, we could assume their aura was healthier than the murky one.

Auras can fluctuate in shape, color, size, etc., depending on the person’s current life choices and experiences. They can always change depending on what a person decides to do in their life. From my own experience, however, most people I know will remain a similar color (as if by nature) throughout the length of time I know them.

With that being said, I would say people are perhaps predisposed to their their main aura color. If it’s not one that a person is okay with, they do have the freewill to change it, of course.

Personally, I don’t believe anyone is anymore capable than anyone else at anything.

Read that again.

Psychic abilities” are not limited to a few people. Everyone has spidey senses!

BUT, some people do seem to have natural talents, skills, abilities, etc. I believe, however, that just like any other skill we possess, like playing guitar, intuitive abilities can be developed and even mastered, with enough practice.

For me, seeing auras was not the first ability that seemed to appear when I went through my “awakening”. I had heard from others that they could see auras, but I’m not sure I really believed that it was possible until my own natural abilities began to surface. Later, I was able to develop this ability when I gained an understanding of how reading auras worked and, of course, when I simply believed that I could actually do it (and that is very important)!

How to Read Auras:

Your aura is visible just right outside of your body. What I mean is, you have the ability to see your electromagnetic field in color- if you look in the right place. As you can see below, the denser the color, the smaller the field usually is. The more vibrant, the larger the aura usually is.

In my opinion, it is best to meditate or to be practiced at mediation before reading an aura.

To read your own aura, hold your hand up in front of a white wall or a very pale background.

Don’t actually look at your hand, but about a half an inch to an inch right off of your hand.

Clear your mind and try not to focus too hard. If you let your eyes lose focus, instead of directing your gaze at a blank space, you’ll relax a bit. It’s difficult to explain what an aura looks like because there’s not a lot to compare it to. My best description is that it looks slightly like a shadow, but with color and it literally looks as if it’s radiating an electrical current-in color.

If you were able to successfully see your aura, congratulations! You have just opened your mind up a bit more to the oneness of existence- the I AM. Seeing an aura is one step further to initiating an awakening with your kundalini.

From within the Labyrinth,


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