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Lakin's Labyrinth

Astrologer, numerologist, tarot reader, and a palm reader. A lover of esoteric and occult knowledge. A teacher and a student. A mother of two kids. A practicing Shaman and an active healer.

The Signs: Virgo

VIRGO QUALITIES: Birthday – August 23rd – September 22nd Element- Earth Symbol– Virgin/Maiden Quality– Mutable Opposite– Pisces Associations: Associated House – 6th Associated Tarot – The Hermit Associated Numerology Number – 4 Ruler: Mercury (in background photo) Exalted: Virgo Detriment: Neptune Fall: Venus Virgo is… A wolf in sheep’s clothing. […]

Reflections: I’m DROWNING!

I’m DROWNING! I’m Drowning… I was thrown a second float. TWO lifelines I was given… and yet… I turned away. Now that I’m drowning though, I regret it. With the sting of my imperfection left, Another lesson I have learned. I Heard Screaming and Yelling… … As I was leaving […]