A Poem: Avoidance


A Poem

Written by: Lakin LaShae (2019)

Art by: Seja and HestHer Van Doornum

A. V. O. I. D. A. N. C. E.

Easier Done than Said and…

I Spell it Well.

Always Averting my eyes. Average conversing Away from Acknowledgement of Awfully negative feelings. Aware of All vibrations Around me, causing Acute Anxiety.

Vacant eyes are a Veil to protect me as I’m Very Vaguely Voicing my Vain emotions. I only feel Valuable when my Vapid Vanity ends in Victory of others Validating me.

Occasionally Offering a glance of Oneself, but Often remaining Objective. Obviously Overwhelmed and Over it, but “Oh well.” Observant of Others, while Oblivious Of me.

Ignoring Impatient voices Inside that Insist I listen. I‘m Intelligent and Independent, but the voices are Intrusive and Insensitive. Is this Intense Intuition Inhibited by Imagination?

Distraction over Devastation. Detached from Daily emotional Databases. I can Dwell in Darkness for Days. Please, I’m Delicate! Do not Disrupt my Delightful Denial! Death to being Down!

An Anxious Artist And not An Actress, I’m Aware I’m Acting Anyway; As I Ache to be Anti-Social. Although Altruistic, I run Away from Adversity not Allowing Anything Apathetic to surface.

No Nonsense in Neutrality. It’s Normal to Never let heart Near Brain, is it Not? Neglecting truth and Needing Nicotine. I’m Never in Need to feel the Negativity, so I say Nothing. It’s Never me. Nope.

Covering trauma. Creating distance and Cautiously justifying Crimes. Candidly Caring for others, but Careful of Closeness and Causing myself Crazed Calamities. Code red! Stay Calm!

Excusing my Escapism Every time. Effectively Eccentric and Easily Excited by Everything Esoteric. Enigmatic and Exclusive with Emotions. It’s Easy. No Explanation when… I… Eventually… Explode.

Constant music and whatever else distracts my mind,

Avoidance is easier done than said.

Let’s Avoid the subject.


Avoid it.

From Within the Labyrinth,

Lakin <3

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