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Understanding Astrology for Beginners

Why is Astrology relevant to me?

Astrology is the study of stars, planets, and other astrological movements in space. Humans have been studying the stars for thousands of years and the more we advance in technology, the more we discover about space. In turn, we also seem to learn more about ourselves. The universe is constantly expanding and so are we!

Within all of us is an entire galaxy (or more) of information. Astrology is like downloading an endless supply of knowledge of oneself and beyond. Our personal blueprints are ‘written in the stars’. Upon the moment you were born, everything in space was aligned so specifically that not any two charts are possibly alike. Everything moves at a different rate, rotation, and path before starting again.

For example, the earth takes 365 days to complete one lap around the sun; whereas, the moon only takes about 30 days to completely make it around earth.

What happened before we had cell-phones or even clocks? We couldn’t read the time in digital form. Instead, we looked at the sky to tell us in which part of the day we were in. Think of a sundial. As the sun shines over the horizon in the morning, the shadow will cast in one direction, while casting in the opposite in the evening. When it’s dark, we have the moon, (which is illuminated by the sun’s light) to tell us what part of night we are in.

This is the most basic archetype of the duality between darkness and light and this is who we are. Vitality (sun) and Shadows (moon) or the world we see outside of us (sun) and the world we keep within us (moon) and how the two influence one another.

Physics tells us that everything has energy. Martial artists call this chi. Yoda calls it the force. Musicians call this vibration. And we know by now that energy can neither be destroyed nor created, right? So what happens? It moves. It simply moves between one thing to another and another and another. This means that as the stars move in space, their vibrations eventually move so many times that they eventually make their way to you!

This is why…

      because…. You Are More Than Your Sun Sign!

The Basics of an Astrology Chart:

* The 10 Planets of our Zodiac * *The Zodiac Signs that the Planet is in* * The 12 Houses the signs and planets are in* *The Degree the Sign of the Planet is in* *The Angles and Points of your chart* *The Moon’s Nodes * *Asteroids that influence us often* *Aspects (relationships) between the planets*

The 10 Planets in our Solar System and Their Meanings in Astrology:

Each Planet has a different path to take and an individual amount of time it takes to travel that path to complete a cycle. The moon takes the shortest path, finishing the travel around the earth at about 30 days. Some planets, however, take much longer!

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, for example, are slow moving planets. These three planets take about a century, two centuries, and three centuries to complete their orbits, only spending about 10-30 years in each sign. These are the planets that give you and your generation the signs in Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This is essentially what makes your generation stand out from the others. What makes these planets individual to you are their sign’s degree and the house they fall into, as well as the aspects, but we’ll talk about that another day!

Each of these planets also have a completely different identity. Here are a few words to give you an idea of what they stand for:

1. Sun – Ego, Individual, Ability, Energy, Vitality, Will, Conscious Mind

2. Moon – Emotions, Intuition, Mood, Needs, Desires, Unconscious Mind

3. Mercury – Communication, Intellect, Expression, Reason, Logical Mind

4. Venus – Beauty, Love, Art, Harmony, Creation, Balance, Pleasure

5. Mars – Aggression, Action, Attitude, Competition, Courage, Passion

6. Jupiter – Luck, Expansion, Growth, Optimism, Abundance, Wisdom

7. Saturn – Karma, Restriction, Limitation, Past, Discipline, Ambition

8. Uranus – Eccentricity, Rebellion, Change, Discovery, Liberation

9. Neptune – Dreams, Mysticism, Imagination, Delusion, Psychic Ability

10. Pluto – Transformation, Death and Rebirth, Mystery, Sex, Power

The Zodiac Signs:

*(A very brief, simple description of each)*

1. Aries: Courageous, Impulsive, Determined, Impatient

2. Taurus: Reliable, Practical, Stubborn, Possessive

3. Gemini: Curious, Adaptable, Nervous, Indecisive

4. Cancer: Loyal, Sympathetic, Nurturing, Moody

5. Leo: Passionate, Creative, Arrogant, Bossy

6. Virgo: Analytical, Shy, Generous, Anxious

*Each sign has a very specific job! They really cannot be defined by a few, simple words. I encourage anyone reading this to really research the meaning of each sign and how it plays different roles depending on the planet and house it is in*

7. Libra: Fair-minded, Social, Passive, Guarded

8. Scorpio: Brave, Resourceful, Mysterious, Secretive

9. Sagittarius: Adventurous, Brash, Idealistic, Philosophical

10. Capricorn: Disciplined, Self-Controlled, Strong-willed, Melancholy

11. Aquarius: Progressive, Independent, Aloof, Easily-bored

12. Pisces: Intuitive, Gentle, Fearful, Martyr

The 12 Houses:

1st House: Ascendant; Rising Sign; Ego; Self; Appearance; First impression you give, etc.

2nd House: Money; Possessions; Habits; Daily-life; Material goods; Inheritance; Property; Land, etc.

3rd House: Mind; Thinking; Interests; Communication; Writing; Reading; Languages; Memory, etc.

4th House: Home; Family; Mother; Foundations; Childhood; Nature/Nurture; Comfort; Parenting, etc.

5th House: Play; Fun; Creativity; Self-Expression; Drama; Children; Recreation; Fertility; Attraction, etc.

6th House: Health; Community; Pets; Service; Fitness; What you give to the world; Activity; Body, etc.

7th House: Relationships; Partnerships; Marriage; Contracts; Legalities; Agreements; Unifications, etc.

8th House:  Mystery; Death and Rebirth; Physical Death; Sex; Transformation; Occult; Taxes; Property, etc.

9th House: Travel; Wisdom; Philosophy; Ethics; Morals; Values; Religion; Spirituality; Tradition; Beliefs, etc.

10th House: Career; Jobs; Work; Status; Goals; Public Image; Men; Reputation; Status; Title; etc.

11th House: Groups; Friends; Colleagues; Technology; Wishes; Organizations; Dreams; Associations, etc.

12th House: Endings; Self-Undoing; Closure; Karma; Spirits; Afterlife; Enemies; Jail; Hospitals; etc.

*NOTE: There are 10 planets and 12 signs. This means that two signs share the same planet association or have the same ruling planet.
-Venus: Taurus and Gemini
-Mercury: Virgo and Gemini*

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I so not own this.

The Planet/Sign/House Associations:


-Mars               Aries                 1st

-Venus             Taurus              2nd

-Mercury         Gemini             3rd

-Moon             Cancer              4th

-Sun                 Leo                   5th

-Mercury         Virgo               6th

-Venus             Libra               7th

-Pluto               Scorpio           8th

-Jupiter            Sagittarius      9th

-Saturn            Capricorn       10th

-Uranus           Aquarius        11th

-Neptune         Pisces              12th

The Angles and Points:

The four angles on a chart are not actual astrological locations. These angular points represent very important features in our lives where one aspect of ourselves meet another in time and through consciousness.

The ASC/DSC line is a line draw on your astrology chart that goes from the 1st house to the 7th house (left to right; west to east) and shows one’s ego self as well as their shadow and unifications with other individuals that help them understand their shadow.

The MC/IC axis is a line drawn on your chart (up and down; north and south) from 10th house to 4th house. This line gives us an idea of who we want to become as an individual in adult life and in the public versus our childhood/beginning and our home/private life.

*Note: There are different ways of finding what sign and planet are in your house. Because of the long history that astrology has had, many researchers and astrologists have created other ways and systems of looking at the houses. Some examples of this are equal houses, whole signs, Placidus, Koch, etc. You may also see an option for Tropical vs. Sidereal. These different options will give you different results of your houses, but they usually do not change drastically. You may notice these options when you make your own personal chart. Generally, in western culture, astrologers use the Placidus system.

  • Ascendant – (always the 1st house) The Mask one wears; the Persona; Identity; Appearance; Physical Features; Conscious
  • MC—  (Medium Coeli) aka Midheaven (Always the 10th house)- Perception; Awareness; Birth, Up, and Outward; Conscious
  • Descendant— (Always the 7th house) Attraction/Repulsion; Mirror; Projection; Opposites; Unconscious
  • IC— (Imum Coeli) (Always the 4th house)- Inner awareness; source of desire; roots; beginnings; Childhood; Conflict; Unconscious

The Nodes of the Moon:

Have you ever wondered if you have a specific purpose, or a certain path that you were “supposed” to follow? Or maybe you have a strange feeling that you have been here before? Deja vu?

The moon’s nodes are two metaphorical points of the moon’s orbit that cross paths of the ecliptic (the sun’s celestial sphere path). These nodes are direct opposites of one another. They represent karmic imbalance(s) and the duality between destiny and freewill or overdevelopment and underdevelopment.

  • North Node– What should be developed; Lessons that still need to be learned; Possible resistance; Fears; Karma; “Destiny”; etc.
  • South Node-Freewill; What is well-developed; Where we’re comfortable; Lessons that have already been learned; Karmic debts fulfilled; Past lives; etc.


Whether or not you know it, there are thousands upon thousands of asteroids in our galaxy. Between Jupiter and Saturn is where you’ll find our solar system’s asteroid belt. This is where hundreds of tiny planetoids reside. Some of them are large enough and powerful enough to mention in one’s chart. However, there are countless asteroids, comets, fixed stars; etc. one can find in their personal chart such as: Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Christ Comet, White Moon, etc. Here are two of the most popular:

  • Chiron- Insecurities; Trauma; Healing Abilities; What actually hurts oneself may heal another.
  • Lilith- Dark side; Morbidities; Fetishes; One’s “worst” self; How we react in pain, anger, pride, etc.

Making an Astrology Equation:

            “Making an equation” in astrology is something I created during my own studies to help others (that I am explain astrology to) understand the integration of the planets, signs, and houses. You’re not just a sun or a moon sign or a rising sign, but you may be a sun in Aquarius in the 5th house or a Venus in Capricorn in the 9th house. Look to your sun sign at the top of your chart:

Here’s an example of how to make an equation:

Let’s say your sun sign is indeed in Aquarius in the 5th house. Well, we’ve already learned the sun is our ego or our vitality, while Aquarius is independent and progression and the 5th house is all about fun, creativity, and playfulness.

Add the three together: Sun+Aquarius+5th house = Playful, independent ego.

Here’s another: Venus+Capricorn+9th House = Self-controlled and wise in beauty, love, and atmosphere.

The Degrees:

Okay. So, what are those numbers I always see next to my sign? Does that have any significance?

You may notice that there are different numbers next to each zodiac sign on your chart. It looks like this:

  • Sun Aries 22o 13’
  • Moon Gemini 3o 07’
  • Venus Taurus 13o 59’

Within every zodiac sign, there are 30o (degrees). Within every degree, there are 60’ (minutes). So, if it is at 01’, it is the beginning of the degree. If it is at 59’, it is at the end of the degree. Here, Taurus is nearly at 14o. If there are 12 zodiac signs and 30 degrees within each of them, then 12 x 30 = 360 and that is the Equinox.

Being at 22 degrees in Aries in the Sun, this means that you are closer to Taurus than Pisces in the zodiac. If Aries were at 2 degrees, you would be closer to the sign of Pisces (refer up to the list of zodiac to see the order of the signs). Depending on your degree, you may or may not pick up some qualities and characteristics of the signs on either side. Whereas, the moon in Gemini here would be closer to Taurus than Cancer; probably sharing some Taurus traits in its moon sign and not possessing any or little Cancer traits. Venus in Taurus at 13 degrees means that this Taurus in Venus person isn’t much influenced by the surrounding signs because they are near the midway point of the sign Taurus. This is a very broad way to look at this and I actually don’t recommend it if you have a basic understanding of astrology and its use.

            Instead, I personally enjoy looking into Sabian Symbols, which will give you keywords as a trigger to your unconscious mind. I have had many moments where my symbol was an actual event that I have experiences in my life! In retrospect, I realize now how much of an impact they had on me! This is when you know that you are getting very deep into astrology (I think).

            Lastly, with the degrees, there are two that are considered critical and these are 0o and 29o. If you have any signs in planets that fall into these two degrees, they are usually considered times or sometimes even certain themes in your life that are considered more intense than the others. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it is not always good either. It could be an something that happens that changes your life forever, like the death of a friend, or it could be the day your child is born, or it could be a personal life struggle or even something that you don’t realize about yourself or the world that you may have a hard time seeing or understanding.

You can also look at the degrees as your personal zodiac clock! Imagine how different you’d be if you were born only a minute later!

         At first, reading your chart can seem like a lot of work, but once you break down each segment and that quality instead of the quantity, you will then realize how such a complicated art-science is really a simple and beautiful photo of the universe right inside of you! If you need help deciphering these, you have a personal astrologist right here at your fingertips!

As always….

Just remember…

You are More Than Your Sun Sign!

All Rights Reserved

From Within the Labyrinth,


-Lakin <3

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