About Lakin

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…”

-Carl Jung

My name is Lakin! I want to share with you the reason for starting the labyrinth blog because trust me…. it’s a crazy one!

I spent years in different colleges; trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up! After an associate’s degree in health science and a bachelor’s degree in English/Literature with a minor in Sociology, I got a job as a bartender, where I earned my income, but my real passion was in reading and writing!

All my life, I doodled little poems and songs; and as I grew up, they turned into short stories and then into entire novels!

I’ve never actually published anything, nor tried, but my attention became directed here, in mysticism, after the move back to my hometown. This was when I first picked up those tarot cards that were collecting dust on my bookshelf for years. The first time I held them in my hands, I knew I had found my calling. The writing… the reading… the love of all things magical and fantastical… Harry Potter… Lord of the Rings… Doctor who… Star Wars… Faeries…. Witches… Elves… and so on…

In the back of my mind and always in my heart, something about all of the things I watched, read, and wrote, somehow felt real. I just couldn’t deny it. A very strange sequence of events happened that led me right here to you. Money is helpful, sure, but this blog is made for a very different purpose.

I had always believed in science and in early adulthood, I strayed away from religion. In the later years of my twenties, my life had really taken a turn. It was almost like everything inside of me had shifted somehow. I had a magnetic draw toward things I just couldn’t understand.

Before I knew it, I was reading tarot cards and palms and being validated by those who allowed me the opportunity. I was told I should make business cards or begin a blog. For a couple of years, I denied the idea, thinking I wasn’t good enough. After Numerology and Astrology came into the picture and my knowledge became a very wide scope, I felt this undeniable pressure inside of me to put myself out there.

Let me just say…. I would have never done such a thing a couple of years ago.

I went warp-speed through a tunnel and was thrown out the other side and shoved into a crowd of wide eyes, all waiting to see what I’d do.

That’s how it felt, anyway.

If you’re here with me right now, I hope you feel the warmth and genuinity I wish to share with you. This isn’t my job. This is my purpose for living and I hope to help you find yours too.

Thank You so much for spending your time here!

Lakin <3

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