Asteroid Ceres, Through the Signs and Houses

Named after the mythological Roman goddess of agriculture, fertility, wheat, and motherly love, Ceres is associated with compassion and motherhood, (much like the moon), and the cycles of life and death (sort of like Pluto). Sometimes referred to as ‘The Earth Mother,’ Ceres is often linked to the concept of sustenance, both on a physical and emotional level. Because Ceres is closely related to farming to feed the family, the symbol for this asteroid, (which looks like this: ⚳), is thought to resemble a tool used for harvesting crops. … ContinueAsteroid Ceres, Through the Signs and Houses

Asteroid Chiron, Through the Signs and Houses

Because of his wounds, suffering, and trauma, in astrology Chiron points to the wounded healer in us all. It shines a light on the trauma we carry with us throughout our lives. For many, these sources of deep pain are mainly from our childhoods and oftentimes due to our parents. This asteroid shows us where we struggle to heal and much of the time this is due to us not acknowledging this pain as existing or running from it and unconsciously giving it more power. … ContinueAsteroid Chiron, Through the Signs and Houses

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