The Difference Between the Brain and the Mind

A brain is tangible, but the mind is intangible. Obviously, the brain is a physical organ inside of the skull, which communicates data throughout the physical body with the help of the spinal cord and the rest of the nervous system. The mind is vastly different from the brain. By definition, the mind is an aspect of a person, that enables awareness and experiences through the power of thought; or consciousness. … ContinueThe Difference Between the Brain and the Mind

The Chakras: What are They?

Responsible for speaking our truth, communicating clearly and effectively, and expressing ourselves as individuals, is the job of Vishuddha. The fith chakra is blue and is also related to sound and music- or the understanding of movement and vibration. Someone who has a blocked Throat chakra will often find difficulty is explaining to others their true thoughts and feelings, even if they know they’re being unfair to themselves. A healthy throat chakra feels like a sense of personal power within themselves- from speaking their personal truths. … ContinueThe Chakras: What are They?

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