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Symbolism: You May Think I’m Crazy…

You may think I’m crazy, but the universe/God/Source/Creator/etc. speaks to me through the language of SYMBOLS

As humans, our brains and our perceptions really enjoy noticing patterns. If something is symmetrical, it is generally more appealing. If it has jagged lines, strange placements, or an odd amount of numbers, we may feel repelled in some way.

Why is that and how does the universe speak to someone?

Well, let me give you a brief backstory of late…

About two or so months ago, I went through a breakup. Almost no matter the circumstance, breakups generally just suck!

Am I right?

After three years, we were over and suddenly, I had no idea what to do with my life. Incredibly lost, (admittedly long before the actual breakup), that very day I began to see things in a different way. It had finally occurred to me. A lightbulb had just been waiting to go off in my mind.

I had been going in the wrong direction…

Let me just say this: It was 100% my choice to be in that relationship and it wasn’t always the wrong direction. Actually, I believe it was vital for my personal growth. In fact, I can say with certainty that I’m coming out as a totally different person than I was when I was going in and I’m grateful.

I’m stronger, actually, and wiser too! The best part is that I actually like who I’m becoming!

Within those three years and long before the relationship ever began, I didn’t love or respect myself. I didn’t know who I even wanted to be. Today, however, I can very confidently tell you who I KNOW I am because that’s who I decided to be and it’s really that simple.

After some serious struggles, (not all of them directly about the relationship itself), I also KNOW things are really changing in my life and I am validated by the constant reminders fed to my unconscious mind, like cookie crumbs to follow, to help me to continue transforming.

In a state of almost shock in the beginning, and now without the comfort of the home I had been in for a year, the depression fell over me like a veil; shutting me off to all the beauty still existing around me. Darkness or even blackness kept coming up inside my mind and oftentimes, within it, the shape of a circle.

Like the snap of a finger, my ex, my dogs, my apartment, all gone and never again would they “belong” to me. My bed was in storage, along with everything else. Kid’s toys were piled up in the trunk. I just couldn’t believe this had happened so fast…. I didn’t see it coming. At least not that dramatically!

Here I am, just shy of 30, starting my life over…. again.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing some of my friends are because they are have a pretty tight space and yet… they were more than willing to give me a place to stay… a place to cry about the disaster that became my life… to listen to me figure out who the hell I am as I move from the mindset of maiden to mother. (You all know who you are 😉

Most breathtakingly, as a mother, I have learned the most through the wondering eyes of my beautiful and wise children. Unlike them, protected inside of their circles, I was the thin, outer layer of my own circle and that meant I was spinning, most vulnerable, in the same direction over and over protecting myself and avoiding hard truths… and not learning my lessons.

Crawling on my belly for so long, I finally allowed myself to shed that old skin. I slithered through stages of healing very quickly as I reflected within the Labyrinth of myself as a serpent.

In reality, I admitted finally, I saw it all happening eventually. My mind began to clear away. I was healed with understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and time, while other things began to happen….

My circle was still a circle, but I was no longer on the outside, blocking myself from all possibilities, once I made a simple choice to let go of something that no longer served me; nor the other party. Nope. My circle was an entire, enlightened serpent eating its tail and no longer and stagnant loop.

Does anyone watch the show Westworld on HBO?

Watching Delores and the others relive the same negative experiences over and over again without realizing they were doing so and not changing it… was me.

When the characters are finally conscious of it, you get excited because it’s about to go down and you know everything is about to change!

Well, it’s about to go down for me too! I’m taking life into my hands because it is mine and ultimately, isn’t that why I’m here?

Isn’t that why we’re all here?

If you don’t hold the key to your own life, then who does?

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Remember, you are more than your sun sign!

From within the labyrinth,

-Lakin 🖤🌙

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  1. Great Post! So many of us are quickly transitioning from where we were, to where we are supposed to be! It’s not at all a smooth transition for me either, a ripping off of the bandaid of life as a mother to new living as the Crone. 🙂

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