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Symbolism: What is it?

What is a Symbol?

A symbol is many different things. You can put almost any type of symbol in these two categories:

The first type is a picture of something that you recognize as a logo for someone’s business or organization. Or it could be something like an animal that represents one’s country or culture. For example: the bald eagle represents the United States.

The second type of symbol is a picture or piece of creative art that holds a more abstract meaning. The thing it symbolizes has meaning that you can relate to a… insert symbol here.

For example: the bald eagle is the animal or mascot of the United States because it stands for freedom and rising above. The bald eagle is fierce and brave and those are some of the positive qualities in which the US identifies itself.


There is a more psychological way to use symbols and that is usually through the use of archetypes.

An Archetypal image is a symbol that is used to speak to the unconscious mind. When you look at a picture and it holds a meaning for you without you actually knowing what it’s supposed to mean, you will become more aware of it and thus, change it or accept it.

Psychologists sometimes use ink blots that have multiple picture interpretations within it. However, what that patient sees reveals what’s often hidden to them and held in their subconscious.

Seeing a snake rather than a baseball bat means this person is hiding something or is experiencing a time of growth in wisdom rather than avoiding the need for physical activity… or something of that nature.

Sometimes, however, we interpret a very simple symbol the same way most others do and that is called… the collective consciousness.

The moon for example is always a symbol of the night. No mentally healthy person would ever say the moon stands for the daytime.

Can you think of some other things that the moon symbolizes?

Archetypes are the very thing used as symbols in the TAROT decks!

For example: the card death. When anyone draws this card, they are understandably afraid someone they love or even them themselves will die. Don’t worry! This is hardly ever an indication of an actual death, but a metaphorical death instead.

It means to lay something to rest. To end something. To move or grow away from a person, place, situation, memory, etc. depending on the other cards drawn.

One version of you dies, but allow it to happen because the newer, wiser version of you must come alive.

There is nothing to fear in death. Nothing really ends. It just changes.

My all time favorite quote comes from the book Peter Pan and that is…

This helped me get over the fear of death as a child and ask myself some important questions necessary to move forward without fear.


Archetypes are also found in Astrology!

Since we’re on the topic of death, (sounds ominous), let’s take a look at the planet of death, which is….




Although a dwarf planet in size, this little guy shakes things up in the biggest ways. Physically, it is only a planet. It doesn’t actually grow legs and kill people to end up in the prison for planets.

Poor guy… he has such a bad rep and he’s only trying to help us see that we have finally learned the lesson and now it’s time to let go.

How do I know this? Because… Pluto is the last planet in out solar system and he moves the slowest. He had the longest “life<<another symbol. The “life” of a planet is the length of time it takes to move around our Sun.

We also know this, death, as transformation, death and rebirth, major life change, sh*t hitting the fan, burning down the house, actual death and many metaphorical deaths.

So you see… you’re already a professional at dying. No fear! Creepy thought… 👻

As far as the zodiac signs, Scorpio symbolizes death and rebirth. Does this mean Scorpio sees more death? Actually, it means Scorpio frequently deals with many challenges in life that change their lives in a big way, but helps them grow wiser through these changes. They generally handle things with impressive grace.

In terms of houses of astrology, the 8th house is where or how the “death” happens or how you deal with it. *It is I’ll advised to go looking for actual death, in my opinion. Life should be experienced organically.*


Lastly, you can also see death in numerology with the number 9! Aside from the master numbers 11 and 22, there only exists 1-9. One is obviously the beginning, while 9 is the end. Then, a new cycle begins again at 1.

For someone who is a 9, they generally experience frequent challenges that push them to go inward to grow on a spiritual level, making them very wise. The older they get, the more composed and elegant they become.

That is their personal vibration.

Therefore, The Card death in the tarot is also Pluto, Scorpio, the 8th house, and 9! Again, metaphorically.

Don’t forget, though the day turns to night, night also always turns back to day! Though life gets incredibly tough sometimes, it’s never long before the sun comes back up.


Remember, you are more than your sun sign!

From within the Labyrinth,

Lakin 🖤

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