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Numerology: The Expression Number and Making a Chart

Let’s play with the lanugage of the gods again. They won’t mind much…

In the last Numerology post, I showed you guys how to get your most important number of your chart, your LIFEPATH number, as well as your birthday number.

If you missed that one, you can find it here.

In this post, we’re going to learn the second most important aspect of a numerology chart and that is the expression number!

With the lifepath number, all we needed was the digits in one’s birthday. For the expression number, we need the full birth name. With that being said, we MUST make sure that the name is the FULL birth name and that we are spelling it correctly. This is very important because every letter transfers to one of nine numbers and they all carry a very different vibration. Being wrong about any letters can make the final result way off!

If on Sam’s or Jim’s names on their birth certificates are Samantha Joy Jones and Jimmy John Jones, then that are the names we should use. I don’t like my birth name either, but it is the name we were given that are perhaps there was a reason at one point or another? Who knows. Regardless, just have a look at your result and then you can do your expression number with whatever name you are called.

Adopt permanently whatever feels right to you, but make sure its what feels right and not just what you think sounds cooler ;P

The Pythagorean Chart:

To read the chart, look to the left at the numbers 1-9. These are the nine possibilities in which you can translate each letter of your name into a number. That’s means you have about a 1/3 chance for each number.

If you have many L’s in your name, you will add up many 4’s. If you have M’s and V’s, you’ll still end up with many 4’s.

The only number that doesn’t have three letters is 9. Nine only has two letters associated with it and those are I and R.

Numbers:Row 1Row 2Row 2

1=A, J, S. 2=B, K, T. 3=C, L, U. 4=D, M, V. 5=E, N, W. 6=F, O, X. 7=G, P, Y. 8=H, Q, Z. 9=I & R.

Let’s Begin!

Let’s use the name Samantha Joy Jones as practice.

Samantha: S=1, A=1, M=4, A=1, N=5, T=2, H=8, and A=1.


Simplify: 23: 2+3=5.

So, Samantha alone is a 5, but I recommend using the entire name. That is how most numerologists will practice. So, continue with the rest of the name.

Joy: J=1, O=6, Y=7.


Simplify again. 14: 1+4=5.

Joy is a 5.

Lasty, Jones. J=1, O=6, N=5, E=5, S=1.


Simply 18: 1+8=9.

Jones is a 9.

In our final step, we add up the three remaining numbers we got for each name, which are: 5, 5, and 9.

5+5+9= 19.

Simplify 19: 1+9=10.

Remember, 0 does not exist in numerology. 0 is the symbol of the universe, which is whole and infinite. We only live in these bodies temporarily and within these vibrations temporarily, so we drop the zero and get a 1.

Therefore, Samantha Joy Jones has an expression number of 1!

*I would like to mention, however, that I personally will and often do, as an added bonus, use people’s nicknames, married names, and names people prefer AS WELL AS their full birth names, but in my opinion it is the full birth name that should be used as the expression number itself.*

Pythagoras would be so proud of you!

If you need to learn how to do the lifepath number or the birth number, please go here.

If you would like to know what your number means, you can find that here.

From Within the Labyrinth,

-Lakin <3

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