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It Just Keeps Getting Weirder!

Covid 19, the election, the exposure of child molesters, child sex-traffickers, child sexual-harassment, and child pornography among Hollywood’s elite. . . finding large sums of money in our bank accounts for work shutdowns, huge fluctuations in debt nationwide, talk of an international currency, feeling trapped in our homes for nearly six months, getting anxiety going back to work after the world has turned upside down, and “YUUUGE” rallies for black lives matter support and others, who are misunderstanding the point. . .

. . . .tearing down statues of figures who were historically misrepresented as heroes, but were actually villains, voices finally rising and some even coming together, fear to send our children to school, school completely shutting down, thousands dying from a mysterious virus that was apparently found on bottles of cleaning products before the virus began to spread- as if by design. . .

. . .Leonardo DiCaprio turning into an environmentalist, who makes documentaries, a rise in being health conscious, “Hipsters” who make things trendy: avocados, tattoos, brightly-colored hair, vape pens and puff bars are the new cigarettes and they’re reaching globalization. . .

. . .extreme gaps in nearly every belief system- from communism to anarchy– tax-free megachurches, gay marriage is legal, communes that house transgender women as a safe space, marijuana becoming a totally acceptable form of socializing, communication online as the preferred manner of meeting new people, growing narcissism, growing hedonism, polyglots, multi-racial sextuplet babies, infertility drugs to enhance our chances of conceiving, but it happens x’s three and the health risks rise too. . .

. . .dying cultures, political “snowflakes” and rich, white males who assault college women behind dumpsters and barely get their hand slapped- because it’s about who you know and how much you’ll pay to have the court, made of more rich, white men, just…. let it go: while she must forever live with the pain forever inside of her; simply because of the anatomy she didn’t get to choose. . .

. . .less meaningful physical contact, Zofran pills, Xanax bars, Amphetamine powder, and Morphine drips– all just to make it through the stressful, demanding day, while less parents are raising children, some people deciding to not have any children at all because children are being molested and sold. . .

We are discovering our “starseed” origins and opening our “Akashic records” to find out where and when our soul sparked into some ever-expanding living thing, contemplating previous religious and spiritual belief systems, that were very recently, dangerously taboo to even utter an opinion that differed too much from others. . .

America’s beloved LGBTQ advocate and member, Ellen DeGeneres, is on house arrest and under investigation for sinister things, Kanye West is apparently running for president- as he supports Trump, and yes… “life is like a box of chocolates,” Tom Hanks is under investigation too!

Trendy diets and changing habits as science continues to grow at an incredible level; distilled water, caffeine-free, gluten-free bread, sugar-free snacks, hormone-free meat, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no GMO’s, veganism, local only, no wheat and no soy, whole grains, straight from the garden, no pesticides, tiny homes, solar-panels too . . . Yoga, Reiki, acupuncture, meditation, spiritual retreats, visualization, cutting proverbial chords of toxicity and co-dependency, and caring about our bodies after heart disease, obesity, Cancer, and of course, diabetes.

. . .challenging all status quo, questioning the existence of the matrix and/or being 3-D simulations, living in our dreams just as truly as we do our daily lives because we’re becoming aware astral projecting and the lucidity of our minds, transplanting entire bodies under another’s head, designer babies– in which you can choose your progeny’s sex and eye color, realizing that memories are stored in tissue in various parts of the body and not only the brain, unraveling the mysteries of black holes, finding earth-like planets not so far away that could sustain living things like you and me!

It is seriously a crazy and incredible time to be alive!

Within the span of about 30 years, which is about the total length of my life so far, we have went from standing in the kitchen twirling the phone cord around our fingers and quietly listening in on the other line when our sisters were on the phone– to almost instantly connecting to someone across the world and we could do it all day long without even leaving our comfort of our homes!

Data is now lightening speed and your toddler was a born professional and technician, robots can be your new girlfriend, and your neighbor might have had himself cloned or uploaded his mind into an A.I.

Honestly guys, things are happening so rapidly anymore, I actually wonder if I haven’t somehow left my original dimension and migrated to a whole new one! This can’t possibly be the world I live in!

The strangest thing for me personally: A year ago, I would have NEVER thought that my current life would be what it has turned out to be. And yet. . . what an enlightening experience it has been and although it’s been extremely difficult for the most part, I am grateful for all of it.

Through pain, I have gained wisdom.

Allowing acceptance of myself and others, instead of judgement and fear, I have found an easy place to settle inside of my mind, my labyrinth, to sit back and watch the world change around me- while evil frauds are being exposed- and allow myself to move with it; as only a small piece of a larger picture.

It can’t be hidden any longer. Everything has begun to change and it won’t be going back to the way it was before. So, if you’re attached to that world, I can say with confidence in my own intuition that the desire to hold on to what is no more will make the transition much more difficult.

I won’t lie to you, however. It is not ALWAYS easy within me. Sometimes, the old bones I used to wear snap back into their familiar sockets and rest for a while. It brings on a strange buzzing that something is not balanced and I quickly realize the chaos within is generally a reflection of my feelings toward the outside world and not as personal as I believed once before.

It isn’t about what is happening. It is about how you’re dealing with what is happening that makes the real differences in your life.

Perception is everything!

From Within the Labyrinth,

With Love,

-Lakin <3

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