Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

While all of these rapid advancements in technology are surfacing, my generation of indigo children is well into adulthood. Indigos, are extremely open to their spirituality and have seemingly helped evolve their communities and the world’s consciousness!

Get ready for change!

The majority of the births of the indigos were also born with Pluto in Scorpio, in its sign of rulership, and are notoriously quite rebellious. Pluto and Scorpio are both naturally transformative and are eager to understand the very depth of death, sex, the soul, and anything dark and rather mysterious; and that doesn’t make it dark itself. Nor does it make those, like myself, with Pluto in Scorpio placements exactly dark either.

Nope. Darkness can only be known if someone or something is shedding light. Pluto, Scorpio, the 8th house, and the indigo children all unconsciously seek one, unified thing: transformation. And shedding a little light on what is kept in the dark is just currently part of our evolutionary process.

The indigos are the children who grew up in the eighties and nineties with music like Metallica, Tool, Nirvana, Salt-n-Pepa, Tupac, etc. They were just old enough to witness and understand the darkness surrounding 9/11 and even to question who really started that war that came after and what the motives were. The last two decades have been so busy with shocking discoveries and jaw-dropping events that there isn’t likely any way we’ll ever go back.

They voted in the first black president and legalized gay marriage. They are the grandchildren of people who were alive for segregation and, in turn, they brought on the rise of hip-hop, R&B, and rap. Wearing rainbow flags, loosening the chains of their religious upbringings, and using social media as a tool to market their own brands, the indigos have crumbled many foundations.

The point is, we are driven by the deep-seated urgency to sweep the world with change by threatening the ones who unjustly hold power.

Disruptions must be created in order to see times of peace.

“Nonviolent, direct action seeks to create such a crisis and establish such creative tension that a community that has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow Children

Sometimes there will be hurricanes and sometimes you’ll get nothing but still and calm water. Regardless, all that is required of you is that you simply float.

The indigos are having children who are called the crystal children. Although rare still, there are even some crystal children who are now adults and some of them have children who are known as the (even more rare) rainbow children.

With all three of these “children” comes a highly sensitive awareness to their environment and other people’s thoughts and feelings. The crystals, however, can even be known to seemingly read minds and have naturally prophetic abilities. And the rainbow children are so in tune to their surroundings that they can apparently perform telekinesis.

The Indigos:

  • Most were born between mid 1970’s to the early 90’s
  • “Old Souls”
  • Have an aura that is dominated by the color blue or indigo
  • Have seen and understand that ugly exists in the world too and can remain calm and level-headed in intense and even traumatic and unexpected events
  • Highly creative and talented, but may have difficulty working for others
  • Peaceful in nature, but is highly driven by need for change and likely “breaks” many rules to provoke questioning
  • Addictive, depressive, and anxious behavior
  • ADD, ADHD, or easily-distracted and lacking focus
  • Underwhelmed by lack of depth in typical conversations
  • Little interest in pop culture and/or other common interests
  • Extremist point of view and complex, multi-faceted personality
  • Little judgment of others and genuinely open to all
  • Led by intuition, heart, and creative expression
  • Highly spiritual, even seemingly psychic abilities

The Crystals:

  • Born between mid 1990’s to 2010’s and up
  • Has indigo parents
  • Have an opalescent or crystalline aura (sometimes mistaken for having no aura)
  • Often autistic, borderline autistic, aspergers, or highly socially anxious and/or awkward.
  • Bright, penetrating, luminescent, or genuine and intense eyes
  • You can’t get anything past a them; although they may never say a word of it unless necessary
  • They don’t often seek attention nor enjoy having all eyes on them
  • Easily attracts animals, adopts animals in need, and takes in strays
  • Overly stimulated or overwhelmed by environmental energy
  • Needs to be in nature quite often to ground and likes to climb, hike, and explore
  • Needs a lot of alone time to clear their energy fields from other’s energy they easily absorb
  • “Feels out” one’s intentions and underlying motives rather than listens to one’s words
  • Use of divination, specifically for healing purposes
  • Has man planets and often crystals throughout their homes and in their work spaces
  • Oddly psychic, mind-reading, telekinesis and other mysterious abilities!

The Rainbows:

  • Born within the 2010’s and up
  • Big, vibrant rainbow auras
  • Never or rarely ever concerned about their physical attractiveness
  • Naturally very attractive anyway, while humble and still confident
  • Never or rarely seeks validation through others
  • Can speak and send picture messages telepathically
  • Highly energetic and has a natural understanding of the laws of physics
  • Multi-dimensional movements within space and time
  • Fearless because they understand fear is not necessary
  • Can basically instantly manifest, but not for selfish gain
  • Doesn’t feel a need to be flashy, but loves bright colors
  • Happy, easy-going, and peaceful
  • Highly unlikely they’ll egotistically “show off” their “special” nature

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