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The Signs: Leo

  • Birthday– July 23rd to August 22nd
  • Element– Fire
  • Symbol– Lion
  • Ruling Planet– Sun
  • Associated House– 5th
  • Associated Tarot Card– Strength
  • Quality– Fixed
  • Duality– Active
  • Opposite– Aquarius
  • Associated Numerology Number- 1 and 5

Ruler– Sun •Exaltation– Neptune •Fall– has no fall! •Detriment– Uranus

Leo is brave, yet playful; dominating, but warm; controlling, yet chivalrous, and generous, but often seemingly vain. Loyal and protective, this sign truly radiates royalty. Regal, popular, and charismatic, they can be very intimidating!

Though I can’t remember when and where I read it, (so take this with a grain of salt), some believe those with Leo sun, moon, or rising either come from a line of royalty or have been royalty in a past life! 👸🤴

Outgoing characters, Leo enjoys socializing, dressing up, and being in the middle of the party. They are great fun too! They are amazing at leading others, but often get held up in success because of their stubbornness.

They have the strength of a lion and yes, they do bite!


Motivated, passionate, and confident, these kitties are self-expressive, never holding their rough tongues, and can sometimes appear a bit snobbish if left unchecked. If you’re a leo sun, don’t sit there and roll your eyes at me! I know it’s all from your big, warm heart and you don’t mean to sound rude. Everyone stills adores you and we love how much fun you are. It’s always your house that we go for a party.

Sometimes, a leo can get a reputation as a hedonist and they’re forcefully creative and mystic brings who seem to radiate sunlight. It wouldn’t be strange at all to catch a leo bathing in the sun’s rays either! Perhaps it is their natural instinct to follow their passion and get to know the creator/source/maker.

There is something oddly noble about a leo. One moment, you wonder how he/she can be so self-righteous and the next, they will make a grand gesture of love or kindness to whomever is in need. Graceful and fiery, they are great at encouraging others. Although they thrive on attention and are often a bit dramatic, (these feelings are real), they are also organized and have a real need to experience life with a side of existential angst.

They hate being told what to do and are often right, actually. However, this healthy sense of self and manic attitude comes from a hidden place of deep insecurities. Filled with purpose and direction, they really do need spotlight to be happy and whole. When it’s time to shine, leo, you’ll instinctively know.

There’s not one single person who doesn’t love a warm, funny, sunny Leo.

FAMOUS LEO SUN SIGNS: Jennifer Lopez, Barrack Obama, Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis, Carl Jung, Ben Affleck, Daniel Radcliffe, Madonna, Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick, Halle Berry, Lucille Ball, Kate Beckinsale, Lisa Kudrow, Dua Lipa, Cher Lloyd, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Hemsworth, Steve Carell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Leo moon demands respect and are supportive, fierce, and supportive friends and allies. They feel a WIDE range of emotions. I mean, leo rules the sun, but this particular leo is in the moon, which is sun’s opposite! If you think this person is dramatic, it’s definitely not for show; at least, not always! They radiate their emotions heavily and when they’re sad, you may feel anxious around them. It’s deep! If they’re happy, however, you’ll be on their high too and it’s a plane that can only be reached by the sun 🌞

Fun, passionate and extremely creative, they approach life with full steam and confidence! It is their purpose to create and they’ll search for an outlet to do so at every opportunity. More energy is expressed when their feelings are exuberant and their day will be brighter when they can express themselves fully. They dream vibrantly; mostly of ways to show their love and boy, they love intensely! Preferring partners who demonstrate their feelings for them, they do need a large amount of affection and reassurance to feel connected.

These big, warm cats are kids at heart. (New nickname for Leo moon? Kid-kat 🤪). They get along with children easily, as they’re in tune with their pure nature. Inherently, they know just how to communicate with them effectively. Adventure is the medicine needed for leo moon when they’re melancholy. It quenches the thirst in their explorer souls.

Lastly, these guys grow up with a feeling that they need to lead others somehow. When they feel they’re falling short, they have an enormous amount of pride and seem to think they’re always right, no matter the proof in front of them. It’s simply hard for them to admit defeat or to be told something is impossible. They’ll respond, “watch me,” but they have a need for approval. Controlling and demanding on a bad day, they can be offensive when they’re dismissive of another’s ideas or needs.

They enjoy the sunshine, but also love the rain! Few and far between, leo moon gets the best and worst of both worlds in so many ways.

FAMOUS Leo Moons: Marilyn Manson, Eva Mendes, Bruno Mars, Chelsea Handler, Shia Labeouf, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, David Bowie, Lana Del Rey, Mahatma Gandhi, Helena Bonham Carter, Liam Hemsworth, Megan Fox, Clint Eastwood, Amanda Seyfried, Paul McCartney, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Hanks, and Oscar Wilde.

Leo Rising/Leo as Ascendant:

Is you’re a Leo rising, you have the sun itself as your ruling planer, which makes you very lucky, (unless, of course, other parts of your chart contradict this). Leo rising has the bright and shiny syndrome. They are the ones who you’re in mid conversation with when suddenly they say, “squirrel!” Having the sun as their ruler, they obviously love the spotlight and taking the lead in almost anything. Criticize them, however, and they will hide behind the clouds until they’ve had a catnap, at least.

On their best days, (and there are many), they are confident, giving, kind, and very entertaining. If not creatively expressive themselves, as an extension of their identity, they can be known for dramatics that will call attention. President, Donald Trump, is a rising Leo, and isn’t he prideful of his children? 😉 Yes, they will challenge any foe who dare come near their offspring. Friendly, fun, and upbeat, they can light up a room with their glowing, warm smiles, but they are stubborn creatures, who say what they mean and mean what they say.

They will go leaps and bounds to show their loved ones they care, by buying extravagant gifts or throwing huge parties. Indeed, they enjoy having the control, and may often move another aside thinking they can do it better. (They only need a small loan of a million dollars) 🤷‍♀️ But they’re inspiring and have a fiery spirit that hides a big heart and soft insides. Having am insatiable lust for life, they can throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. To some, they seem selfish and immature, but their enthusiasm is contagious and their child-like nature means they’re actually great with children.

Golden or redish and/or thick hair like a mane, freckled, and a red hue to their skin tone, they have expensive taste and will usually wear designer or at least name brand clothing. They exaggerate smaller details of their lives, (just a million dollars), but they’re just ambitious leaders!

Famous Leo Rising: Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, George Bush, Meryl Streep, Donald Trump, Tina Turner, Al Pacino, Jessica Lange, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Sting, Jack Nicholson, Eva Green, Frida Kahlo, Alfred Hitchcock, Tina Fey, Luciano Pavarotti, Rita Ora, Andy Warhol, Michelle Williams, and Camilla Parker Bowles.

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