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Surrender to Life


Life gets weird.

We make all these plans. We hold on to all these dreams. We move around and keep jobs we hate and stay with people who treat us badly…

And then something always happens, doesn’t it?

Every. Single. Time.

And what happens when we don’t allow life to unfold the way it seems to want to do on it’s own as if LIFE is the one in control rather than us as individuals?

It redirects us once again, pushing back harder each time; until we finally throw out white flags up.

I surrender.

25 years ago,

I wanted to be a doctor. I spent my entire growing up with the mentality of someone who was preparing for a life as someone who worked in the health field. The dreams I created for my future revolved around an idea I created when I was in kindergarten.

During high school, I decided I was good enough to be a doctor, so I settled for nurse. At 22, I graduated with my health science degree. I was offered a job as a massage therapist very quickly only to turn it down because I suddenly realized it wasn’t for me.

At 22, I realized…

I had always wanted to be a writer. Writing was something I had always done daily for as long as I could remember. But it wasn’t practical like the health field, was it? So as a very small child I had made this plan to make sure I’d be successful.

Why hadn’t I thought to consider happiness?

Does anyone?

Shouldn’t children have mere dreams about things that make them happy?

Isn’t that what dreaming is really about?

Can we really plan so far ahead when we learn and change and grow every day that we’re alive and possibly even after we’re not “alive” … ?

I didn’t get married with the intention of also getting a divorce and yet… I’ve been divorced.

I never intended to have children when I was a child and yet… I have two and I’d never take it back.

I never thought I’d have a blog and I certainly never believed I’d be writing these things for anyone to see. I once had too much pride and now….


And freedom is a beautiful thing to get to hold.


And let go of useless dreams of the past because you’re not going that way. You’ve already been there and you’re someone different… Someone better now!

Life is gonna happen because… that’s what life does.

It happens.

Enjoy the ride.

It’s freedom 🙂

-From within the Labyrinth,

-Lakin 🌙

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