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Numerology: The LifePath and Birthday Number and How to Get Them

Getting Your Personal Numbers:

In the last blog, we went over the histoy of Numerology and what Numerology means.

What I mean to say is: we learned about some old, dead guys and the legacies they left for us πŸ™Š (What? It’s true.) πŸ‘»

In this post, we’re going to learn how to get two of our most important numbers in one’s Numerology chart. FOR FREEEEE! Those are the Lifepath and the Birthday number.

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All you need to know for these two are: β€’your date of birth and (year too) and β€’basic math skills. If you have those, let’s see what your numbers are!


The LifePath Number:

Getting the lifepath number is actually quite simple. All the information you need is your birthday!

β€’Why your birthday?

Because… Numerology is all about vibrations and your birthday is obviously the day you were born. Your birthday is your birthday forever. It’s one of the few things that never changes and you don’t get to choose it either. It happens naturally (if you’re a lucky mother).

Each birthday carries a specific vibration with it, as all combinations of numbers do.

However, your Lifepath number is by far the most IMPORTANT number in your entire chart!

*It‘s like your sun sign in Astrology. As people say, “I’m a Leo,” (or whatever their sign is). In Numerology, we’d say, “I’m a 5!”

Let’s start!

1.) Write down your birthday.

β€’Example: 02.27.1935

*Some countries differ in their order. The order for this example is Month first, then day, and last is the year.*

2.) Add the month, the day, then the year in three separate units.

β€’Ex: Month- 0+2=2. Day- 2+7=9. Year- 1+9+3+5=18

Then, we’re left with: 2.9.18

3.) Simplify! Any numbers that do not add up to a single digit, you will also add them together until it DOES become a single digit. UNLESS YOU GET 11 or 22!

*Except for the year! In the a moment, I’ll show you why.

2.9.18=18+2= 20. 20+9=29.

4.) Add up the digits you have left and see your Lifepath result!

β€’Ex. 2.9.9: 9+9=18 and 18+2=20. If you do it that way, you’d never know you were actually a master number!

5.) If you have a double digit that is NOT an 11 or 22, simplify again.

β€’Ex: 29: 2+9=11

Coicidentally, the birthday I made up is a master number 11!

Now, let’s do that quickly so you can see how I do it naturally.

β€’Ex: Birthday- 2.27.1935. Month- 2, Day- 27: 2+7=9, Year- 1935: 1+9+3+5=18. Add day, month, and year to get sum. 2+9+18=29. Simplify 29: 2+9=11!

Let’s look at another example: Birthday-7.4.1981. (Because the month and day is already single, we only need to add the year. 1981: 1+9+8+1=19. 19: 1=9=10. 7.4.9: 7+4+9=20.

So, our total is 20.

* You can generally always drop a zero in Numerology, but don’t get overly confident . Try and wait until the end.*

That means, this person is a 2!

FYI: You don’t HAVE to separate the numbers into separate units. It’s just easiest. You can add up all the numbers at once: 2.27.1935: 2+2+7+1+9+3+5=29. Simply here though! 29: 2+9=11.

Either way, you’ll get the same result.

Simple! Now you know how to find your lifepath number all on your own. Share it with me down in the comments!

Let’s move on to the Birthday number!




Again, all you need is your birthday. We’ll use that first one again: 02.27.1935.

02 is the month. 1935 is the year, but we’re looking for the DAY, which is 27.

And 27 needs to be simplified.

27: 2+7=9

So that person is a 9 birthday number!

*So far, in their chart, they have 11 and 9. (That’s a lot of wisdom and responsibility!)*

Yup! It really is that easy!

Let’s look at the another: 7.4.1990.

Actual day of birth? The fourth: 4.

So, that person is an organized 4!

Because I love you, here’s a cheat sheet for your numerology Birthday Number convenience 😍

If you were born on (?), then your birthday number is (?):

  1. 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th= 1
  2. 2nd and 20th= 2
  3. 3rd, 12th, 21stand 30st=3
  4. 4th, 13th, and 31st=4
  5. 5th, 14th, and 23rd=5
  6. 6th, 15th, and 24th=6
  7. 7th, 16th, and 25th=7
  8. 8th, 17th, and 26th=8
  9. 9th, 18th, and 27th=9
  10. 11th and 29th= 11
  11. 22nd=22

Awesome! Look at you vibrating over there like Pythagoras himself πŸ€―πŸ€“


Find my numbers meanings!!!

Stick close to the Labyrinth, friend! Within the next couple of days, I’ll be posting about the other 3 numbers, (that are in the top of your num. chart), that get very interesting.

^And those use Pythagoras’ Letter to Number system!

Until then,

From within the Labyrinth,

-Lakin πŸ’œ

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