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The Planets: Mars

-Element(s): Fire and Air

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries

-Symbol: The God of War

-Associated House: 1st

-Associated Numerology Number(s): 1 and 9

-Associated Tarot Card: The Tower

Mars in Science:

Named after the Roman God of war, the red planet is actually not hot, nor red. It is more of a tan the closer you get up close to it and normally at about -195 to -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Does this mean that you should not judge a book by its cover? Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is just a bit smaller than Mercury, but bigger than the dwarf planet, Pluto. Mars has an orbital period of 687 days and has two moons!

Unlike Mercury, Mars goes into retrograde about every two years, or every 26 months, and lasts for about two and a half (2 1/2) months. So, if you were born under a Mars retrograde, you may be an anomaly!

Mars in Astrology:

Are you an Aries sun, moon, or rising/ascendant?

Then, congratulations because you’re a Martian!

Whatever sign falls under our Mars in our natal chart, and the aspects to planet Mars, shows you how aggressive one may be, our animalistic instincts, how much energy one does or does not have, our immediate reactions to situations, willpower, pride, assertion of opinions and beliefs, actions one may take; such as: violent tendencies, cruel urges, lust, and sexual habits/desires. This planet may also reflect our patience or impatience, vitality, drive, how rough we play, basic psychological function, and whether we choose war over peace or peace over war.

For example, a person with Mars in Aries would most likely justify war for said reason, while Mars in Pisces would justify why peace should always be chosen. On another hand, someone who had Mars in an air sign, like Gemini, would rationalize the topic, play devil’s advocate, and often see both sides before forming a judgment about it. Of course, other places in one’s chart can always dictate this, so it is advised to look further before jumping to any conclusions. The aspects should always be studied along with the sign and house each planet falls into.

Mars can give us an idea of our athletic potential, how active we are, whether or not we are rude or have great manners, our masculine energy, dominant characteristics, and leadership ability. Mars can show how restless we may be, our egocentric behaviors, where we are impulsive and how impulsive we are. The red planet can show us how courageous we are, our temperament, how short our fuses are before we become a loose cannon, whether or not we were always a loose cannon, how defensive we are, our level of competitiveness, our predisposition to fight over flight, and the amount of stamina we possess.

Mars as a Ruling Planet:

If you have Aries as a rising sign (aka ascendant), you Martian you, Mars is your ruling planet!

Mars as a ruling planet, or having Mars in your first house, indicates someone who has a scar or a burn on their face, someone who is physically strong and athletic in build, while also being clumsy because they have such a strong need for victory and often act before thinking first. Impatient, defensive of their pride and ego, they are also natural warriors and are always some type of leader. It isn’t unusual for them to at some point be involved in a fire. Impatient to go forward, Aries rising almost never looks back on the past.

Self-starters and always willing to get the job done or set the pace for others, Aries rising is often the first-born child or an only child. Aggressive as youth, loud, and competitive, these guys are sometimes physically unaware of themselves. Because of this, (remember that Mars only appears red and isn’t actually red), keep in mind that what looks like a threat could actually be your savior. One who carries a sword doesn’t mean the sword holder will strike you.

Someone who is ruled by Mars is that alpha energy that symbolizes soldiers, fathers, husbands, police officers, fighters, brothers, male friends, and any other types of strong, male or even masculine influences in our lives. With that being said, Mars isn’t selective over which sex someone is, but it may be slightly bias when it comes to gender. Usually, for a woman, it is an archetype of a “tom-boy”, or a woman who is very active, energetic, or athletic in nature, a very strong, dominating female, a female who works in a field that is male-dominated, a very competitive or aggressive female, etc.

Mars Through the Signs:

Aries: Impulsive pioneer who pursues personal desires

Taurus: Slow and steady war-like characteristics

Gemini: Scattered energy who physically reacts to boredom

Cancer: Passive aggressive energy, unless home or family threatened

Leo: Lighthearted entertainer who enjoys risk-taking

Virgo: Athletic and critical wolf in sheep’s clothing

Libra: Has many short relationships and often plays innocent

Scorpio: Loves a challenge and conquests for sex or money

Sagittarius: Opinionated explorer who is always “winging-it”

Capricorn: Successful and serious minded, but low-key controlling

Aquarius: Eccentric and nervous energy that will likely rebel

Pisces: Extreme mental energy, but feels guilt/shame for any anger

Mars Through The Houses:

1st: Confident and reckless action with practical yet defensive views

2nd: Harsh and critical speech, but earns gain through speculation

3rd: Analytical, restless, but brave and idealistic, clumsy spirit

4th: Family quarrels, mostly with siblings, but desires conveyance

5th: Enterprising, fun energy with excessive feelings both up and down

6th: Quick, dynamic movement that often overdoes it

7th: Shows extreme affection, but is forceful and won’t cooperate

8th: Has extravagant partners, earns inheritance, and plays detective

9th: Is a fanatic of own opinions, but enjoys freedom of thought

10th: Brave and self-made success story who from bottom to top

11th: Popular w/ good character who gets fortune through use of talent

12th: Wise, but shameful, melancholy attitude that repressed desires

Thanks for staying with me, readers!

Stay posted because I’ve got some really awesome stuff coming for you as soon as we get through all of the planets and signs to really set this blog off on it’s ideal path.

But that’s all for today, Martians L

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