Mars in Astrology and Through the Signs

-Symbol: The God of War –Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries

-Associated Astrological House: 1st -Associated Tarot Card: The Tower

Named after the Roman God of war, the planet Mars is often referred to as the Red Planet. Perhaps ironic is the fact that Mars is actually not red or even hot. It is multiple shades of tans and greys and the temperature is normally at about -195 to -80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is just a bit smaller than the planet Mercury. Unlike Mercury, however, Mars goes into retrograde approximately every 26 months, which then lasts for about two and a half months. The Red Planet has an orbital period of 687 days, which is more than twice the amount of Earth’s orbit. Interestingly, Mars has two moons!

Are you Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising? If so, you may be a Martian!

In astrology, Mars represents energy, action, and passion. It is associated with our primal instincts, ambition, and drive. As one of the personal planets, Mars influences our individuality and how we approach various aspects of life. Its placement in the natal chart indicates our assertiveness, sexual desires, and the way we handle conflicts. Mars is often referred to as the “warrior planet” due to its association with courage, assertiveness, and the ability to take risks. Its influence can be seen in our motivations, desires, and how we assert ourselves in different situations.

Whatever sign falls under our Mars in our natal chart may show us how aggressive we may be, our animalistic instincts, how much energy we naturally possess, our immediate reactions to situations, willpower, pride, an assertion of opinions and beliefs, actions one may take; such as violent tendencies, cruel urges, lust, and sexual habits/desires. This planet may also reflect our patience or impatience, vitality, drive, how rough we play, basic psychological function, and whether we choose war over peace or peace over war.

Mars can give us an idea of our athletic potential, how active we are, whether or not we are rude or have great manners, our level of masculine energy or predispositions, dominant characteristics, and leadership ability. Mars can show how restless we may be, our egocentric behaviors, where we are impulsive, and how impulsive we are. The red planet can show us how courageous we are, our temperament, how short our fuses are before we become a loose cannon, whether or not we were always a loose cannon, how defensive we are, our level of competitiveness, our predisposition to fight over flight, and the amount of stamina we possess.

If you have Aries as a Rising sign, Mars is the ruling planet of your entire chart! Mars as a ruling planet, or having Mars in your first house, frequently indicates someone who has a scar or a burn on their face and likely many other scars on the rest of their body too. It isn’t unusual for them to at some point be involved in a fire. They’re likely someone who is physically strong and athletic in build, while sometimes clumsy.

As leaders, Aries Rising almost never looks back on the past. Self-starters and always willing to get the job done or set the pace for others, they’re often the first-born child or only child. Aggressive during youth, loud, and competitive, these guys are sometimes physically unaware of themselves. They have such a strong need for victory and often act before thinking first. Impatient, and defensive of their pride and ego, they are natural warriors.

Someone who is ruled by Mars is usually the embodiment we may have of an alpha male or having quite a masculine influence in our lives. With that being said, Mars isn’t selective over which sex someone is, but it may be slightly biased when it comes to gender. Usually, for a woman, it is an archetype of a “tom-boy”, or a woman who is very active, energetic, or athletic in nature. This could be a very strong, dominant female, a female who works in a field that is male-dominated, or a very competitive or aggressive female.

Aries: This placement has an amplified fiery and assertive nature. They’re individuals who are known for their boldness, competitiveness, and determination. They possess an abundance of energy and often enjoy taking risks, initiating new projects, and pursuing personal desires.

Taurus: Those with Mars in Taurus are known for their resilience, patience, and practical approach. They possess an unwavering determination and are often driven by material security and stability. Their determined and steadfast persona gives them slow and steady characteristics.

Gemini: Individuals with this placement are often quick-witted, adaptable, and highly curious. They excel in verbal communication and are skilled at multitasking. They sometimes display scattered energy and physically react to boredom through their intellectual and communicative nature.

Cancer:  Those with this placement are driven by their emotions, but are passive-aggressive. They’re fiercely protective of their loved ones and their home, however, if they feel threatened. They possess a strong intuition and often channel their energy into creating a secure and harmonious home environment.

Leo: Individuals with this placement are confident and passionate, naturally born leaders. They possess a strong desire for recognition and often excel in creative endeavors. They may come off as a lighthearted entertainer, but they enjoy risk-taking pursuits too.

Virgo:  Folks with this placement are detail-oriented, hardworking, and highly organized, but they have a need for control. They possess a strong desire for perfection and often excel in areas that require precision and attention to detail. This is oftentimes the type of person who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Libra:  Individuals with this placement are driven by the desire for balance and fairness and may play innocent to get it. They possess excellent negotiation skills and often excel in areas that require teamwork and cooperation. They may experience many short relationships quite quickly in early adulthood.

Scorpio:  People with this placement are passionate, determined, and possess strong and intense willpower. They are often drawn to deep emotional connections and possess a natural ability to uncover hidden truths. They never deny a challenge and may experience conquests for sex or money.

Sagittarius: Those with this placement are driven by the desire for freedom, exploration, and personal growth. They possess a strong sense of optimism and often excel in areas that require risk-taking requiring little responsibility and broad perspectives. They’re opinionated explorers who are “winging it.”

Capricorn: Those with this placement are driven by their desire for success, status, and recognition. They possess strong leadership qualities and are often highly focused and determined. They’re often serious-minded, but low-key controlling.

Aquarius: Individuals with this placement are driven by their desire for change, progress, and intellectual stimulation. They possess a strong sense of individuality and often excel in areas that require unconventional thinking. Eccentric and nervous energy that will likely rebel.

Pisces: Individuals with this placement are driven by their desire for connection, spiritual growth, and empathy. They possess a strong imagination and often excel in areas that require creativity and emotional understanding. They may be emotionally eruptive but feel shame for any anger displayed.


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