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Let’s Talk About Your Mother: The Moon 🌑

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If you didn’t already know, tonight’s moon on January 10th, 2020 is not only the first full moon of the year, but it is also a lunar eclipse! This eclipse is quite minor, however, and can only be seen from the Eastern Hemisphere, near countries like Russia and China.

*Moon’s Zodiac Ruler: Cancer

*Moon’s Element: Water

*Moon’s Cycle: One Month

*Moon’s Opposite: Sun

Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is what we are given as our first full moon of the year!

If you close your eyes and focus in on a full moon, a wolf, darkness, a mother, or any symbol you can create with these archetypes, you may realize how intense their vibrations are! This means that the vibration of January 10th, 2020 is vibrating at an unusually high level.

What does this mean for us as individuals?

To answer this question, let’s get a detailed look at the symbols used above.

>What the Moon symbolizes in Astrology: Depth of self, subconscious, emotions, intuition, primal instincts, feminine side of nature, psyche, fertility of female organs, roots, childhood, family (more specifically, the women of our family), women in general, how we were nurtured, how we were treated emotionally, how we perceive our mother, our relationship with our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc., background, psychological/emotional experiences and development, and trauma.

>What a FULL Moon symbolizes: Illumination, moment of truth, reckoning, climax, peak, setting intentions, dream-like state, most powerful, clear, intuitive sight, turning magic into reality and reality into magic, harvesting, creative outpour, deeper, more honest look into one’s own “shadow” side, an opening, and cashing out on anything one has been building.

>The Sign of Cancer: moon, water, emotional, moody, intuitive, sympathetic, nurturing, depth, psychic ability, heart chakra, compassionate, unconditional love, motherly, receptive, need for safety/security, mysterious, hidden depth/feeling/emotion/psychic wisdom, indirect communication, protective, healing, supportive, melancholy, gloomy sense of humor, clings onto what is not fully understood of family, experiences, and past, insecure, wounded, affectionate, guarded, sensitive, and can easily cast illusions and be easily disillusioned.

>Symbolism of the Wolf: complexity, paradoxical character, to run with a pack while also finding comfort in being alone, amibivert (neither/both extroverted and introverted), elusive, wild, primal, instinctual, wise, chooses to listen to voice of instinct instead of voices of others, can sense “wolf in sheep’s clothing, trust is earned, third eye, a reminder that something is missing, one’s sixth sense, freedom, fresh eyes, multidimensional, opposing directions (lone wolf/pack wolf/ alpha wolf/pack leader), “howling at the moon” (discovering prior unknown places in psyche-realizations or memories), truth, balance, bravery, protective, defensive, self-controlled, and liberation!

>Symbolism of Water: stages of life (specifically feminine), birth, fertility, emotion, depth, intuition, dreams, mystery, wisdom, inspiration, something /someone/energy moving vastly and fluidly, power, metamorphosis, reflection, mirror, projections, transformation, purification, cycles, subconscious, vision, psychology, and divine feminine.

>Symbolism of Lunar Eclipse: VERY POWERFUL, clarity, closure, releasing what no longer serves you, growth, leaving what was previously comfortable and secure, change, shadows, cosmic help and guidance, trust in new direction, alignment, transformation, connection to divine energy, letting go of blocks and inhibitions, and re-balancing chakras and recognizing true self and potential.

*A Lunar Eclipse is quite uncommon and can only take place when the sun, moon, and earth are all in alignment with one another*

*Symbolically, we could look at this as an opportunity to regain balance of ourselves: Sun (masculine energy), moon (feminine energy), and earth (physical body)*

>Symbolism of Darkness: Mystery, fear, absence, sorrow, what is unseen (subconscious), primitive, opportunity, new growth, transformation, death and rebirth, loneliness, isolation, from chaos to calm, meditation, period of listening to inner voice, quiet, focus, and creation.

>Symbolism of Mother: Divine consciousness, wisdom, compassion, unconditional love, beauty, harmony, knowledge, protective, family ties, ancestral ties, magic, witchcraft, mystery, nature, creation, fertility, possession, obsession, hysteria, emotional, revenge, heart chakra, Eve, Lilith, moon, earth, and nurturing qualities.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


By now, you can probably understand the connections between these archetypes. Each of these symbols play a part in our childhood, our emotional experiences, our growth, transformations, and feminine aspects. When you look up at the moon tonight, don’t allow fear to overpower you or primal instincts to take you over. Instead, embrace the journey we are all on…


Isn’t it beautiful?

Feel the freedom of releasing what isn’t needed and aligning to your highest self!

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