Let’s Talk About Your Mother: The Moon 🌑

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If you didn’t already know, tonight’s moon on January 10th, 2020 is not only the first full moon of the year, but it is also a lunar eclipse! This eclipse is quite minor, however, and can only be seen from the Eastern Hemisphere, near countries like Russia and China.

Moon’s Associated Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Moon’s Associated Element: Water

Moon’s Associated Symbol: The Mother

A Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is our first full moon of the year!

If you close your eyes and focus on a few symbols, for example, the night sky, a wolf or werewolf, the darkness, or a mother, you may realize how intense their vibrations are! And they all have some commonalities between them and even relations to one another through their symbolic meanings.

>What the Moon symbolizes in Astrology: Depth of self, subconscious mind, madness, lunacy, feelings, depth, intuition, water, mother or mother figure, psychic insight, primal instincts, the monthly cycle of menstruation, femininity, fertility of female organs, roots/lineage, childhood, relationship with mother, comfort, fear, darkness, emotional intelligence and more.

>What a FULL Moon symbolizes: Illumination, a moment of truth, reckoning, climax, peak, highly energetic and charged, hysteria, panic, setting intentions, lunatics, creative outpour, transformative experiences, more honest look into one’s own “shadow” side, and cashing out on anything one has been building.

>The Sign of Cancer: Moon, water, moody, intuitive, sympathetic, empathetic, nurturing, compassionate, motherly, receptive, need for safety and security, protective, supportive, melancholy, gloomy sense of humor, family karma acquired from mother, holding onto the past, wounded, affectionate, guarded, sensitive, motherly, sentimental, and more.

>Symbolism of the Wolf: Complexity, paradoxical lone wolf and pack animal, ambivert, elusive, wild/untamed, instinctual, gaining trust takes hard work, freedom, multidimensional,” howling at the moon”, balance, bravery, protective, werewolves only change under a full moon, defensive, self-controlled, and nighttime!

>Symbolism of Water: Tears, childbirth, emotion, depth, intuition, dreams, receptive, reflection, fluidity, powerful, projections, tumultuous, formless, cycles, subconscious or unconscious, visions, psychology, the psyche, and the divine feminine.

>Symbolism of Lunar Eclipse: Incredibly powerful, clarity, closure, change, shadows, cosmic guidance, trust in a new direction, alignment, transformative experiences, connection to divine feminine energy, letting go of inhibitions, and recognizing true self through acts of self-healing.

*A Lunar Eclipse is quite uncommon. It can only take place when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all in alignment. Therefore, this could be an opportunity to regain balance of ourselves. Symbolic Meanings: Sun (masculine), Moon (feminine), and Earth (physical body)*

For information on the Moon in Astrology, click here!

>Symbolism of Darkness: Mystery, fear, absence, sorrow, literally unseen or unconscious and unseen, primitive, stillness, quiet, loneliness, isolation, paranoia, madness, nighttime, Moon, empty, void, feminine energy, watchfulness, the unknown, and so much more.

>Symbolism of Mother: Divine consciousness, love, wisdom, sacrifice, water, blood, maturity, great responsibility, pregnancy, compassion, childbirth, pain, beauty, fertility, protection, ancestors, magic, affection, witchcraft, mystery, tenderness, creation, emotional, revenge, giving, comforting, Moon, and of course, having the ability to nurture.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


By now, you can probably understand the connections between these archetypes and symbols in astrology and otherwise, listed above. Each of them plays a part in various past and present circumstances throughout our lives. Tonight, if you end up out in the darkness, don’t forget to howl at the Moon. Afterward, thank your mother for giving you life and watch as water falls from her eyes.

Feel the freedom of releasing what you no longer need and balance the dark, divine feminine inside of you to your highest self!


Isn’t it beautiful?

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