My Secret Alien Photo Album

For the last year or so, I have heavily tracked the sky by looking up every time I walk out to my car and take photos every time something “strange” catches my eye.

Becoming excitingly active by the sudden surge of drones and satellites, it can be confusing to actually know what you’re looking at; when everything is seemingly flashy and bright, like never before!

These days, I have become known by my children to literally pull over and off of the road saying, “did you guys just see that?!”

Me walking outside on a clear night

My eight year old daughter now replies things like, “oh my god! Not again!” And rolls her eyes at me as if I’m the crazy cat lady – or worse; which only fuels my desire to embarrass her more and create my own fun and entertainment with it 🤫

My son actually enjoys searching for proof of aliens with me. Him and I are both diagnosed with ADD and are not only highly perceptive, but we can appear dramatic because we’re excitable and flamboyant, resulting in an increasingly impatient little sister.

👽 Without further ado, here is my vault of oddities in the sky: 👽 (don’t tell my daughter I made this post. She’ll be humiliated) 🙅🏻‍♀️

In the photo above, you can see something within the atmosphere that neither looks like a plane nor a drone, but it does appear to be reflecting light.

Let’s take a closer look.

This is only cropped and has not had anything added to it. Also, keep in mind that this is within the atmosphere and all of the clouds are behind it.

Now, let’s put a filter on it and see if anything else shows up.


This is how that looks to me. You could call it a “whalien” 😹

Next, I caught a red pair of lights moving across the tree line and underneath a large, setting sun.

Here’s a group of photos I took when I saw a very similar shiny and reflective dot moving surprisingly quickly across the sky, (only after sitting in one place for moments before I pulled out my camera).

It’s toward the right hand side, just left of stop sign and below the power line.
It didn’t flash any lights. It remained solid.
The photos were taken from the exact same place that I was standing in. I never moved.
It went from sitting in one place to darting across the sky. These were quick, simultaneous photos.

While sitting at a window at home early in the morning, something in my peripheral vision caught my attention.

It looks like it has a hole in the middle?
I added a filter to see if there’d be any changes
Zoomed in
With a filter added

Spotted this helicopter moving
Only to realize there was two and one wasn’t leaving a chem trail.
Then the one tiny “cloud” …
Turned into many tiny clouds!

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