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Numerology: Number Meanings

Basic Number Meanings:

1-9 & Master’s 11 & 22:

Welcome back to the Labyrinth!

I see you’ve found your way to your vibration. You’re one step close to making it to the center, where you are allowed true freedom.

1 – ONE:

One is entrepreneurial and business minded. No number comes before one; therefore, they have no choice but to grab the reigns of even the wildest horse and lead. They could just never walk away from the action or a battle. They’re trailblazing pioneers who will fight with you or for you. Either way, they’re fighting and taking some sort of control.

Original, courageous, and independent, the one’s are strong-willed innovators. Their confident personality is influential; so they should always be cautious of coming off as too demanding, controlling, or aggressive when in authority. If you can lead by example, however, nearly anyone will follow you with ease and fully trust in your obvious abilities that show strength of character and bravery.

2 – TWO:

Cooperation is your forte and diplomacy is your cup of tea. Generous, accommodating, friendly, and fair– you’re everyone’s favorite face! You’re shy and easily hurt, but only because your strong intuition makes you sensitive to others energies. You probably even deal with social anxiety. Honestly, you don’t enjoy attention. Eyes on you make you quite nervous.

Although mostly a peacemaker, the two is all about duality, so you also swing through major extremes in personality. One minute you’re here in the coffee shop with a cardigan on and next you’re there, in the bar, wearing a leather jacket. Even still, you prefer being a wallflower and truthfully your patient nature means you’re fine with being the subtle power behind the throne.

3 – Three:

Expressive, optimistic, and energetic–three is the socialite, who is also an artist. If the party gets slow, leave it to you to find something to make music on to bring it back to life. You don’t want the group activity to end because you’re having too much fun, but this can means you’re sometimes irresponsible.

You’re likable, charming, and you just adore getting to know others, but butterfly, you really do hate to commit, huh? You’re a creative soul who HAS to be on the move and that’s okay. Just make sure you spend your time actually creating the beauty in your mind and not wasting time with shallow pursuits. We’re all dying to see what you’ll come up with next! Hard work always pays off!


Numbers: 4-6

4 – Four:

Methodical and technical, we get so nervous when you come over to visit! You have an eye like a hawk and no one understands how you stay so impossibly organized! You work hard and you’re disciplined, grounded, and so intelligent too! Where do you get that endurance? Your stubbornness? And how are you always just so logical and calm? You’re an amazing problemsolver and you lay foundations in almost every situation in which you’re involved.

You get impatient and a little snippy sometimes, but you’re anxious when things don’t seem to be going smoothly. You remain reasonable, however, and it’s rare to see you become anything other than a picture of regal grace. Drop your shoulders though, four, and let’s go have some fun! Relax a little and then please help us put our lives in order? Not everyone can see the potential for organization within the chaos like you do!

5 – FIVE:

Being adventurous and having a love for traveling, you’re a part of every group and you bring the diversity wherever you go. You seek freedom and this makes you progressive and adaptable; no matter what happens. You have an incredible ability to go with the flow! Even the biggest hurdles in life don’t keep you down for too long.

You’re creative, like your friend three, and you have so many skills; but you lack discipline and tend to neglect what could help you find success. You don’t want a boring, suitable, or mundane career. You want to play drums and play x-box and hop on a plain to Thailand for the rest of the year. You’re a sucker for indulging your senses in sensual pleasures and excitement, but what about when you grow old? Do you ever actually grow old?

6 – SIX:

You’re a loving caretaker to everyone! You’re a father/mother to the world. You’re the one they coined the “I’d take my shirt off my back for someone in need,” phrase for because you are that loyal and protective. Somehow, you feel responsible for everyone, but you seem to neglect your own needs.

You’re level of empathy is sky high and it’s incredible to behold; but because you trust rather easily, you’re often putting your heavy heart above your awareness of people. Unfortunately, this leaves you broken-hearted time and again. You desire a partner, who’s much like yourself. Meaning, you want someone you can trust and share in your generosity. You do have patience, however, and will never settle.

Build foundations and make family bonds because this is where you’ll be most happy.

Numbers: 7-9:

Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. Lot of people don’t get that.”


7 – SEVEN:

Wow, you’re perceptive. You have a true gift for analyzing others and you see nearly everything. You’re like a spy on the search for truth and you’re parched for knowledge. Science, math, and technology come naturally to you and no one knows how rich the the inner world you create inside of you actually is because you keep it all to yourself.

Balanced by logic and spirit, you’re rather mystical and you feel no need to share it with anyone else. You’re easygoing and understanding of your fellow humans, but you may also hear voices from beyond this realm or sense the residual energy that was once alive and well. You may be into some type of divination or occult practice, but metaphysical correlation between worlds is all you’ve ever known; without being consciously aware of it. It’s hard for you to fully believe in just one thing.

You find truths and lies in everything.

8 – EIGHT:

Eight, you’re a powerhouse! Unstoppable, and highly driven, there’s seriously nothing you can’t do. No dream is too high for you to reach and your competitive nature won’t allow it either. Although you’re a bit less aggressive than your pal one, he/she may be your authority at some point. They’re the bronze, however, and you’re the brains, but you’ll both compete anyway–and neither of you are lacking in either department.

No one gets things done like you do, (except four)! You’re simply designed to achieve and succeed. You’re enterprising in every way and so focused on your goals that your ambitions can’t possibly be shaken! Be careful that your success doesn’t make you materialistic though. If you keep a simple, spiritual nature about you, you will definitely prosper and thrive.


Your cause for compassionate living is motivated by the desire to act for the greater good. You’re wise beyond your years and you’ve definitely seen your fair share of life’s struggles. Your knowledge has led you to so much depth, which makes you a natural therapist to those in need of advice and an ear. You’re a mysterious rebel who we’re dying to get to know.

No matter who it may be or what the problem is, you probably still won’t trust them, but you’ll certainly play devil’s advocate and not judge them. Even if you’re a bit idealistic, you’re a selfless activist for the underdog, but it’s because you’ve seen the dark side of the world. Finding your identity feels never-ending. You struggle to express yourself completely genuinely; even to yourself. The truth is, you’re our beautiful, dark angel–waiting to save us from the shadows.


The Master Numbers:

11 and 22

*If you’re a master number, keep in mind that you have double digits, meaning: you are quite literally double the vibration of most others. It is very important for these two to learn to stay calm and grounded as not to interrupt their surroundings and cause energetic upset*

And no… I’m not kidding.

K. Bye.

Eleven -11:

The enlightened, strange eleven has immense, pure power. It’s all due to being naturally intune with the universe, without even meaning to. Fortunately, they are not interested in using it for selfish reasons. They’re given this power with all the trust in the galaxies and they’re only here to illuminate our connection to source.

A beacon, a psychic medium, and definitely a guide for the soul–they have a strange aura and a strong presence; even when they’re saying nothing at all. They grow up feeling “different” than everyone else somehow and so very old, down in their soul.

Nervous tension and high anxiety, they have enough empathy for the world. Eleven is a natural healer and MUST do yoga or reiki and meditation to keep their energy calm, or chaos can erupt without them meaning to. As bridges for what exists higher, they’re open channels for messages from what we cannot see and they’re just itching to tell you!

Twenty-Two – 22:

You should really be careful about everything that you say. Be careful with even your thoughts– because you manifest everything into existence. You are the master builder and magician of manifestation; and you don’t need a wand to do your magic.

For you, there is no coincidences because as you walk the earth, you create what exists around you. “Ask and ye shall receive,” was written by a twenty-two, I’m sure. No one gets the laws of attraction quite like you do. Be careful of your fears because you can conjure up even your nightmares. Learning to let go is your best bet. You have an amazing imagination and you’re a ball of so much energy that is so carefully contained right inside of you.

How beautiful a balancing act it is watching the welcoming, nonjudgmental master hold the material world in one hand and the spiritual realm in the other; as you feed your animals and offer your guest a warm plate. If only you would take some risks every now in then, you could actually change the entire world with your thoughts alone– if you just acknowledge how special you really are.

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Until you read with me again,

From within the Labyrinth,

-Lakin <3

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