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Asteroid Ceres, Through the Signs and Houses

Named after the mythological Roman goddess of agriculture, fertility, wheat, and motherly love, Ceres is associated with compassion and motherhood, (much like the moon), and the cycles of life and death (sort of like Pluto). Sometimes referred to as ‘The Earth Mother,’ Ceres is often linked to the concept of sustenance, both on a physical and emotional level. Because Ceres is closely related to farming to feed the family, the symbol for this asteroid, (which looks like this: ⚳), is thought to resemble a tool used for harvesting crops. … ContinueAsteroid Ceres, Through the Signs and Houses

Lilith in Astrology Through the Signs and Houses

Lilith has gained significant attention in the field of astrology, captivating enthusiasts and practitioners alike. Often referred to as the “Dark Moon,” she represents a primal, untamed energy that resides within each individual. Not a physical celestial body like the Sun or Moon, Lilith is rather a hypothetical point in space. She symbolizes our deepest desires, hidden fears, and unexpressed aspects of ourselves. Lilith’s influence can be intense and transformative, urging us to confront our inner demons and embrace our most authentic and selves. For some, however, this could mean facing parts of ourselves that are rather grim, callous, or simply malevolent. … ContinueLilith in Astrology Through the Signs and Houses

The Potential of the North Node and the Karma of the South Node

Understanding the North Node and the South Node, aka lunar nodes, in astrology has long been used as a tool for gaining insight into our habits and motivations. These two points in our birth chart hold significant meaning and can provide valuable information about our karmic journey and life purpose. To fully understand the influence of the North Node and the South Node, we must consider their placement in both the astrological houses and the zodiac signs. … ContinueThe Potential of the North Node and the Karma of the South Node

Asteroid Chiron, Through the Signs and Houses

Because of his wounds, suffering, and trauma, in astrology Chiron points to the wounded healer in us all. It shines a light on the trauma we carry with us throughout our lives. For many, these sources of deep pain are mainly from our childhoods and oftentimes due to our parents. This asteroid shows us where we struggle to heal and much of the time this is due to us not acknowledging this pain as existing or running from it and unconsciously giving it more power. … ContinueAsteroid Chiron, Through the Signs and Houses

Symbolism of Venus, Mars, and Gender Roles

Although many of us have established an understanding that gender and sex are not the same thing, this has not always been the case in society. The planet Mars is often taken as a symbol of masculine features, but not necessarily only for men, while the planet Venus is often interpreted as a symbol for more feminine characteristics and not limited to only women. It is believed, however, that in ancient Greece and Rome, where the names were given to the two planets based on mythological stories, these names were carried over to other practices over time through their symbolic use. … ContinueSymbolism of Venus, Mars, and Gender Roles

What is a Rising Sign in Astrology?

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, in is an incredibly important point of your astrological chart. If you’ve ever heard of ‘the big three’ in reference to astrology, it points to the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. Most people consider these the top three most significant pieces of a chart because they can tell us (broadly) who someone is internally, who they’ll likely grow to be, and their outward expression. You may be surprised to find out that the outward expression is not the sun sign, but is, in fact, the rising sign! … ContinueWhat is a Rising Sign in Astrology?

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