Palmistry: The Fingers

Despite the name, you probably already know that there is more to palmistry than just the palms themselves. There is quite a bit of importance placed upon the fingers of the hands as well! Let’s dive into what we can discover about our hands by learning about the fingers.

When focusing on the fingers in palmistry, there are a few things you may want to look at to gain more insight into the palms. The first mentionable fact is that each finger represents the symbolic qualities of a planet, which we’ll discuss further below. Another tidbit of info is that the fingers form relationships with each other by their distance apart from one finger to the next or in which direction they may lean. Lastly, it’s helpful to look at the finger’s lengths, finger tip shapes, knuckles sizes, and overall appearance.

Fingers and Planets

As previously mentioned, each of the five fingers represent a different planet within our solar system. What this means is that each of these fingers carry the characteristics of that planet.

*Click on the name of the planet for more information on each one if you’re unsure of what one or more of them symbolize as far as characteristics or personality traits.

Relationships Between the Fingers

If you take a look down at your palms, let your focus move to the space between each one of your fingers. You may notice that there is more distance between one or two of your fingers than the others. Everyone has a lot of space between their thumb (Mars) and their pointer finger (Jupiter), but some people have a greater amount of space, which is indicative of someone who is open-minded and accepting. There may be more space between Jupiter and Saturn than there is between Apollo and Mercury, or perhaps it is the other way around. It could be that Apollo and Saturn lean in toward one another much more closely than the other fingers lean into one another.

This image shows us a palm with more space between Mercury and Apollo than the space that is between Apollo and Saturn, as well as the space between Saturn and Jupiter.

Regardless of your unique palm’s finger layout, what this can tell you is about the relationship each of these fingers have to the others. If Jupiter and Saturn is very distant, for example, this could be an indication that Jupiter prefers to create it’s own luck and expands without the influence of Saturn’s restrictions or the responsibilities it attempts to impose on Jupiter. If Mercury leans away from all the other fingers, it also prefers independence, but this independence is in the form of thinking, which means the person likely has original thoughts, but without the influence of Apollo (the sun), it can create a sort of melancholy, obsessive tendencies, or negative thought patterns.

Finger Shapes

When it comes to fingers, there are a variety of shapes and sizes. Long fingers are generally indicative of someone social. Skinny fingers may belong to a person who is sensitive. Thick fingers could be on a person who is stern and serious. Short fingers may show us someone who is stubborn and fixed in their ways.

Oftentimes, there is one finger on the hand that is noticeably elongated and this could indicate that the qualities of the planet of that finger are more obvious within the personality. A shorter or more delicate looking finger than the rest of the fingers could mean that the qualities of the planet of that finger are weaker in the personality.

Depending on the differences in the structures of the fingers, this could tell us a bit about the owner’s personality. For example, someone with knobby or knotty knuckles is often the artistic and/or introverted type, who may prefer working alone, and can be quite critical. If the knuckles are smooth, the personality is less complex and more straight-forward. If the fingers are curved or bent toward one direction, pay attention to which finger they lean toward because this can tell you that it may depend on the finger it bends toward for strength and validation.

Someone with long, smooth fingers and pointed finger tips usually belongs to someone with a dreamy nature, who may be seen as aloof and distracted, but is also quite intuitive and emotionally intelligent. If the finger tips are rounded, this is likely a person who loves to socialize and may have a talent for bringing others together. Square finger tips are generally found on conservative and reserved personality types. Spatulate finger tips can show us a person who can be quite hot-headed, competitive, or assertive.

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