Palmistry: The Three, Major Palm Lines

If you’re a beginner to palmistry, at first, you may feel overwhelmed by studying your palms to decipher which line is which. Maybe for a few of you, they look nothing like the ones you’ve seen online! Today, however, you’ll finally be able to identify the most important lines found within your palms!

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The Three Major Lines:

Although some people would say that there are FOUR major lines, I disagree with this and am not going to include the fate line (which would be the fourth major line) in this post today.

When I began palmistry, I became extraordinarily frazzled by my fate line. It seems to me that many people have more difficulty in finding this line than others and it isn’t uncommon to see a palm without one at all. Therefore, we are only focusing on the three most clear lines on your hands!

These lines are:

The heart Line – indicates whether one is deeply capable of showing love and affection or rigidity in affairs of the heart, heart health, relationships, and heartbreaks.

The head line – indicates one’s reason, logic, mental processes, ability to communicate, how busy one’s mind is or isn’t, and rational thought.

The Life Line – indicates one’s life force, vitality, will to live, overall health, illnesses of the body, levels of energy, and the quality of one’s life within the the physical body.

Identifying the Lines:

To give you some examples of these lines, I’ve taken some photos of my own palms and marked each one with their names. Next to it, you’ll find another photo with my palm–showing you the same hand, but without the marker lines. This way, you can compare to your own palms.

Above, you can see the palm of my LEFT hand.

The top line, is the heart line.

You can see that it starts from the edge of my palm, opposite the side with the thumb. Generally, most individual’s heart lines will start in a very similar place and move toward the middle finger or pointer finger, or sometimes split off toward both fingers– like mine does. There is a wide space between that line and the bottom of my fingers. This is not the case for everyone. Some are much closer to the fingers and some are even lower and closer to the head line.

The second line, (the one in the middle), is the head line.

Generally, this one begins on the edge of the palm, somewhere between the thumb and the forefinger and moves either across the palm toward the other edge or curves down into another area of the palm. This line can be short or long, straight or curved, deep or shallow. It is quite common for many other lines (big or small) to run across this line.

The bottom line is the life line.

For most people, this line begins at the edge of the palm, right above the thumb and right below the head line. For some people, (like me), the life line’s beginning is intertwined into the head line, making it difficult to see where it really begins.

This line can stop anywhere on your palm and the length has nothing to do with your length of life, so no worries if yours is short! As a general rule of thumb, however, try looking around the thumb’s mound, where it likes to curve down toward the wrist.

Another thing to mention about the life line is that I frequently see a kind of “shadow line” right below the life line, which holds a similar meaning, but it isn’t the same as the life line. It’s likely shorter and more shallow that the true life line, however. Don’t confuse this line with your life line! Some people have two or even more of these lines.

Remember that today you’re focusing on the major palm lines. So, if it isn’t dense or you have to squint to really see it, it probably isn’t a major line.

This time, let’s take a look at my right palm.

First, I’ll place the image of my right palm without the markings and you can test yourself. At the bottom of this post, you can find the photo of my right palm with the markings, where you can check your new knowledge! 😀

As you’ll see below, my palms are very different from one another. By seeing different palms, you will begin to notice the patterns within the similarities and differences in the head, heart, and life lines; which will allow you to identify your own. This palm is a bit trickier, however, because it contains more dense lines like the major three we just practiced.

Here’s a hint: they will be in the same places. Just look carefully.

My right palm

How do you think you did?

Let’s see!

I’m sure you did great!

Okay. So, you found all of your lines, but what do they mean?

Find out on the next blog!

Stay tuned!

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