The Planets: Mercury

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  • Ruler of: Gemini and Virgo
  • Element: Air
  • House Association: 3rd and 6th
  • Symbol: The Trickster or the Messenger of the Gods
  • Tarot Card Association: The Magician
  • DomicileLeo
  • ExhalationVirgo
  • DetrimentSagittarius and Pisces
  • FallPisces

Mercury is a very quick moving planet; only taking 88 days to orbit the sun! Known for quickness, another name given to the planet is the ‘messenger if the gods’.

This planet is known for expression, communication, logic, speaking, language, thinking, ideas, interests one may have, opportunities that occur, and information one gathers. Mercury also includes gossip, slander, hatespeech, cursing, spreading rumors and lies, and most of all… manipulation.

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Being cunning and sly, along with the ability to move away from danger quite quickly, Mercury can also be a trickster. Gemini in Mercury, for example would show someone who communicates logically, intellectually, and prefers listening to their mind over their emotions.

An actual planet of Mercury.

Doesn’t Mercury look as if he is just filled with curiosities, with his charming colors?

Responsible for both natural and learned intelligence, Mercury can also tell us about our perception of reality. While some people are quite intuitive, someone who had Mercury as their chart ruler would be more rational, aware, clear-headed, and present.

He tells us if we’re talented at speaking with accents or explain to us why we’re so horrible in French class. Anxiety and nervousness can be found within aspects to Mercury.

It can show us our development in phrases we use and our habitual ways of speaking and how well we do at speaking, our sense of humor, our taste in subjects in school (whether it’s English or math), and odd quirks and nervous tics.

Mercury is all about consciousness. He isn’t the type to stare longingly at the sunset with his head in the clouds. In fact, he’d rather fix your computer’s harddrive. However, he can help us gain insight inside of our imagination and minds.

He enjoys challenges, puzzles, and solving riddles, but he is also a charmer, always knowing precisely what to say. Always ready to play chess or compete with another mind, Mercury is the planet you’d take to a crime scene.

Mercury Through the Signs:

  • Aries– will never spare the truth
  • Taurus– Always focused on improving themselves
  • Gemini– Highly Perceptive when communicating
  • Cancer– Communication is emotion-based or often led by emotions
  • Leo– Is Terrified to lose anyone they love/abandonment issues
  • Virgo– considered the best at communication out of all the signs. Extremely influential speaker
  • Libra– Easygoing, but often too passive
  • Scorpio– Intense need to talk through everything at core level
  • Sagittarius- Communication is about the adventure of thinking, learning, teaching, and talking
  • Capricorn- Prefers to communicate through actions rather than actual words
  • Aquarius- Appears eccentric and unorganized in both mind and in environment
  • Pisces- Mostly speaks through and with their internal dialogue

Signs Through the Houses:

  • 1st- can and will overcome any and all limits through logic and reason
  • 2nd- Is overflowing with incredible ideas that couldmake one very wealthy
  • 3rd- Expresses intellectual curiosity with smooth eloquence
  • 4th- has or will have a tremendous home library that reflects all of one’s interests
  • 5th- Finds self and others through artistic expression
  • 6th- Mind plays critical and/or important role in one’s health
  • 7th- intense need to communicate with others, especially partners
  • 8th- Intrigued by metaphysical topics (probably the one reading this blog post) 😀 thank you!
  • 9th- Natural ability to understand and communicate philosophical and higher ideals and wisdom
  • 10th- Diverse interest in careers or many job changes
  • 11th- Large and lively group of friends one keeps close contact with
  • 12th- Enjoys investigating things based off of one’s own intuitive messages

Watch out for that common, pesky mercury retrograde!

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