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Numerology’s Roots: The Secret Language of Divine Beings

What is Numerology?

The simple answer: it’s vibrations and energy that can be seen through numbers, which apparently communicate!

The more complex answer:It’s physics. More specifically, numerology is metaphysics. Remember that show, Numbers? They believed anything and everything could be solved with math; even murders. Where would a writer or a television producer get such an idea? Pi, or (3.142), is a constant, right? Well, guess what else is a constant… SPACE!

So… is pi and the ever-expanding universe kind of the same thing, but in different forms? Does space carry a very specific vibration of 3.142? It’s definitely worth considering!

Some people say you can connect anything if you look hard enough. My response to that is…. exactly!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote:

“To every Action, there’s an opposite and equal Reaction,”

But what you may not realize is that that is only half of Newton’s third law. The rest says:

“Or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal and directed to contrary parts.”

-Sir Isaac Newton

My response to that: we can ALSO find even the most subtle differences in things if we look hard enough. Both seem essential and whether or not I know of them, they exist regardless.

These questions made people like Aristotle and Pythagoras scratch their heads. They worked hard to prove their, (what only started as), philosophies! Now, hundreds of years later, we are using the Pythagorean theorem within our geometry studies in our schools.

And guess what… that’s NUMEROLOGY! 🤯🤭🙃

Yup… the same guy they talk about in your geometry class is the one who helped develop this nutty-coocoo system I enjoy so much! 🤪

Numerology dates WAYYYY back; even before the time of Jesus Christ!


Throughout the last century…

…the idea of energetic/vibrational patterns corresponding to numbers has taken us further than ever before. (Do you know what’s smaller that an atom?) When someone calls you to talk on the phone, they use what to contact you?


*If you don’t know how phone calls work exactly, you can go here*

Let’s look at synchronization to understand this insanity (pun intended) 🤓:

-There are 7 colors in the rainbow

– 7 notes in a scale

-7 days in a week

-7 world wonders

-7 deadly sins

-Most obvious of all, Voldemort’s 7 horcruxes!

Seven is often know in Numerology as the connection between a human being and something beyond us, where we’re inevitably linked and, therefore, we must subtly communicate. Seven is the conduit.

To me, seven is the number that reminds one to notice the beauty we’re actually surrounded by at almost any given moment!

Oftentimes, I think of a quote from one of my favorite movies; Eat, Pray, Love, where Julia Robert’s character says:

Later she goes to India, practices meditation, and takes a vow of silence, which helps her begin to really understand herself. Her new self-love helps her open up to life’s simple pleasures, which allows her to express selfless compassion and empathy (on a health level). By the end, she drops all of the unnecessary weight she had at the beginning and it all began with simply needing to marvel at something.

That’s a total 7 situation, friend!

Beautiful, huh?

So, what does it mean if you’re a seven? Wait, what number are you and how do you find out? Could you be a master number? How does this influence your life?


There are three different types of numerology:

kabbalic based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which all translated to a number, to communicate their vibrations; which was later translated into Greek and then Roman. This was also used to translate the Major Arcana deck, (the main 22 cards), within tarot.

*During the 13th century, numbers were believed to be a secret language spoken only by God(s) and numerology, they considered, was the key to learning it!

Chaldean originating in Mesopotamia, (also the birthplace of Western Astrology, which is what we use today), this type of Numerology is related to astrology itself and incorporates the kabbalah into it. Chaldean numerology uses numbers 1-8 and separates 9, because it’s considered the number of completion or death and rebirth.

PythagoreanThis is what most Western Numerologists (including me) use today. Pythagoras was a Greek Mathematician and Metaphysician of the 6th century B.C. Using the letters of the Greek alphabet, he built the Pythagorean Therom and taught that letters correlated to numbers and numbers to vibrations.

He translated a person’s full name through his creation, along with their birthday, and studied the relationship between them and how the two numbers influenced the person’s life. Like we still do today, he used the numbers 1-9, and the master numbers 11 and 22.

In the 1800’s, we discovered something called magnetism! We also evolved in lights and electricity and saw how the movement of energy correlated to numbers! These new and useful products peogressed so rapidly! Now we’re soaring through the air in giant birds!

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You’re getting closer to the center!

Until the next blog,

From within the labyrinth,


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