Numerology Core Numbers Personalized Chart

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As individuals, there is one date we cannot choose and that is the day we are born. Likewise, the name we’re given at birth is no choice of our own. From these building blocks we’re given to become individuals, however, is up to us alone.

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These two things tell us the five core numbers within our numerology charts.

The path we take in the grand scheme of things, how we leave our mark, what we want deep down, what we feel we must do, and the mundane daily tasks that seem to hinder our journey:

The LifePath Number, the Expression Number, the Heart’s Desire Number, the Soul Urge Number, and the Birthday Number are all included in this personalized chart.

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As individuals, there is one date we cannot choose and that is the day we are born. Likewise, the name we’re given at birth is no choice of our own. These two things tell us the five core numbers within our numerology charts.


Want to know the number that has been following you, within the background, throughout your life– simply because of the day you were born?

Why has this date set a path for you to build upon? Because it is the very vibration in which you took your first breath of air. This is the most important number in your personalized numerology chart. By combining your birth day, month, and year,

1.) The LifePath Number.


Want to know how the world sees you? Are you curious about how the way you express yourself seems to appear to those outside of you, as an individual?

Your full name at birth is a series of numbers within a sequence coded by letters in their place. The end result of adding the pieces of the sequence together tells one how they represent themselves to the world.

2.) The Expression Number


What is your day to day life like and why does it always seem to go this way?

When comparing yourself to others and their lives, you feel so unorganized or maybe you’re extremely tidy and bordering obsessive. Perhaps you’re always late or almost always the first to arrive. The day you were born, within the 28-31 days within a month, influences you on a more subtle level than the lifepath number.

But when you were late every single time, did people eventually expect it from you and how has this little consistent nugget of your truth helped transform you? If it hasn’t yet, this is your opportunity to understand where potential may reside for you to accept growth whenever you decide it’s time.

3.) The Birthday Number


Want to know why you want to do one thing, but feel the need and pressure deep down to do another?

Heart=Desire. Soul=Urgency. One is the consonants of your birth name and the other is vowels. These make up two seperate parts of a whole. Your feet go one way, but your mind has gone another. The double-edged sword that you just must uncover.

4.) The Heart’s Desire Number   and

5.) The Soul Urge Number


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