The Elements: Fire

Although Fire destroys, it also lays the foundation creation by burning down. This is a process of death and rebirth. Fire is slow to begin, but once it is confident in itself, it sparks and and burns whatever touches it. If, however, it becomes too sure of itself, or too egotistical, it runs out of things to burn and turns to ashes instead.

Numerology: Number Meanings

Basic Number Meanings: 1-9 & Master’s 11 & 22: Welcome back to the Labyrinth! I see you’ve found your way to your vibration. You’re one step close to making it to the center, where you are allowed freedom, different and even better than what you initially believed freedom to be. […]

Numerology: The Ancient, Secret Language of Divine Beings and You Can Speak It!

Numerology’s Roots: The Secret Language of Divine Beings What is Numerology? The simple answer: it’s vibrations and energy that can be seen through numbers, which apparently communicate! The more complex answer:It’s physics. More specifically, numerology is metaphysics. Remember that show, Numbers? They believed anything and everything could be solved with […]

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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TrueNode 21° Gemini 19' 17"

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