The Houses: The 8th House of Death, Sex, & Mystery

Other than the twelfth house, the eighth house can be quite dark. This is the house where we find the sex- more specifically, BDSM, Sub/Dom, Fetishes, Low-key sexual “taboo” fantasies, sexual slavery and possession, etc. Although this is not the case for everyone (because all people are vastly different), but this happens to be where you’ll likely find it if it’s there!

Tarot: The Five Decks

There is the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Within the Major and the Minor, there are the 5 decks; as previously mentioned. The Major Arcana are simply referred to as just that and the Minor Arcana is comprised of the other 4 decks.

Numerology: The Ancient, Secret Language of Divine Beings and You Can Speak It!

Numerology’s Roots: The Secret Language of Divine Beings What is Numerology? The simple answer: it’s vibrations and energy that can be seen through numbers, which apparently communicate! The more complex answer:It’s physics. More specifically, numerology is metaphysics. Remember that show, Numbers? They believed anything and everything could be solved with […]

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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