The Astrology Houses: The 6th House of Service & Health

Sagittarius/Jupiter: You’re super fun to work with, but you may lack taking responsibility at work and often get into trouble with your superiors. However, there’s also an equal chance that you overwork, if you enjoy your job, and often drink after your shift. In which case, you may begin having weight problems or issues with your liver or kidneys. You’re rather philosophical and often give advice at work. With a love for travelling and adventure, your work may involve exploration, like writing a travel blog. It’s also possible that you’re some type of teacher or professor.

A Blog: What is the Significance of a Labyrinth?

Sometimes, the roads are bumpy in the labyrinth on the way to the center. Like waves in an ocean, we are simply floating. The waves go up and crash over our heads when we least expect it- from time to time. Occasionally, however, it is calm, silent, and peaceful. Allowing ourselves to let go of any impulse to control certain situations in our life and instead just float among life’s waves and accept any and all changes, we can reach the center of our labyrinth much easier.

The Chakras: What are They?

Responsible for speaking our truth, communicating clearly and effectively, and expressing ourselves as individuals, is the job of Vishuddha. The fith chakra is blue and is also related to sound and music- or the understanding of movement and vibration. Someone who has a blocked Throat chakra will often find difficulty is explaining to others their true thoughts and feelings, even if they know they’re being unfair to themselves. A healthy throat chakra feels like a sense of personal power within themselves- from speaking their personal truths.

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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