The Astrology Houses: The 3rd House of Communication

Communication, intelligence, siblings, language(s), speaking, intellect, speech problems, public speaking, social anxiety, simple friendships, neighbors, logic, rational mind, education, short trips, problem-solving, manipulation, speech recognition, skills or lack thereof of picking up and/or mocking accents, lying, recognition of manipulation and lies, etc.

The Signs: Pisces

A Pisces person is known as a mystic or a seer and usually admits to feeling like they have some type of psychic abilities. With a dreamy quality, this mystical fish almost seems to swim between two or more worlds. They’re highly intuitive and easily sees right through any disingenuous behavior or lies, but they may not call you out on it because then they’d feel guilty. Introverted and artistic, it’s not uncommon for a Pisces person to isolate themselves frequently and they’re quite prone to battling depression. They trust people easily and are heartbroken each time they’re betrayed.

The Elements: Fire

Although Fire destroys, it also lays the foundation creation by burning down. This is a process of death and rebirth. Fire is slow to begin, but once it is confident in itself, it sparks and and burns whatever touches it. If, however, it becomes too sure of itself, or too egotistical, it runs out of things to burn and turns to ashes instead.

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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