The Signs: Aquarius

It’s even possible you could be poly-(gamous)/(amorous), living within a commune, or a participant of whatever allows you to freely roam. Though the world is your playground, others may get hurt on your quest for peace, if you appear uncaring and not seeing the fault in your actions.

The Signs: Virgo

Virgo is… A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hyper-aware of every little detail, in every person, everywhere. Highly critical, systematic, and practical to the point of possible OCD. A possible hypochondriac. […]

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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Moon 27° Capricorn 27' 03"
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Venus 24° Virgo 15' 35"
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Uranus 09° Taurus 01' 33" R
Neptune 18° Pisces 31' 35" R
Pluto 22° Capricorn 34' 26"
Chiron 06° Aries 08' 18" R
TrueNode 21° Gemini 20' 12"

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