Mercury Through the Signs

Like the our sun, moon, and rising signs, we also have a Mercury sign! As mentioned above, our mercury sign gives us insight into our intellect and communications. Depending on the sign our Mercury is in, as well as the house, and aspects to the planet, we may or may not be great speakers or communicators.

The Planets: The Moon Through the Signs

While the rising sign represents our outer, most obvious selves, the moon sign represents our inner selves. It can show us how we are emotionally, our relationship with our mother, our intuitive senses, our psychic abilities, our unconscious mind, feelings, inner desires, personal needs, our animal instincts, feminine energy, our receptiveness, our ability to reflect, hysteria, depression, sadness, maternal figures, etc.

The Astrology Houses: The 3rd House of Communication

Communication, intelligence, siblings, language(s), speaking, intellect, speech problems, public speaking, social anxiety, simple friendships, neighbors, logic, rational mind, education, short trips, problem-solving, manipulation, speech recognition, skills or lack thereof of picking up and/or mocking accents, lying, recognition of manipulation and lies, etc.

A maze has multiple dead ends. A labyrinth, however, takes you toward the center, where you will rediscover yourself!

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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 04° Scorpio 01' 43"
Moon 13° Pisces 35' 24"
Mercury 01° Scorpio 15' 22" R
Venus 28° Virgo 42' 21"
Mars 17° Aries 22' 27" R
Jupiter 20° Capricorn 22' 13"
Saturn 25° Capricorn 58' 22"
Uranus 08° Taurus 52' 32" R
Neptune 18° Pisces 27' 36" R
Pluto 22° Capricorn 36' 40"
Chiron 05° Aries 59' 37" R
TrueNode 21° Gemini 08' 52" R

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