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The Planets: Sun through the Signs

What does your sun sign mean depending on which one of the twelve zodiac placements it’s in?

Find Out Below!

Just so you’re aware, you are more than your sun sign! If someone asks you what your sign is, however, it is likely you reply with the your SUN sign. The Sun in Astrology is your reason for living, which is why we answer with it.

The sun gives us life. It gives everything life!

Like your solar plexus, (your third chakra). Like everything revolves around the Sun, every other part of your chart, such as your rising sign or moon sign, revolves around the sun sign of your chart. Everything else is there to push you along and up toward the sun or your reason for being you. Your solar plexus, being in the middle of your body, is covered by the top, bottom, left, and right parts of your physical body.

Everything revolves around it, making you one, whole person!

You may think this is a strange metaphor, but think of the quadrants of your body as different planets and at the base of your lungs, imagine yourself holding the sun.

Without it the Sun, nothing would exist. Thankfully, it does exist and because of that, there are plenty of other planets to explore in our solar system and in astrology! If you want to know why you react aggressively, you would refer to Mars. Emotions? Find your moon sign! Bad luck? Find your Saturn.


If your sun sign is in Aries, you may be very competitive and hate losing. Although you hate to dance around what you mean to say and prefer direct communication, you are also highly caring. Headstrong, you won’t be pushed around by anyone and your natural stance is focused and warrior-like. Pretty, flowery language just won’t do, but you can become abrasive if you’re being ignored. With such high energy and stamina, you can easily tackle large projects that prove difficult for some others, but you should be cautious that your zest of life doesn’t cause you to leap before you look as this is often a blindspot for Aries.

Abrasive in speech and a can-do attitude means that you fearlessly put yourself out there time after time. You can easily be a hero. However, you can be a villain too; if you’re not aware of your pride. You may appear a bit self-centered at times when confidence is high and you get annoyed when you’re told no, but you’re probably innocent and it comes from a good place. You get confused when someone takes offense to your honesty.

You are the ram and you’re not afraid to take huge leaps into the unknown. Even if it means you’ll lose, you’re just daring someone to test you, but it’s unlikely that you actually will lose. You can be reckless and impulsive, but others look up to your bravery and strength. You thrive on life-force energy! You’re creative, of course, but you need to expel this creative energy physically too.


Taurus sun sign loves to enjoy his/her relaxation time, but that doesn’t mean they’re spoiled. In fact, bulls knows best that those sweet moments of unwinding or being treated at the spa only come after hard work! Taurus knows that if the hard work ends, so do the spa days! They also realize that by taking care of their physical bodies, inside and out, the ability to work as hard as they do continues to be possible. If they do experience a type of setback in their health, finances, etc., they are incredibly resilient. And anything with horns will always respect themselves enough to stand on their own two feet and fight any adversity that crosses their path.

According to some Astrologers, Taurus is the most sensual sign! While Libra is also ruled by Venus, Libra is an air sign and is a symbol of balance and harmony. This means that Libra is more focused on relationships and creating unions. Taurus, however, is an earth sign. Earth is a symbol of the material world, making natal Taurus a delightfully and unforgettably sensual human beings. Oh, and Taureans just love to indulge their senses. It is not uncommon for this person to become a hedonist OR someone who knows exactly where your dark chocolate comes from and which red wine to pair with it too!

With Patience, Taurus is extremely giving, supportive, loyal, and romantic toward their partners. They may opt into a nicer hotel than you feel necessary and seeming materialistic, but they are simply aware of their likes and dislikes and are actually quite tenacious, trustworthy, organized and driven to succeed in whatever they do. They may give you the horns i the early morning, but they will climb mountains for you, fill your belly, and hold you every single night unless you pull the rug out from under them. The quiet confidence of Taurus sometimes seems vain when they run into a problem they’re determined to solve, but it’s only because of the alarms sounding off in their heads. Give them your patience and eye contact and Taurus will treat you like a king or queen.


Gemini is born under the constellation of the twins, which often means they’re indecisive and inconsistent, but if you want an honest and unbiased opinion, Gemini will be the friend you’d need to go to because they will always play the devil’s advocate. They are very friendly and lots of fun! Many people think of a gemini as extroverted, but that’s only half true. The twins also need plenty of time to themselves, making them ambiverts (both extro- and introverted). Keeping these guys confined too long with no one to talk to or keep them in a crowd longer than necessary will make them anxious.

Representing communication, Gemini can debate nearly any difficult topic most others shy away from. They are curious and adaptable folks, but also nervous and easily-stressed. However, they’re extremely capable and will adapt to any situation with new understanding. Learning very quickly, Gemini loves sharing ideas and they express themselves quite easily through communication. For some reason, these guys seem to pressure themselves into rushing toward things because they always have this panicked feeling that time is running out. Hit them with an intellectual challenge of some kind, and they’ll settle right in and accept it with confidence.

A Gemini person may feel as though their role here on earth in this life is to mend the differences and intellectual challenges in both large ways and small ones in their circles. Their mastery of words and refusal to choose one side can be a healing experience, making them natural mediators. In relationships, a gemini person will find that communicating verbally is just as important to them as any physical contact. Although they are extremely loyal to their partners, they do find themselves flirting, even if they aren’t attracted to the person. It’s harmless and usually, they don’t even notice they do it.


With the Sign of Cancer being ruled by the moon, but having it as a sun sign means that these people can shift between moods very rapidly. One moment, they are being pulled by la lune (the moon) and the next, they are as sunny as the rising sun. They have larger than life personalities that fascinate most people. They are tons of fun to be around when their mood is at a high. However, they can come across as quite rude when the mood is negative, but no worries! It won’t last long.

Because cancer rules the 4th house of family and tradition, Cancer is very family-oriented. You will often find them taking family vacations, taking care of their grandparents in their older ages, or eating dinner with their parents and siblings every Wednesday night and they will expect their partner to go with them too. They make very caring and gentle parents, but can be a bit overly-protective and restrictive of their children, but it’s only to protect them. To their spouses, they are loyal and dedicated, but can sometimes be a bit clingy. Simply put, it is in their nature to crave the protection of their partners.

Lastly, Cancer sun is very trusting and will give you plenty of chances. It may take a while to fully forgive, but they will still love you. They trust anyone until that trust is broken and they will always give you the benefit of the doubt. As they learn with age, they will explore more freedom that allows them to feel more calm. It is important that they express their deep emotions creatively because it will ease and balance their nature.


Motivated, passionate, and confident, these kitties are self-expressive, never holding their rough tongues, and can sometimes appear a bit snobbish if left unchecked. If you’re a leo sun, don’t sit there and roll your eyes at me! I know it’s all from your big, warm heart and you don’t mean to sound rude. Everyone stills adores you and we love how much fun you are. It’s always your house that we go for a party.

Sometimes, a leo can get a reputation as a hedonist and they’re forcefully creative and mystic brings who seem to radiate sunlight. It wouldn’t be strange at all to catch a leo bathing in the sun’s rays either! Perhaps it is their natural instinct to follow their passion and get to know the creator/source/maker.

There is something oddly noble about a leo. One moment, you wonder how he/she can be so self-righteous and the next, they will make a grand gesture of love or kindness to whomever is in need. Graceful and fiery, they are great at encouraging others. Although they thrive on attention and are often a bit dramatic, (these feelings are real), they are also organized and have a real need to experience life with a side of existential angst.

They hate being told what to do and are often right, actually. However, this healthy sense of self and manic attitude comes from a hidden place of deep insecurities. Filled with purpose and direction, they really do need spotlight to be happy and whole. When it’s time to shine, leo, you’ll instinctively know. There’s not one single person who doesn’t love a warm, funny, sunny Leo.


Highly intelligent, your friends who have their sun sign in Virgo are the greatest at giving advice! Graceful, simple, and full of logic, they make friends easily, but are most difficult to get to open up. Virgo sun has inherent trust issues, but it’s mostly in their head. They overthink, overanalyze, contemplate the tiniest things and cause delays in everything because they’re simply afraid they’re making the wrong choice. Typically, they end up overwhelming themselves more than they’re a bother to anyone else. However, their ability to never fully commit can be frightening to those they want to keep close. These subtle, secretive, mysterious beings enjoy being quirky wallflowers.

They can appear a bit rude with their selective nature and their picky eating habits. They can be critical of even what you choose, but they’re mostly just too critical of themselves. If you need a hand, however, Virgo 🌞 is the first one to lend one and they’ll find joy in doing so. Modest, meticulous, extremely clean, and very creative- this is the person you want to have working next to you. They will let you know if you’re not working hard enough though, but Earth elements are grounded, so they’ll quickly let it go.

A natural analyst and quick-witted too, they never sit for too long. They flash and dash every room they walk into, cleaning up or touching things as they go. They’ll get creative with food or start creating music and before you know it the environment has totally changed around you. Minimalism is what they cling to, but what they do keep around, they’re very attached to. (Don’t go throwing their keepsakes away!)


Simply put, Libra sun is the ultimate charmer! Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are smooth talkers with a voice like honey. Awfully clever and a born diplomat, our little libras can charm the socks off of any poor fool. However, they’re motivated by their need for fairness and will absolutely take the action to bring the justice they believe one or others are worthy of. One thing is for certain and that is that they strongly believe in equality. They spend their entire lives fighting to keep the peace in every situation they find themselves in and with each and every person too. Yes, they’re extremely passive–not just laid-back.

Libras are very pleasant to be around and interactions with them are nearly always peaceful. Arguments and strife cause them severe anxiety and strong inner turmoil. Preferring to stay mostly objective ective when talking with others, they will often say very little if the feelings surrounding them aren’t harmonious. The problem here, unfortunately, is that they keep things in for so long that they eventually and unexpectedly explode. Libra is sharply perceptive and incredibly intelligent and yet, they will pretend they actually know nothing. It’s the greatest daily fear that they will cause upset with someone and that that upset will be at/on them. Libra won’t admit it, but they want others to like them and they’ll easily compromise to keep it that way.

Bubbly, fun, smart, and good-lucking–everyone loves a libra! All we ask is that you say what you mean and mean what you say. Decision-making isn’t your strength, but don’t let it overwhelm you to the point of turning your life upside-down. So, you’re indecisive about who and what you want, but you’ll learn more and more about yourself as you age. Just breathe, Libra. You deal with your affairs gracefully and would strike success in aesthetics. You’re a creator of beauty and having a clear and comfortable space is just what the doctor ordered for a clear head too!


Private and mysterious, Scorpio sun likes to keep their lives and their personalities underneath their skin and out the public eye. Because they appear so well-contained and quiet, others tell them everything! As Scorpio is deep in thought, their peers will open up and spill entire lives worth of feelings out. Scorpio will listen, but their expressions still won’t reveal what they actually think and they may never tell you either. That isn’t to say they don’t have feelings, however! Quite the opposite is true. In fact, from my observations, I’d say on the rare occasion a Scorpio finally does open up, they’re as deep as the ocean and as complex as a 3-D puzzle.

Driven by passion, Scorpio may surprise their friends when those emotions finally fill them up completely and they end up spilling over too. Because of this, their actions are based on intense feelings and they may impulsively react before they think. When their piercing intuition is paired with their logical mind, they succeed in whatever they do, but only if they resist sudden, reckless actions of the heart. They’re intense individuals who possess terrifyingly, beautiful power and they seem to have no idea; Not easily intimidated by anyone, no matter the status, don’t be surprised if Scorpio gives you whiplash with their brutally honest opinions. Don’t worry! They’ll only give it to you if you ask them and they did pay close attention prior to responding.

They can certainly hold a grudge, but if you’re patient with them, they’ll move on and forgive you. Their hearts are full and their heads often battle what gnaws deep down; wrestling needs vs. desires. They can appear malevolent to some, but with darkness there is light. One cannot exist without the other. With their strong distastes also brings great loyalty and a genuine love, but you’ll get no in between! If help is needed and there’s nowhere to go, Scorpio has your back and they really do mean it when they say they don’t mind. They’re not here to validate you and they’ll not hesitate to remind you of it. Wise, old souls, Scorpio is put here to be help other’s make it through their endings–heartbreak, loss, trauma–and reach out a guiding hand as others move through transformations.


You are ever so wise and philosophical in speech, but your fiery nature makes you a bit loud or rather clumsy in movement. You are seriously just so much fun to be around, you know! With quite the passion residing inside your big heart, you have a tendency to lose your head when/if you finally snap. You’re lack of patience means you’re always tapping your foot and saying, “come on!” Let’s not even mention your road rage, shall we not? 😉

You have a serious love for travelling and you’ll try anything at least once! With your athletic and naturally lean body, you put those strong legs to good use! With such high energy and optimism, it’s hard for others to keep up with you, which can sometimes make you seem a bit idealistic or perhaps even naive if it’s something extreme. With their minds always racing, they soak in tons of knowledge! They’re in love with learning new things and they’ll do so with childlike wonder everyday of their lives.

One thing we can’t call a Sagittarius is a liar. They are blunt, witty, honest, direct, and straight to the point; and without thinking about what they’re saying before they speak it too. Without a filter, Sagittarius can sometimes get caught up in some awkward moments with others and sometimes they even mean to make it awkward on purpose just for the fun of it! Sag here for the experiences of life! They want to use all of their senses to create memories with the world and along with the ones they love. They don’t need anyone, however. They’ll easily hop on a plane all by themselves if they really want to go someplace. Sagittarius isn’t known for passing up an opportunity that may interest them. Nope! They fly straight ahead to hit their target in every situation.


If you’re a Capricorn, (like me), you probably know that the sea-goat is known for being pessimistic, serious-minded, and hard-working, but that sounds like no fun at all! Capricorn sun people, as you can see from the list below, (BETTY WHITE and Jim Carrey), are actually funny, clever people! Before you can say, “excuse me,” as you sneeze, sitting on your couch at home, they’ll have quickly replied, “Why? Are you lost?” Or “There’s no excuse for you.” Or “You’re excused… this time. Next time, it’ll be off with your head!” Yes: A capricorn’s first language is biting sarcasm. And Yes, that’s where the “corn” in Capricorn comes from– because we’re so corny.

Although they will indeed climb mountains to meet their goals, they’re not as serious as people seem to think. They love being lazy and doing nothing at all when the timing is right! With fins, they’ll also swim oceans for those they love. Half grounded goat and half water creature, Capricorn is both grounded as well as emotionally deep, andeven a bit dark and intense at times. The difference between Capricorn and the water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, is that they express their emotions less. This can make them appear cruel and numb at times. More inwardly focused, this is where the pessimistic and cold ideas come from about us Capricornus folks.

More accurately, in my opinion, is that they naturally deal in dualism and know no gray area to life; They’re unconsciously all or nothing, meaning they feel all the emotions inside of them and hold it close to their hearts, with extreme focus, loyalty, and dedication. However, if this is stripped away or they feel slighted, where they were otherwise kind from the beginning, they’ll “ghost” you or cut you off without much of a word. Sometimes, it seems to be the only way they can move on from what actually hurts them very deeply. It’s not necessarily ill-inteded if they walk away. Sea goats just aren’t designed to talk about their emotional upsets. They’re willing, but confused on how to go about it the right way, often causing both parties frustration and anxiety- or at least that’s how we feel.


The Airelement, waterbearer Aquarius is nearly as stubborn as they come! As a fixed quality, our 11th sign of the zodiac doesn’t change their mind’s easily! Once they make a decision or decide on something, it’s not likely they’ll change it without some heavy influencing. Independent, innovative, and curious, it’s not surprising that so many familiar faces have their sun sign in Aquarius!

One of the most notable qualities of Aquarius is their constant search for freedom. Aquarius cannot and will not be held down or back–by anyone! It’s not that they need to be away from anyone… they are simply following the movement of their feet. With such big dreams and a thirst to own the ground in which they walk on, it’s best to allow Aquarius the space to gaze at the stars each night so that they can imagine all that is possible for their lives; especially as children.

Aquarius rules the planet Uranus and when Uranus has a big presence in one’s chart, that person will often be naturally good with technology, intrigued by electricity or storms, and very intellectually stimulated and hyperactive. Often fiddling with mechanics or tinkering with parts, it’s rather difficult to slow their hungry minds. Out of the twelve signs, Aquarius is the most quirky and eccentric in character. They remind me of Harry Potter’s Lovely friend, Luna Lovegood <3


One with their Sun sign in Pisces is generally kind, caring, and very compassionate. Not only are they sympathetic to most causes, but they’re also empathetic; meaning they easily pick up other’s emotions— like a sponge. It’s important that a Pisces person meditate and stay grounded so that they’re not overwhelmed by emotion. Sometimes, it can even be difficult to know whether they are feeling their own emotions or the emotions of the people around them. Highly sensitive individuals, they do not take criticism well and may get their feelings hurt quite easily. An angry Pisces isn’t fun to deal with, but overall, however, they’re harmless; by choice. This is the sign that picks up stray animals and desires saving the world from all of it’s ugliness.

A Pisces person is known as a mystic or a seer and usually admits to feeling like they have some type of psychic abilities. With a dreamy quality, this mystical fish almost seems to swim between two or more worlds. They’re highly intuitive and easily sees right through any disingenuous behavior or lies, but they may not call you out on it because then they’d feel guilty. Introverted and artistic, it’s not uncommon for a Pisces person to isolate themselves frequently and they’re quite prone to battling depression. They trust people easily and are heartbroken each time they’re betrayed.

These dreamwalkers are highly imaginative and can come up with something completely off the wall at any given moment. To deal with the darkness of the world, they often adopt dark humor to cope. They’re silly and enjoy the fun of smaller gatherings and close friendships, but can often become codependent or clingy at times, but they’re highly agreeable and always pleasant company. Don’t be surprised, however, when Pisces calls you up when you’re down. Their instincts are amazing!

From Within the Labyrinth,

With Love,

-Lakin <3

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