Tarot: The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana

Consists of a total of 22 Cards

Each card represents a period of one’s life that ultimately leads to a shift of perspective, change in behavior, or a total transformation of the individual.

Some examples: a struggle, great achievement, conscious understanding, identifying a truth of oneself and their habits or characteristics, which potentially evokes a metamorphosis that each person most likely experiences at some point—(everyone’s personal experience will differ).

Regardless of which card or what is happening, the major arcana cards mean that it is quite significant in the individual’s life.

Major Arcana vs. Minor Arcana

There are a total of 78 tarot cards in a deck, while 22 of those 78 are called the major arcana cards.

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Although each card plays an important role to tarot, the major arcana cards are very impactful to a person and hold a greater significance in one’s life than the cards in the minor arcana. Getting many major arcana cards during a reading is an indicator that the person is likely going through many changes, realizations, awakenings, events, etc., depending on the spread the reader is using.

Side note: Tarot doesn’t necessarily predict the future. You may see many spreads that claim to know your future, but in reality, it is only a possibility based on the choices you make and what you’re manifesting into your life by thought and action during the time of the reading.

It is also believed by man that the major arcana cards refer to one’s karmic life lessons. Therefore, if during a reading a person does draw many of these trump cards, it could perhaps mean that that person is currently undergoing the influence of karma and is understanding something necessary for their own personal growth.

Every individual is unique to their own story. Although each card represents a certain topic or situation, the events the cards are pointing to will vary from person to person.

For example, if one person draws on ‘the fool’ card, it doesn’t have to mean they’re foolish. It could mean that they are being overly-optimistic and not realistic enough, while for another person it could mean they’re being quite careless and should be more careful. Either way, the point is that there is an essence of foolishness and freedom.

The 22 Major Arcana Cards

The first card begins with 0 and the last card ends with 21, making a total of 22 cards.

0.) The Fool – Newness or freedom

1.) The Magician – Manifestation or resourcefulness

2.) The High Priestess – Intuitive divine feminine

3.) The Empress – Leader/Alpha Female

4.) The Emperor – Authority/Alpha Male

5.) The Hierophant – Tradition, Religion, belief systems

6.) The Lovers – Choices, values, relationships, or integration

7.) The Chariot – Willpower and determination

8.) Strength – Courage and influence

9.) The Hermit – Quiet, inner listening

10.) Wheel of Fortune – Life cycles

11.) Justice – law, fairness, or righteousness

12.) The Hanged Man – Surrendering

13.) Death – An end of something or loss

14.) Temperance – Patience and consideration

15.) The Devil – Addiction, Dependencies, or a need to release

16.) The Tower – A fall from glory

17.) The Star – Hope and trust

18.) The Moon – Fears, dreams, and illumination

19.) The Sun – Optimism or better days ahead

20.) Judgement – Absolution or a choice made

21.) The World – Wholeness and Abundance

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