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Tarot: I did a Reading for the World!

This morning, I was shuffling my cards for a friend to pull one for herself. Suddenly, I had the sudden urge to pull some for the world. I mean, why not? It’s completely in a panic right now with the coronavirus killing thousands of people daily, mostly the elderly; mutating so quickly that doctors and scientists can’t stop it. Entire states and even countries are seemingly shutting down to keep it from spreading any further.

I can’t help but wonder, however, if there’s something more to this sudden upheaval than what is mentioned in our oh-so-trustworthy media and from our politicians and government agencies. People can’t even go to work. In some places it’s mandatory for children to be homeschooled. It’s possible that we are even getting paid out a random 1k per person because of the coronavirus? Aren’t we in still in debt by billions? I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, much less been sick at all.

Basically, I have been confused about the entire thing and oddly enough… not very nervous.

Suddenly, I wondered, (and I feel guilty for not wondering before now), what ever happened with Flint? North Korea? Turkey? Syria? Israel? Are people still shooting up schools? Is China still killing newborn baby girls? Are there still concentration camps hidden away? Are bombs being dropped somewhere today?

Last year’s, even yesterday’s, problems don’t exist anymore once there’s a newer, apparently, more complicated problem on the rise. And at some point, every time something like this happens, it’s always in the back of my mind to wonder, what’s being hidden away from the public eye? Is it possible that there’s something else going on?

Shouldn’t I be nervous?

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Tons of questions have been filling my head and I don’t have an answer for any of them. Personally, I believe that earth is vibrating at a higher frequency now than it did this time last year. Consciousness is on the rise. I mean, in February, we experienced 2/20/2020 and 2/22/2020. All year, we are are vibrating at the master number 22, which is the master BUILDER. But 2222 and 22222?! If you understand numerology, you’d know that that’s massive building and extreme shifts.

This morning, as the people here of Tennessee prepare to be quarantined, I decided to open up ‘Notes from the Universe on Love & Connection’ by Mike Dooley, Cards and asked for a card for the world, or humanity. Interestingly, here’s what I got:

“You Glow, We Beam. Thanks.”

“In case anyone should ask, your heart isn’t so large because of your wings; it’s your wings that are so large because of your heart. Sometimes loving so much can be pretty heavy. Thanks for all you’ve shared,

The Universe.

P.S. It’s just another one of those nutty body algorithm things.”

Sounds like changing vibrations/consciousness to me.

If you want to get more in depth, it’s the mass changing from third density to fourth density. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of the fourth density consciousness, which is what we call our fourth chakra (the heart). When Jesus Christ came to earth, he showed humanity selfless love and that is when the shift began. Could it be that his mission is now complete?

If our wings are large because of our hearts, doesn’t it sound like we have flown upward because our hearts have grown? Have we learned love and compassion and empathy on a mass level, enough to transcend humanity?

When I shuffled my tarot cards, four cards fell out at one time. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but FOUR fell out… just saying 😉 and here’s what I got.

Nine of Pentacles – Reversed

Queen of Wands – Reversed

Nine of Swords – Upright

Ace of Wands – Upright

Nine of Pentacles-Reversed

Nine in numerology means the end of something. Pentacles are a symbol of the element earth; along with money, physical, material, financial, and often tangible things.

*Notice: Symbol of the sign Virgo (it looks like an m) and symbol of the planet Venus above the birds beak. It is a circle on top of a cross.

Nine of pentacles specifically means lack of resources, financial dishonesty, shady investments, lack of stability, prostitution, scams, reproductive issues, etc. Nine, being the end, should mean that it has come to the end of bad investments and perhaps even a change of female hormones or within the female reproductive system, or at least how we handle it? This is strange considering America really struggles with infertility.

More so, however, I would say that something is about to be exposed as far as financial deceitfulness.

Queen of Wands-Reversed

Next, there’s the queen of wands in reverse. Queens can either be positive or negative feminine energy, while wands indicate the element of fire. This can either mean creation and inspiration or manipulation and being a bully.

*If wands are a symbol of fire, in which signs and planets would she most likely be of?

Considering we got this card in reverse, it would mean for us manipulation and being a bully. This card usually indicates a person who is extremely chaotic and self-righteous. They get what they want no matter what. Since it’s a queen, is it fair to say this stands for someone/something that is of a higher status or perhaps, a business? This is an exhausted, pushy, catty, spiteful, grump; who enjoys interfering in places they do not necessarily belong.

Nine of Swords- Upright

Another nine! Another sign of an end. This time, however, it’s the swords. Swords are the symbol of the element of air. Air indicates having power or being overpowered, internal struggles, to control or be controlled, conflict of the mind, and balance or imbalance.

*This is a busy card! It has the sign of Gemini (II), and the planets (from left to right) Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

-Mars- Domination. -Uranus- selfishness. -Pluto-Destruction. -Neptune-Idealism/illusions.*

More specifically, nine of swords can indicate crippling anxiety, depression, being overwhelmed with worry and weighed down by negative thoughts, being stuck in negative thought patterns, obsessing over fears and nightmares, repeating cycles that don’t work, not seeing clearly what is happening, or not examining the truth of one’s reality, and in need of a new perspective. Hopefully, considering this card is a nine, this means that our mental and emotional state(s) and our perspectives are about to change.

Ace of Wands:

Lastly, we have the Ace of Wands, which is a ONE and ones are all about new beginnings. Wands, again, are about creation or creativity and inspiration. The element of fire is a symbol of the spirit.

More specifically, this means aligning with spirit and/or higher self. New ideas are flowing and emerging, new paths are opening up, hearts are being encouraged, major adjustments, creative energy, passionate activities, opportunities that promise growth of self and our spirit, and building something that is more sustainable than whatever the previous structure was made of. This card is also a bit of a push to act now and get things developing in a positive direction for the good of the whole!

This card was such a beautiful reminder to me today and there is so much more to be said about it. Though I am short on time today, I thought I’d at least provide you all with a link so that you can look further into the meaning of this card.

Endings can only lead to beginnings. Death and rebirth is inevitable.

Ask Pluto!

From within the Labyrinth,


My favorite reference for tarot card meanings:

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