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The Signs: Taurus

•The Beautiful Bull• The Stubborn Senses •The Comfortable Creator•

-Taurus SUN Sign Birthdays: April 20th – May 20th

-Symbol: The Bull

-Element: Earth

-Quality: Fixed

-Duality: Scorpio

-Associated Tarot Card: The Hierophant

-Associated House: 2nd

The Hierophant is the 5th card in the major arcana deck of the tarot.

-Ruling Planet: Venus

-Exaltation: Moon

-Fall: Uranus

-Detriment: Mars

Taurus Qualities:

The constellation of the bull Taurus is well-known for being stubborn, determined, and focused. You may even think that this is a masculine or dominating sign, but it is very much feminine! What softens Taurus is the simple fact that the constellation is ruled by the planet Venus!

The lovely planet Venus is what gives us our sense of beauty and beautiful things, art appreciation, to want a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere surrounding them at all times. A person who has a chart completely dominated by the beautiful planet would grant the owner some very special skills in architecture, decor, and love!

Taurus wants to settle down with you and begin the roots of their own traditions, but they are also focused on the dreams and goals they believe fulfill their purpose. A person with heavy Venus energy would also be a very easy-going person who keeps up a comfortable living space for themselves, their family, and their close friends.

Taurus SUN:

Taurus sun sign loves to enjoy his/her relaxation time, but that doesn’t mean they’re spoiled. In fact, bulls knows best that those sweet moments of unwinding or being treated at the spa only come after hard work! Taurus knows that if the hard work ends, so do the spa days! They also realize that by taking care of their physical bodies, inside and out, the ability to work as hard as they do continues to be possible. If they do experience a type of setback in their health, finances, etc., they are incredibly resilient. And anything with horns will always respect themselves enough to stand on their own two feet and fight any adversity that crosses their path.

According to some Astrologers, Taurus is the most sensual sign! While Libra is also ruled by Venus, Libra is an air sign and is a symbol of balance and harmony. This means that Libra is more focused on relationships and creating unions. Taurus, however, is an earth sign. Earth is a symbol of the material world, making natal Taurus a delightfully and unforgettably sensual human beings. Oh, and Taureans just love to indulge their senses. It is not uncommon for this person to become a hedonist OR someone who knows exactly where your dark chocolate comes from and which red wine to pair with it too!

If the environment isn’t mellow, Taurus will use her senses and creative and natural feng shui ability to draw lines of peace and comfort within the space. This gives them a sense of fulfillment to ease their need for security. They will not lose focus until the job is done. Then, they will sip on their bourbon made neat and enjoy the steady flow of energy. Without any intention, they easily perceive what should be moved or created artistically to heighten the vibration of their surroundings. They are so good at this, it could be a way for Taurus to earn extra income! For many Taurus Suns, their career will be in the business of art.

Taurus can’t stand having to readjust their schedules. I mean, they took so long just to get it exactly how they wanted it! Taking personal time and comfort from a Taurus, to them, feels like taking all of their power away. On the other hand, they get so comfortable and content at home that their partner may complain that they are boring, too careful, lazy, and/or selfish. Taurus is quite stubborn and extremely attached to their 100% pure egyptian cotton sheets, but they hate being pushed or rushed into doing things without thinking of the pros and cons first.

With Patience, Taurus is extremely giving, supportive, loyal, and romantic toward their partners. They may opt into a nicer hotel than you feel necessary and seeming materialistic, but they are simply aware of their likes and dislikes and are actually quite tenacious, trustworthy, organized and driven to succeed in whatever they do. They may give you the horns i the early morning, but they will climb mountains for you, fill your belly, and hold you every single night unless you pull the rug out from under them.

The quiet confidence of Taurus sometimes seems vain when they run into a problem they’re determined to solve, but it’s only because of the alarms sounding off in their heads. Give them your patience and eye contact and Taurus will treat you like a king or queen.

Famous Sun Taurus: Adele, Al Pacino, David Beckham, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Robert Pattinson, Chris Brown, Channing Tatum, The Rock, Sam Smith, Megan Fox, George Clooney, Tina Fey, Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth II, Valentino, and Versace.

Taurus Moon:

As always, check your chart to make sure that your natal moon is in Taurus before you continue reading about Taurus within the other planets besides the sun.

This bull-headed moon sign spends the majority of their time creating stability and building immovable foundations. However, as this is the Taurus exaltation, they are also pleasure-seekers. Having a down-to-earth, mellow attitude, they can sometimes prefer avoiding realities or problems and act quite passively. Their responses are often more receptive than responsive, but this can leave others feeling like they don’t know what’s going on inside of them. Although they are a pleasure to be around most of the time, their emotions, insecurities, fears, etc. remain internal. This can later mean an unexpected explosion being released onto someone else as they look too closely into small details to protect themselves.

They sometimes have a habit of fixating on one person or thing and become completely inflexible and immovable once they have set their mind on that thing/person. Their determination leaves them heavily disappointed when their expectations aren’t met. Again, they go inward preferring to take a long pause to think and gather information before making any final decisions, while sitting cozily in front of the TV. As they narrow mind and discern their lives, depression could lead to neglecting duties and responsibilities and/or overindulging their senses to satisfy what feels empty. It is not uncommon for Taurus moon to form dependence in this area and form possible eating disorders along the way.

No matter the circumstances, Taurus moon will do everything with their own deliberate style. This mainly comes from their natural instinct to form resources everywhere they go to call upon in the future. This means that they will charm your socks off and are brilliantly inviting. Once they have found a lover they’d like to commit themselves to, they will shower you in the most lovely affection, prove they are trustworthy all the time, and always make sure to have a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom for their lover. They are so loving that the intensity appears to be an art form, but the negative to this is that Taurus is often extremely possessive over their lovers too. They expect the same loyalty and trust.

Highly capable human beings, Taurus moon will take care of business to fuel their desired success and level of comfort. It is incredibly difficult for them to not be in control of all aspects of their. Once they budge for someone they respect or desire, however, their open chests will reveal hearts made of pure gold.

Famous Moon Taurus: Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Meryl Streep, Sheryl Crow, Cameron Diaz, Quentin Tarantino, Lindsey Lohan,.

Alicia Keys, Sir Elton Hercules, Hugh Grant, Mick Jagger, Robert Downey Jr., Carl Jung, Bob Dylan, etc.

Taurus Rising Sign/Ascendant:

Something about someone with a Taurus rising feels like comforting steadiness and reliability half of the time and the other half of the time he/she appears to be the type of person to take pleasure in their own erratic behavior and chaos. Their unconscious life objective is to achieve personal independence and succeed by their own creations, which pushes them toward a very earthy level of endurance with limitless strength and a secure aura to shield them.

This person is anything but a pushover. Tell them they’re controlling and they will stubbornly refuse to admit any personality flaws at all. Their mission is to also develop good relations with others and learn to level their strong opinions and desires instead of letting them boil over, releasing the nuclear weapon of rage from the inside out. When angry, Taurus rising will suddenly forget anything the other person has ever done for them out of love and instead justify all of their own behavior. And although their patience runs quite thin, so does their unwillingness to forgive others. So, just as quickly, they’ll fold you right back into their arms.

Taurus rising is the one quietly pulling the strings without anyone even noticing. They just want everything to go smoothly and they definitely don’t want to be involved in any scenes. As they are resourceful and always follow their futuristic visions, they have a need to impress anyone they need as a contact. However, they are not above taking huge risks if it means they will be rewarded in the end. If someone puts too much much pressure on them or pushes them to rush through something, they will fight or flight. Having many back to back relationships earlier in life, Taurus often feels like the need a partner at all times–simply to feel secure. If something seems to be going south in the one they’re in, they may subconsciously form feelings for another. However, once they feel someone is committed to them, they are extremely loyal.

Famous Taurus Rising: Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Dakota Fanning, Rita Haysworth, Serena Williams, Sheryl Crow, Liza Minelli, etc.

Taurus Body:

The constellation Taurus is in charge of base of skull, chin area, neck, and throat. Someone that is prone to strep throat may find a defect near Venus or where the sign of Taurus is placed. This person may enjoy getting their neck rubbed. They may carry nervous tension and stress in this area as well, depending on the aspects to Taurus.

Sabian Symbols (Degrees):

For fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, the critical degrees are , , 21° and 22°.

Keep in mind, however, that any sign is in a critical degree if it is at or 29° (first and last degree of each sign).

For example: if your Venus is Aries 13°11′, you’re at a critical degree. Or, if your Jupiter is at Aries (or any sign) 29°42′, you’re also at a critical degree.

I have listed below some “Sabian Symbols,” which are sentences written for the unconscious mind to interpret messages through archetypes to increase one’s awareness of the self.

Below, I have gathered two different sabian symbol quotes from two different sources to give a better understanding.

– “A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.”


“A Clear Mountain Spring.”

– “A talkative woman w/ tape over her mouth.”


“Fully decorated Christmas tree.”

– “A man exhaling clouds of iridescent smoke.”


“A red-cross nurse that links all men.”

21°- “A blindfolded woman who sees the future.”


“A white dove flying over troubled water.”

22°– “A salamander glowing red-orange.”


“A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”

29°– “Snakes at rest on a rock in the sun.”


“A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle.”

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