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The Astrology Houses: The 5th House of Fun & Children

The Astrological Houses

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The Fifth House of Fun and Children:

The Leo House

The Fifth House is sometimes known as the Leo House. This means that Leo normally rules he fifth house. As Leo is ruled by the sun, this means that the fifth house will have similar qualities to that of the sign of Leo and our largest star- the sun.

*The 5th house is succedent, along with the other three fixed signs- Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, (one for each element).

If you’re like me and have many planets in your fifth house, you probably express quite a bit of Leo energy. No matter your sign, if your planets are filled in here, you are still heavily influenced by the sun. This means you are likely quite entertaining, somewhat dramatic with news, highly creative, and child-like, getting along with children easily.

If you do not have any planets in your fifth house, this does not mean that you do not possess any of the qualities mentioned above, nor does it mean you won’t have children. It simply means you need to refer to the sign that rules your house to see what it means for you.

What is the 5th House?

The fifth house is quite a busy house, as it is the house of the sun and Leo. The sun is big and bright and the fifth house, like the sun, wishes to be seen! This is the house of expression and doing all the things we enjoy doing. Romance, children, and fun activities, this house shows us where we unleash our creativity.

Hobbies, interests, games you like to play, what you do in your spare time, how youthful you are or are not. The Fun side to your romantic life, lovers, sexual interests, your actual children, where you engage with children, how creative you are and what you doing creatively, entertainment, and self-expression.

What the 5th House Means for You:

Aries/Mars: You need lots of things to keep you busy in your free time to spend your high amounts of energy. Although you have plenty of hobbies to spend your time, you most likely would rather spend them alone. You like to be in charge. Impatient and short-tempered, you may not be too fond of children.

Taurus/Venus: In your free time, you enjoy relaxing, having a nice meal, taking pride in your home. You demand a lot of attention from your partner and children, but you also give them all that you can and love doing so. You enjoy art/music and are stimulated by participating in it.

Gemini/Mercury: You only enjoy games that use a great amount of mental energy. Puzzles, word games, and quick answering are your thing. You have bright and intellectual children, thanks to you. You’re very picky about dating and do not settle easily, especially if they don’t challenge you.

Cancer/Moon: You’re not into many sports or high energy pursuits. You prefer being comfortable at home and probably don’t go far from home often. Finding delight in domestic life, you’re creative abilities are expressed with family activities and quiet activities. You’re also quite emotional at times.

Leo/Sun: You require quite a bit of self-expression and enjoy using it through your creative abilities. With your emotions, especially within romance, you can be a bit dramatic, but you have lots of love to share. You’re very loving and want your children to inherit your big heart, but you also create lots of fun for them!

Virgo/Mercury: You enjoy being more of a wallflower than an extrovert. Logical and analytical, you often date for a reason other than just for enjoyment and only if you’re both serious, but you maybe be looking for someone who is perfect. Critical of family, you may be a distant parent and partner.

Libra/Venus: A social butterfly, your fun comes with group activity such as parties or online gaming. The only issue is that sometimes you rely on others to have fun. You can often be indecisive in love, but you require your partner to be easy-going. Passive and understanding, you have a good relationship with your children.

Scorpio/Pluto: You want to know the answers to everything. Constantly picking up on cues, you follow any possible clues to the mysteries of life. Putting great passion into everything, you can be obsessive at times. You can be a bit controlling and possessive, but you’re also a fierce protector of people.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: You’re quite hard for everyone to read, but a fun explorer, everyone loves spending times with you. You’re a freedom seeker and not overly attached to much of anything, but it’s hard for you to ever be serious, even when needed. You’re a parent who teaches both respect and adventure.

Capricorn/Saturn: For you, there is no free time because you use what you have to do responsible tasks. Although you’re often stressed, you enjoy getting things done. It’s hard for you allow yourself to just relax. You teach your children the importance of hard work, but can be quite strict with your rules.

Aquarius/Uranus: Your point of views and interests may seem a bit odd, but people like that you’re different. You wouldn’t enjoy anything mundane. Flirty, rebellious, and free-thinking are some of your notable qualities and your partners and children will have a very similar nature.

Pisces/Neptune: To be happy, you need lots of time to attend to your creative expressions and you have many! The downside to this is that it may be hard for you to decide on a path. You enjoy walking the shadowy side of life and often attract partners that need you to be their hero.

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