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The Elements: Earth

The Elements: Earth

Taurus the Tough Teddy-bear


Virgo the Virtuous Validator


Capricorn the Corny Cardinal

Earth Symbolizes:

Life. Growth. Fertility. Survival. Primal Instincts. The physical body. Life. Gaia. Protection. Shelter. Roots/Ancestors. From the bottom-up. Hard work. Commitment. Loyalty. Grounding. Calm. Quiet. Patient. Physical senses. Nourishment. Food. Wilderness. Hunting. Gathering. Attachments. Possessiveness. Standing one’s ground. Stability. Consistency. Schedules. Confidence in capabilities. Strength. Dependability. Responsible. Trustworthy. Vitality. What can be held in your hands.

Earth is the Feminine quality of reproduction, growth, fertility, and the desire to create progeny.

Conservatism. Femininity. Comfort. Awareness of environment. Control. Greed. Hedonism. Craftiness. Physical touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing what’s external. Solid foundations. Long-term planning. The self. The ego. What can be experienced externally. Material goods. Money. Tangible things. Potential. Foresight. Unseen depth. Fear of vulnerability and exposure. And Believing nothing without obvious proof.

Greenery. Putting your feet in the grass. Where life begins to grow up toward the sun. Where life goes when it’s over. What we long to explore- if not for our fears. Grounding one’s energy down to our roots. What shelters us from the sun, the rain, and the wind, soaking it all in for us and then providing food and comfort. What holds the wise, old trees. No telling what they’ve seen. Talking to them is. . .



Earth Sign Qualities:

Someone who has an earth sign as their sun or rising sign, or who’s chart is dominated by the element earth, will likely be quite patient. slow to anger and react, difficult to impress and surprise, steady-moving, highly dependable, somewhat predictable, laid-back, and easy going.

Earth men will usually be a bit short, but quite strong and surprisingly unmovable. Women will often have small, soft features, smooth skin, and natural muscle tone and strength that goes unnoticed without exertion. Men will generally be outwardly masculine, inwardly deep, but may express themselves and communicate in a more feminine way than Air and Fire.

Earthquakes and Sink Holes

Although earth signs have an immense amount of patience, if things aren’t going their way once they actually lose their patience, they may react unexpectedly, on seriously chaotic level. Like an earthquake, these disruptions are brief and rare; ending almost as quickly as they begin. Unforgiving by nature, earth is known to “ghost” the things that stress them out or what they find unnecessary or intolerable.

Earth simply doesn’t have the energy to be enraged with those that are not being genuine. Like a sinkhole, never previously showing signs of upset, Earth may drop suddenly off the map when their defensiveness, pride, or intolerance gets the best of them. They’d rather cave in on themselves alone rather than allowing someone else to get the better of them.

Earth Correspondents:

Within the Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles symbolizes the element of earth. Pentacles stand for the material world, tangible goods, finances, money, possessions, the physical body, and  body’s state of health.

Taurus is ruled by Venus– the Goddess of beauty, love, sensuality, indulgence, and comfort.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury– the Messenger of the gods who is also highly intelligent and sometimes known as a trickster.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn– who in mythology, is Cronus- the god of the seed, agriculture, and peaceful arts.

Earth Astrology Houses

2nd (Taurus) House: House of material items, money, and possessions.

6th (Virgo) House: Health, jobs, and service.

10th (Capricorn) House: Reputations, careers, and social status.


Like the other 3 elements, earth is only one piece of the puzzle of life. If one ever wants to reach a state of nirvana, one must understand the great balancing act of all four elemental puzzle pieces.

Emotions. Thoughts. Body. Spirit.

From Within the Labyrinth,

With Love,

-Lakin <3

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