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The Houses: 12th House of Self-Undoing

The Pisces House

The 12th house is ruled by Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune

Associated Tarot Card: The High Priestess

Quality: Mutable

Phrase: “I Believe

Element: Water

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The 12th house of Self-Undoing, Hospitals, and Prisons.

This house heavily focuses on the faculties of the unconscious mind and the things we don’t want to admit to even ourselves.

Although we prefer to keep our secrets a secret, sometimes the links we go to cover up our shadow selves puts us in a position that often ends in hospitalizations, jails and prisons, rehab centers for drug treatment, mental institutions or asylums, or down a spiraling abyss of our own unfortunate, paranoid self-undoing.

Also known as the house of institutions, one could simply visit a yoga or meditation retreat center, find their struggles solved on a church pew rather than through self-destructive drug-binges, or one who works at an institution that pushes one to get to know those experiencing such difficulties and sees that they are truly only human like everyone else.

Naturally, this house is ruled by the sign of Pisces. Pisces is known for being ultra-sensitive to their own feelings and other’s emotions. They have a powerful ability to understand true depth and penetrate right through other’s psyche to see what’s hidden below the surface.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune makes them quite whimsical and highly imaginative creatures of habit. Oftentimes, they prefer loneliness to those who aren’t as sensitive to them as they are to the world, but this common refuge can turn into escapism, where they potentially self-destruct.

These qualities aren’t only the qualities of someone with their sun sign in Pisces, however. As we know, the 12th house is ruled by Pisces and everyone has a 12th house. The key here is understanding what makes us want to escape, what unravels us from the inside out and scaring us, and which parts of ourselves are we trying to run from?

In the 12th house, we find things that we keep hidden about ourselves. Oftentimes, most of us are unaware that these parts of us even exist. We are usually in denial over their existence and prefer to keep them in the dark where we think that they belong. One of the more troublesome houses, this is generally the person we are expressing when we feel we are being the worst version of ourselves OR when we repress this aspect of ourselves and never allow a light to be shined on what may be suffering internally.

Personally, through my own experiences, “I believe” that in order to discover your highest potential, you must first acknowledge your own darkest shadows.

You must be willing to greet your ugliest demons-nose to nose.

And sometimes, you must hit even the rockiest bottom and break into millions of tiny pieces before you rise up again as a fiery, bright phoenix.

You must recognize that you exist both high and low, while you kiss them both with the same amount of love and acceptance because once you do, you may realize that the very things that haunted you, you have now outgrown.

Your 12th House

If you’re not sure how to find what planets are in your 12th house and which sign rules it, you can get a free chart within the labyrinth if you click here or you can go to my favorite astrology blog at and get free chart there as well.

If you don’t have any planets in your 12th house, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll skate by unnoticed without having some serious issues in life. What an empty 12th house may refer to is you will most likely not have to deal with your internal struggles very publicly. It could also mean that any institutions you go to will be very short-lived experiences and not a major or life-altering event.

If your 12th house is empty, however, it is also worth looking at what sign rules your 12th house so that you have more insight into the things that lie deeply in your subconscious. Discovering hidden aspects of yourself helps you to grow as a human being by becoming more self-aware (this is the entire basis of what personal astrology is about)!


What Each Sign/Planet Means in the 12th House:

Aries/Mars: Incredibly self-reliant, but may tend to egotistical/selfish habits before helping anyone else; may “lose it” and realize how much anger they possess in front of others; projections of frustrations; stays busy to deny negative feelings; feels slighted that personal efforts have not resulted in desired result; likes to be left alone when upset; feels sadness is weakness and prefers anger; will impulsively fight if someone plays on your insecurities; may benefit from focusing high energy and courage toward charitable causes that could use such a fighting spirit.

Taurus/Venus: Gives such extreme amounts of oneself and offers great love, but if your heart is broken and that love is lost, you also feel that you lose yourself and your purpose; may follow bad/toxic love to ends of earth, which is self-sabotage; total transformation through loss and betrayal, but may completely spiral before discovering new self; needs a lot of time alone to reflect on personal truths; calmness and resolution can be found in nature; eventually understands that the beauty seen in others is actually a projection of the self and how worthy you really are.

Gemini/Mercury: Expresses full dialogue between self and imagined other self; actually believes they are crazy and will admit it to anyone with humor; secret arrangements that could end badly; is the greatest story-teller around, but also greatly exaggerates or omits the truth and often disguises lies; dangerously curious about all complexities; somehow creates something tangible that is usually intangible to gift others what’s been understood through hidden struggles and dimensional travel; is a bridge between this world and all others and such madness should be embraced!

Cancer/Moon: Can oftentimes come off as insensitive or rude, but is afraid to fully express the depth of your feelings; fear or abandonment; fear of rejection; fear of mockery; fear of seeming or feeling clingy or needy; will hurt another before another hurts you and sabotages relationship; giving into love can mean becoming a martyr; feels like the black-sheep or the family’s disappointment; could become estranged to family- by choice; heavy regret after pushing others away; should see that not everyone wants to hurt you and some even want to hold you.

Leo/Sun: Confidence easily gained by winning over a crowd or impressing a group with skills you enjoy performing, but feels small and defeated when overlooked; diminishes light quickly, feeling embarrassment after possible rejection; easily retreats and dims personality for the sake of how you feel you must appear; chameleon personality; fear of rejection means putting creative efforts on back burner with justifications; needs structure to maintain talents put out into the world; should understand you don’t need anyone’s validation except your very own.

Virgo/Mercury: Enjoys gossip, especially when it comes to insulting one’s intelligence; loses friendships over not being loyal; talks about others to gain support or to fit in with group; insecurity leads to being somewhat two-faced; can come off as nosy; spices up the story by adding small details that are actually white lies; can get caught up and exposed in lies, slander, petty betrayal, or trying too hard to fit in; is secretly afraid of being a wallflower; actually has a big heart, but is afraid to show it; realize that who you are is enough and whoever doesn’t accept you doesn’t actually accept themselves either.

Scorpio/Pluto: Comes dangerously close to reading other’s minds; borderline telepathic; highly observant of tiny social cues that tell a truth one may not want known; afraid to accept power you innately possess, which leaves you feeling powerless; suspicion and paranoia trouble you frequently; often correct in intuitive feelings; hard to tell if you’re overly confident and wrong, which is rare, or not confident enough and correct, as usual; fascinated by timeless mysteries; cosmic research can help to fill your hunger to know hidden truths; you’ll reach insanity or become a master–it’s all up to you.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: Idealism has made you trust too easily and has quite often left you feeling alone and foolish; optimistic toward others to never give up wander and hope in life, love, and within the world, but sometimes feels secretly bitter and resentful at life for past disappointments and failed expectations; is chasing something that feels like it has no end; runs away at signs of trouble; escapes before shit hits the fan; it’s hard to be yourself when it seems like no one likes philosophy and exploring the unknown; must have faith in self and your unique, personal journey.

Capricorn/Saturn: Tendency to micro-manage everything from fear of lacking control; naturally distrusting without clear reason; needs tangible proof to believe in things; narrow-minded outlook on what can’t be proven physically or scientifically; stressed from inability to fix the world’s problems; considers self a realist and not a pesimist; refuses to air out dirty laundry or discuss personal problems with anyone; extreme difficulty opening up; keeps it together better than most until it becomes too much, resulting in major breakdown; needs to have more fun and flexibility in life to feel a sense of being free.

Aquarius/Uranus: Literally can’t be told what to do by anyone; always looking for the exit; either saddened by inability to fit in or tries too hard to blend, feeling disingenuous; trend-setter, for good and evil (choose wisely); has been known as an extremist, a rebel, or at least rather eclectic; frequent, major life changes; never feeling stable or consistent; an officer, nurse, or fireman probably know your name; doesn’t understand own motives; has dark demons, but is brilliant; can actually grasp the unseen so well that you can find it within science and mesh it into an understanding for others to behold.

Pisces/Neptune: Seems consistently moody, but can actually pick up on sadness or anger within other’s deep subconscious; highly sensitive to environmental vibes; seemingly easily overwhelmed by responsibility; has been told to stop being a baby; had imaginary friends as a kid; gives too much of self to others and then watched others leave with a piece of you; always seeks to show compassion, comfort, and consideration to all, but not for yourself; must understand how valuable you are and without you, the world would lose its lighthouse home.

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