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The Houses: The 10th House of Careers and Reputation

The Capricorn House

Ruled by Saturn

The Goat with a Mermaid Tail. Pan. The One who Climbs. The DIY. The Dictator. The Grounded Intuition.

Tarot Card: The Devil

Quality: Cardinal

Element: Earth

“I Use”

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The Capricorn (10th) House:

Sometimes, the tenth house is known as “The House of Social Status”.

Because this house is ruled by our hard-working, oftentimes, over-achieving Capricorn, the tenth house is where we most likely put in a lot of time and effort.

Just because you work hard, however, doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get recognized for it if at all! BUT… this house can leave us feeling rather exposed at times as well!

This house is also where you will find your MC or Medium Coeli, which translates to “middle of the sky”.

The MC is a definite set of coordinates or a point in space that helps to measure the dividing line that creates the left and right sides of the chart wheel.

To note, the MC is NOT an actual, physical place in space, (only a mathematical configuration).

The MC can be found at the top or at the highest point of the chart. Therefore, you can look at it as how, what, or who you’re seen as when you’re at your highest point, (hopefully), or when you really begin to gain create a reputation or lack there of.

Your MC could, however, be the reputation you acquire for more unfortunate reasons that someone made public. Even more unfortunate… none of it would necessarily have to be true. Regardless, it is the image the public knows you as at some point.

Why? Because the top half of the wheel is the extroverted part. Even if you’re not an extrovert, this is the small part of you that the world may believe about you for greatness, failure, or even a total lie.

Finding your Sign and Planet(s) in Your Personal Tenth House:

To Find your 10th house ruling sign, go to your chart wheel and find the tenth house labled 10. In this example, this person’s 10th house is ruled by Capricorn, but not everyone’s will be. Mine is in Aries and does not contain any planets.

Once you find the sign of your tenth house, go to see if you have any planets inside of it. This person, for example, has the sun in their 10th house at 10 degrees and 35 seconds.

Below, There are different definitions for Taurus, Libra, and Venus; as well as Virgo, Gemini, and Mercury, because they share a planet, but they are quite different.

If Mercury or Venus fall in your tenth house, your definition is toward the bottom of the page.

(If you’re getting confused by all the talk about signs, planets, houses, rulers of signs, ruling planets, house rulers, etc., click here to clear the confusion)

Your 10th House Ruler/Planets in your 10th House:

Aries/Mars: aggressive or competitive need for being the best at any and all jobs performed; eye is always on the prize; doesn’t tire easily from stress; works well under high amounts of pressure; warrior-like and brave reputation; military, law enforcement, or athletic and intense work; dislikes slow, uneventful jobs; leader; self-starter.

Taurus: doesn’t enjoy being rushed in work; unlikely to do work that makes them uncomfortable; jobs dealing directly with money, food, or foundations; dependable in workplace; real estate; committed to chosen field/long-term vision for success; practical choices in jobs; stagnant situations creates negative mindset, resulting in more complacency.

Gemini: often works two jobs at once; interests are equally important to job; research, information, or details are necessary in career, while being forced to learn something feels draining; work related to communications or marketing; distracted and social at work, but is a good asset; variety in fields of interest or work that constantly changes.

Cancer/Moon: intuitive, emotional, or therapeutic line of work; working with women; work often driving you insane OR working with lunatics; jobs make you cranky; prefers working alone; being sensitive to bosses critiques; the mother of the workplace; working with a mother figure; works in family business; nurse or caretaker.

Leo/Sun: work in fashion, design, or beauty industry; acting; getting paid to be on a stage; being responsible for felines at work; landscaping, forestry, or other outdoor jobs; career in spotlight or somewhere warm; isn’t overly concerned over job; self-image is important; self-promotion/self-reliance.

Virgo: work that requires attention to detail; jobs that need someone highly organized; continuously developing craft/deeply understanding chosen field to no limit; creating order in workplace, but feeling like you don’t often get the recognition you deserve; polite to public, but can seem finicky to co-workers; talks about work often.

Libra: dating in the workplace; being flirty or having a lover at work; desire to create harmony in jobs; uncomfortable within conflicts within coworkers; desires working somewhere aesthetically pleasing; fair and easy-going at work; may miss opportunities to avoid feeling tension at workplace; an intense environment often means a change in job status.

Scorpio/Pluto: sex industry; secretive or investigative work; quiet in group activities; obsessive or controlling power dynamic in jobs; career linked to death, loss, or a type of mystery; confusion surrounding work environment; psychic or occult work; work that requires passion and determination; an unconscious need to make parents proud.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: philosophical, wise, or religious work; work that requires travel; teacher, professor, or writer; work in education; jobs that require clear opinions and ideals; working with the masses; a career goal that has a clear vision, which is secretly rooted in changing the world with beliefs or what is “right”; gets in trouble at work for talking or arguing.

Capricorn/Saturn: unmatched discipline; never pauses for long; serious-minded individual in priorities and responsibilities; separates job from personal life easily; workaholic; career makes up greatest part of thoughts and life; is the boss eventually; self-made; should be careful of burnouts; traditional types of work; straight, narrow, and strict within the workplace.

Aquarius/Uranus: having a team to work with; doing uncommon, odd, or inventive work; working with electricity, electronics, physics, or engineering; not being the most dependable or timely, but having tons of knowledge; being in a band; happiest working alongside those with like-minds; friendly and inclusive work style; getting into trouble for not being serious enough in job.

Pisces/Neptune: working in relation to water; becoming emotionally tied to work or frequently having emotional triggers while working; trouble with keeping a job for sake of artistic pursuits coming first; working with animals; unreliable work habits; sensitive to co-workers feelings or criticism; continuously feeling uncertain of which career you want.

Mercury: job that requires you to communicate, move quickly, or network for success; work is enjoyable when meeting clever and intelligent types of individuals; strongly dislikes feeling small or incapable; has never bombed an interview; can be seen as either charming or manipulative at work, but is still well-liked by most regardless.

Venus: always needs a love interest at work; may meet spouse in job; interior design; known as being diplomatic and easygoing; can pull coworkers together in a group activity or meeting with ease; sure to be polished and well-dressed to go to workplace; may acquire a low key reputation for brown nosing management.

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