The 10th House of Careers and Reputation in Astrology

The tenth house is ruled by our hard-working, oftentimes, over-achieving Capricorn. Therefore, it is where we most likely put in a lot of time, effort, and dedication to achieve our goals. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Earth signs are practical and grounded. The difference between Capricorn and other Earth signs, however, is that Capricorn can often have a tendency to climb social ladders toward the road to success.

Although Saturn doesn’t directly influence the tenth house, this planet does rule the sign of Caricorn. That being said, Saturn can impose restrictions and load people with responsibility, which Capricorn handles well. Saturn has the personality of a father and is quite a rational character with an authoritative attitude. In fact, he doesn’t play well with those who come off as disrespectful. That is if he plays at all.

The majority of people won’t have Capricorn ruling their personal tenth house, which means that they’ll deal with responsibility differently. Meanwhile, depending on which planets are in each individual’s tenth house will indicate their public reputation, their career choices, and their level of determination regarding desired achievements. Malefic planets in this house could, unfortunately, point to struggle in career fields or being a victim of slander.

Having multiple planets in the tenth house may be indicative of a person who is highly focused on making their dreams come true in regard to work. Therefore, this is someone publicly known within their field. The downside to this is that they may have a tendency to be a workaholic.

Those with no planets in their tenth house shouldn’t be concerned that they will never have a career. When this is the case, it is always good to look at the house that rules the personal house. Likewise, it is generally useful to check to see if there are any aspects made to the tenth house as well.

At the starting line of this house is also where you will find your MC or Medium Coeli, which translates to “middle of the sky”. To note, the MC is NOT an actual, physical place in space. Instead, it is only a mathematical configuration. More specifically, it is a definite set of coordinates or a point in space that helps to measure the dividing line that creates the left and right sides of the chart wheel.

The MC can be found at the top or at the highest point of the chart; while the top half of the wheel is the external or outward aspects of life. Even if you’re not an extrovert, this is where you may find out how the world may perceive you. This depends on your overall reputation, public associations, rumors, or otherwise. Regardless, it is the image the public assumes about you during different times in your life. This is why the tenth house is sometimes referred to as “The House of Social Status“.

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Sun: work in the fashion industry, design, or beauty industry; acting or other drama art forms; getting paid to be on a stage; being responsible for felines at work; landscaping, forestry, or other outdoor jobs; career in the spotlight or somewhere warm; isn’t overly concerned over the job; self-image is important; self-promotion/self-reliance.

Moon: intuitive, emotional, or therapeutic line of work; working with women; work often driving you insane OR working with lunatics; jobs make you cranky; prefers working alone; being sensitive to bosses’ critiques; the mother of the workplace; working with a mother figure; works in family business; nurse or caretaker.

Mercury: a job that requires you to communicate, move quickly, or network for success; work is enjoyable when meeting clever and intelligent types of individuals; strongly dislikes feeling small or incapable; has never bombed an interview; can be seen as either charming or manipulative at work, but is still well-liked by most regardless.

Venus: always needs a love interest at work; may meet spouse in their job; interior design; known as being diplomatic and easygoing; can pull coworkers together in a group activity or meeting with ease; sure to be polished and well-dressed to go to the workplace; may acquire a low key reputation for brown-nosing management.

Mars: Aggressive or competitive need for being the best at any and all jobs performed; their eye is always on the prize; doesn’t tire easily from stress; works well under high amounts of pressure; warrior-like and brave reputation; military, law enforcement, or athletic and intense work; dislikes slow, uneventful jobs; leader; self-starter.

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Jupiter: philosophical, wise, or religious work; work that requires travel; teacher, professor, or writer; work in education; jobs that require clear opinions and ideals; working with the masses; a career goal that has a clear vision, which is secretly rooted in changing the world with beliefs or what is “right”; gets in trouble at work for talking or arguing.

Saturn: unmatched discipline; never pauses for long; serious-minded individual in priorities and responsibilities; separates job from personal life easily; workaholic; career makes up the greatest part of thoughts and life; is the boss eventually; self-made; should be careful of burnouts; traditional types of work; straight, narrow, and strict within the workplace.

Uranus: having a team to work with; doing uncommon, odd, or inventive work; working with electricity, electronics, physics, or engineering; not being the most dependable or timely, but having tons of knowledge; being in a band; happiest working alongside those with like-minds; friendly and inclusive work style; getting into trouble for not being serious enough at their job.

Neptune: working in relation to water; becoming emotionally tied to work or frequently having emotional triggers while working; trouble with keeping a job for the sake of artistic pursuits coming first; working with animals; unreliable work habits; sensitive to co-workers feelings or criticism; continuously feeling uncertain of which career you want.

Pluto: sex industry; secretive or investigative work; quiet in group activities; obsessive or controlling power dynamic in jobs; career linked to death, loss, or a type of mystery; confusion surrounding work environment; psychic or occult work; work that requires passion and determination; an unconscious need to make parents proud.

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