Jupiter in Astrology and Through the Signs

Associated Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ Symbol: Centaur/Archer

Associated Astrological House: The 9th House

Associated Numerology Number: 3

Associated Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

Jupiter in Science:

Jupiter is the fifth planet from our sun and is more than double the size of every planet in our solar system combined! Astoundingly, this planet is so massive that it has 79 moons! Like Saturn, Jupiter is a planet made of gases. Unlike Saturn, however, Jupiter is known as the “gas giant” because of it’s enormity.

Another special feature on cold Jupiter is that it contains something called the “great red spot,” which is a massive storm, double the size of earth, that has been happening for hundreds of years; with no end in sight!

Moving quite differently than the speed of earth, it’s days/rotations only last about ten hours. Oddly enough, although it is more than 11 times the size of earth, it takes about 12 years to complete it’s orbit around the sun. This means it is moving both faster and slower than earth!

Can you imagine a year that is actually 12 years and days that are only 10 hours?

Jupiter couldn’t sustain any type of life that we know of because it is made up of hydrogen, helium, and ammonium. It’s moons, however, could potentially sustain life because some of them contain water systems! Unfortunately, Jupiter’s moons, known as “Jovian moons,” are actually quite small.

Jupiter in Astrology:

Doesn’t it make sense that in astrology, Jupiter is BIG too? What I mean is, this is the planet of growth, expansion, and abundance.

Jupiter is about more than things that grow and expand, however. This planet is also about…

luck, wisdom, being highly knowledgeable, higher learning, higher forces of guidance (think angels), spirituality, philosophy and philosophical insights, being cheerful and optimistic, idealism, being honorable, charitable, zeal, good humor, liberty, warmth, friendliness, honest, direct, makes many plans and goals, passionate, travelling to far away places, religions of the world, understanding other cultures in a very personal way, respecting traditions and beliefs of other groups of people, having the ability to understand different types of people and their lives, etc.

When things are great, expect them to be equally terrible. Jupiter does have some negative qualities as well; such as:

having no tact, being overly-direct, lacking a filter, being overweight, obesity, being too idealistic, prideful, inconsideration, rudeness, being too loud, bossiness, overbearing, know-it-all, argumentative, doesn’t admit defeat, defensiveness, doesn’t complete plans and goals or have much follow-through, overly-optimistic, pushy, demanding, lacking grace, selfishness, thoughtless spontaneity, micromanaging, etc.

Is Jupiter Your Planet?

If Jupiter is one of your ruling planets, you are either a Sagittarius, have Jupiter in your first astrological house, or Sagittarius rules your first house or is your rising sign (ASC).

If you don’t know this information, you can find out by going to www.astro-charts.com (this is a free service) and putting in your birthday, birth place, and birth time. If you do not know your birth time, it is best to ask some older family members or look on your birth certificate. Otherwise, your astrological houses and rising sign can’t properly be configured.

If it turns out Jupiter or Sagittarius occupy your first house, you are ruled by Jupiter! Because your rising sign shows us how the world sees us and oftentimes influences our physical appearance, you may take on many Jupiter/Sagittarius qualities in the way you represent yourself to the world around you.

You’re likely tall, have thick thighs and hips or other curves, or are proudly thick and plus-size. You are not, however, likely to be all three unless Sagittarius rules your first house and Jupiter also occupies it.

Perhaps you express yourself in a very direct way and sometimes feel that people are misunderstanding your intentions. You sometimes sound more harsh than you mean to come off. You feel very playful and think you’re quite funny, but maybe not everyone understands your humor. You are incredibly wise, caring, and passionate, but feel that you’re not always taken seriously and may even feel you sometimes lack common sense.

You have many aspirations and are extremely determined in everything you do, but once bored, you’re over it and will quickly find something new. Because of this, you may know about many different subjects, but not in great detail or depth. You’re often so distracted by the thing you’re curious about that you forget to be aware of yourself. Having frequent embarrassing moments, your good humor and natural optimism hides it well. You’re fun and funny and people just really like being around you.

If your sun sign is in Sagittarius, the older you get, the more and more you take on the qualities that I mentioned earlier. You also learn how to temper your brashness and become more and more self-aware. The maturity you gain with age is magical! You are an unstoppable force when you channel the prosperous essence of Jupiter. Luck is always on your side and when you learn to love who you are and see others as yourself, you’re a total powerhouse of badassery!

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Your Jupiter in Astrology:

Which sign rules your planet Jupiter in natal astrological chart? If you don’t know, you can find out on http://www.astro-charts.com, which is a free service.

Aries: Enthusiastic leader, winner, or athlete. Rarely shy or fearful. Inspires bravery in others.

Taurus: Attracts whatever is currently pleasurable. Can be over-indulgent. Unmatched patience and practicality.

Gemini: Continuously makes friends. Is a chatter-box. Wants to understand how everything works.

Cancer: Big home and/or big family. Isn’t afraid to cry in front of others. Adopts everything in need of love.

Leo: Can earn money by entertaining, using creativity, or helping others find confidence.

Virgo: Is helpful and works hard. Major attention to detail. Can easily solve most difficult problems.

Libra: Graceful use of understanding through relating to others. Expansion through mediation.

Scorpio: Must know the answers to their curiosities. Very direct and intense focus and communication style.

Sagittarius: Strong sense of morals, but highly opinionated. Much movement in life and through life.

Capricorn: Hates having unmet goals and challenges. Biggest pet peeve is wasting time- eye is always on the prize.

Aquarius: Dislikes feeling restricted. Success comes through learning how to cooperate with different types of people.

Pisces: Overwhelmed by sensitivities. Has universal ideals. Believes that humanity is inherently good.


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