Neptune in Astrology and Through the Signs

Neptune is the only planet in our solar system that is not visible with the naked eye.

Associated Symbol: Trident

Associated Astrological Sign: Pisces

Associated Astrological House: 12th

Associated Numerology Number: 2

Associated Tarot Card: The Hanged Man

Neptune in Science:

Most interestingly, Neptune was the very first planet discovered using mathematics rather than being seen by a telescope! This cold and windy planet is the eighth planet from the sun and the days here are only 16 hours long! It takes 165 years, however, for Neptune to make a full rotation around the sun. Having 14 moons, each one is named after sea gods and sea nymphs, which are references from Greek mythology.

Many people believe that Neptune is made up of water because of its beautiful blue-green appearance, but this planet is actually made up of gases (methane and ammonia) and ice, with a rocky core underneath the surface. Although Neptune can’t support life as we know it, if we could hang out on it for a day, we’d speak in higher pitches because its atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen, methane, and helium!

Neptune in Astrology and as a Ruling Planet:

Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, and psychic ability and is the ruler of the sign of Pisces. Anyone who is Pisces rising or has Pisces as their ascendant is ruled by the planet Neptune. Having this placement could mean this is a person who is soft-spoken and gentle, with a dreamy and otherworldly quality to them. They likely have large, expressive eyes and petite features. They’re often seem to be floating just out of reach, leaving others wondering where they go and what they do inside of their mystical heads. Sometimes, these people can be mistaken as weak, but their sensitivity has given them great amounts of emotional intelligence and moving compassion that is incredibly powerful to those they choose to tune into, which can either be used for the purpose of healing OR to self-destruct.

Neptune in general: subconscious, intuition, escapism, imagination, enchantment, illusions, enlightenment, addictions, innocence, spiritual mastery, tenderness, confusion, idealism, inspiration, disillusionment, subtlety, naivety, susceptibility, the unseen, the unreal, art, fairytales, transcendence, otherworldly, daydreaming, evolution, power in belief, malleable, mystical, surreal, etherial, compassionate, psychic ability, telepathy, kindness, understanding, yin-energy, instability, quiet, mysterious, paranoia, the psyche, depth, withdrawal, fear, blurring the lines of time and space, water, etc.

Neptune through the Signs:

It takes the planet Neptune about 164-168 years to completely orbit all the way around the sun! That means, it’ll stay in each of the twelve signs for about 14 years each.

Neptune in Aries: The last time Neptune visited Aries, was between 1861 and 1875. During this time, literature was lasting. Les Misérables, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, The Origin of Species, The Descent of Man, and many other historical works were published during this time. Neptune and Aries as a pair can be both terribly beautiful and beautifully tragic with chaos and grief in the same batch. The Civil Rights Act was enabled, but shortly thereafter, the hateful group called the KKK also rose. In 2025, Neptune will make its way back to Aries.

Neptune in Taurus: During 18751889 Europe and America saw major economic growth. This would make sense with Taurus’ influence here, as it rules the planet Venus. This was a period where what was fancy became even fancier and the world’s ideals loomed in metaphorical and material gold. There was also an industrial rise, as well as a major mark for capitalism. This time in history was when we entered the beginning stages of automobiles.

Neptune in Gemini: This was a time of visual growth in communication with Gemini’s Mercury influencing Neptune. The 1890’s began the period of political cartoons and images that flashed so quickly on a projected screen that they appeared to move into video form. In this period, at the end of the century, there was also immigration all around the world, but especially people moving into Europe and the United States, which spread the unforunate virus we know as the plague.

Neptune in Cancer: From 1902 to 1915, Neptune was influenced by Cancer, which rules the moon. Anyone born during this time would naturally have a bit more compassion than their ancestors, but perhaps in an idealistic and even naive way. During this time, however, there was a major focus on improving things in the home. Air conditioning was invented, as well as fertility drugs and over the counter vitamins were offered to the public for the health of the family.

Neptune in Leo: In the years 1915 to 1929, Neptune was influenced by radiant Leo and it’s ruling planet, the sun. The roaring twenties were dreamy and much more loose than previous generations. A semi-rebellious period, there was a soar in underground venues and jazz music. Art, specifically silent film, became a hot topic. Most importantly, women gained the right to vote and the KKK drastically dropped in the number of members by the time Neptune was making its way out of Leo.

Neptune in Virgo: From 1929 to 1943 there were many devastating events worldwide. Preceding an amalgamation of disasters was the beginning of the Great Depression, while only a few years later, the Prohibition had finally ended. During this period contained what is frequently known as the ‘dirty thirties’. The reason for this term is because of many worldwide hurricanes, floods, and a huge dust storm in Texas. Pluto was discovered during this time (Virgo is detail-oriented) and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs began the first of the Disney Princesses!

Neptune in Libra: During 1943 to 1956 was an incredibly busy period with bote unforgettable tragedies, as well as positive changes due to those events. During the forties, the world was involved in the horror of WWll and The Holocaust. While in 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Less than a month later, WWll officially ended. By the end of the 40’s, NATO was established. Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last before the Korean War and then the Vietnam War began before Neptune left Libra.

Neptune in Scorpio: From 1956 to 1970 was an extremely revolutionary period! With Scorpio ruling over Neptune during this time, we could only expect everything previously taboo to be exploited! From experimentation with with drugs, to sexual liberation, and don’t forget about The Beatles and Bob Dylan! Many disturbing reports stirred the hearts of half of society, while the other half joined the hatred. To the dismay of the public, however, US president JFK was assassinated live on Television. Unfortunately, only five years later, the beloved Martin Luther King Jr. was also assassinated for standing up for his cause and for the people that shared his same color of skin.

Neptune in Sagittarius: During the years 1970 to 1984 the Vietnam war finally came to a close. Far from quiet and calm in the world, however, as multiple other wars began through the middle-east and within several countries in Africa. US president Richard Nixon resigned, while he faced potential charges for a sinister crime known as the Watergate Scandal. An oil crises began, which gave rise to Saddam Hussein, where he would lead as an extremist for decades to come. During this time many women came into power within politics as feminism continued to grow. Lastly, this era birthed Psychedelic Rock, Funk and Metal music, which brought forth favorited bands and other artists, like Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Jackson 5, etc.

Neptune in Capricorn: From 1984 to 1998 there was a massive and natural rise in the population of humanity! Alternatively, this was also the period in which China had notoriously decided to abort only baby girls. Meanwhile, motherhood as history knew it had changed when in 1986 the first surrogate pregnancy was successful. There was frequent and growing experimentation with genetics, where the first set of designer babies were born in 1990. Halley’s Comet was spotted, game consoles were introduced, the World Wide Web was born, and Grunge/Punk style, as well as Hip-Hop music surged in popularity, Hollywood Films were a major trend, the Cold War ended, and The Gulf War had quickly came and went.

Neptune in Aquarius: The majority of us reading this were alive during the years 1998 to 2012, where most notably was the very exciting new millenium and the horrifying terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 in NYC, where the War on Terror has still not ended, even today. Years later, however, the United States voted in the first ever black president, Barack Obama. During this age we saw an incredibly rapid advancement in technology and the availability of it throughout the world. E-mail was used at large, cellular phones became highly desired, social media opened to the public, and toward the end of this period, mobile phones were given the added benefit of the World Wide Web at one’s fingertips.

Neptune in Pisces: In 2012, Neptune moved to its ruling sign, Pisces, where it feels most at home and it will remain there until the year 2024. While the world has remained under a lingering recession, the United States Dollar has lost a lot of value, while cryptocurrency has become a hot interest. Donald Trump was voted in as the first president who wasn’t a politician, where he later built a wall at the border of Mexico and the USA. Later, there was a worldwide outbreak of a potentially life-threatening virus known as Covid-19. As many people were unable to work or even leave their homes, the perspective of life and its meaning has changed for many. Most recently, Russian President, Putin, attacked the Ukraine, while many powerful countries are again talking about the use of destructive, atomic weapons.

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