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The Planets: Saturn

Saturn’s Symbolism: Time

Associated Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Associated Astrological House: The 10th House

Associated Numerology Number: 8

Associated Tarot Card: The World

Saturn in Science:

Like the planet Jupiter, Saturn is also a gas giant; mostly made of hydrogen and helium. One difference between the two gas giants is that Saturn has seven rings surrounding it. These rings are made up of space debris; such as rock, and ice. Neither gas giant can sustain life as we know it because their surfaces are actually not solid!

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and the final planet in our solar system you can see with the naked eye. With an incredible amount of 53 moons, and the possibility of even more, Saturn has more moons than any other planet in our solar system. Although not quite as large as Jupiter, it would still take about nine earths to make up the size of Saturn.


Saturn in Astrology:

The ruler of the sign of Capricorn— Saturn is sometimes known as taking on a paternal and masculine symbol. It influences responsibilities, structure, hard work, and learning lessons as you grow and age. Our planet with rings can feel that it is restricting us in certain areas of life, depending on the sign that rules it and which house it falls into. Because of this, Saturn is known as a malefic planet.

Moving slow and steady, it takes Saturn nearly 30 years to return to the exact position in which it was in on the day of our births. In astrology, this is called “Saturn Return” and it is often associated with our youth metaphorically dying so that we begin to settle into the rest of our lives. Within the last year that Saturn returns to your birth position, there arises the possibility of major challenges, realizations, and changes that occur that may feel like a father figure wagging a finger in our faces.

. Saturn isn’t there to harm us, however. It only wishes to help us ground and understand who we’ve become at a deeper level. It helps us to realize what we actually want and gives us reason to make it happen without fear holding us back; although the events can sometimes leave us feeling like we had no other choice. In fact, Saturn does this all the time, but one’s Saturn Return is the most notable time that Saturn pushes each individual toward their higher potential.

You can think of it as when a parent disciplines a child, they don’t necessarily desire the part of discipline that makes their child cry. To the child, it feels hard and mean, but the parent knows that it is in the child’s best interest to feel the consequences of whatever the child has done wrong to learn something important about life. They know it is their duty to perform this action, however, so they continuously do so. Until the child has grown up, they don’t understand how the parent has benefited them by doing this.

Astrologically, Saturn is the parent and we are the children. Only after the lesson has been learned and we have become adults, do we realize that Saturn did love us, after all!

Saturn as a Ruling Planet

If you don’t know this information, you can find out by going to (this is a free service) and putting in your birthday, birth place, and birth time. If you do not know your birth time, it is best to ask some older family members or look on your birth certificate. Otherwise, your astrological houses and rising sign can’t properly be configured.

If Saturn is your ruling planet, this means that your sun sign is in Capricorn, your rising sign is in Capricorn, or Saturn falls in your first house.


With Saturn as a ruling planet, you may have been known in your youth as being bossy or controlling. Even so, you’ve either been responsible naturally or you’ve had to learn some difficult lessons about the importance of bringing structure into your life. To everyone else, you can appear to have it all together, while in reality, you are often stressed and overwhelmed by your amount of daily duties.

For you, the work is seemingly never done, but you always seem to tackle it with grace. People often depend on you to do anything that others may refuse or that they simply can’t do. Even if you’d rather not take it on either, you struggle to say no. You may occasionally reach periods of total burn out.

It isn’t uncommon for people ruled by Capricorn to experience things like bone fractures, dental issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, or other issues regarding the bones. It is important for anyone with this placement to remember to slow down, decompress, not to take on too much, stay grounded in your physical body, and to let go of unnecessary stressors.

Saturn Through the Signs:

Aries: Your lesson is to learn that being overbearing, bossy, or having it your way or no way at all isn’t a great approach. Lessons may come for you in leadership. Naturally, you may take the lead in at least one area of your life, but at times, you’ve likely been a bit too aggressive. There may be challenges that show you that you are indeed a leader, but you must lead without making demands. People follow a leader, but never a boss.

Taurus: You may have to fall from grace before you can rise as queen or king. You’d probably rather pay someone else than do the work yourself, but once you run out of money, you may be left with no choice but to do it anyway. It’s possible that you spend more than you make, putting yourself in debt and panicking to try and take the easy road and quickly to pull yourself back out. You must learn to work hard to earn what you wish to spend.

Gemini: You have high intelligence and your thoughts are so clever! You’re probably even funny and sarcastic too. Inside, you’re charming and you think rapidly, but what is it that holds you back from speaking your truth? Your lesson is that communication is key! It is necessary that you make the cat release your tongue! Have no fear! It is a talent that you quietly possess and the challenges will eventually make you wish you had put them to use.

Cancer: You may have had a difficult or busy childhood, with turbulent or absent parents. In adulthood, this has expressed itself by making you overly attached to your home and the family you have now built. You may not go out much and prefer the company of those only very close. This could lead to missed opportunities because you don’t trust many and home has become a safety net you’ve settled into.

Leo: The lights have been blinding and the heartbreak has been almost too hard to bear! You’ve struggled many times with putting yourself out there with confidence only to feel familiar disappointment settle in. You have many talents you’ve built up and they’ve all been dead ends, making you feel like the ultimate failure. Your lesson is to let go of the need for validation. Once you follow whatever fulfills you, you won’t need anyone’s permission.

Virgo: If it were up to you, you’d prefer every single day to move just like the one before. If one stray hair falls out of place, you begin to watch a catastrophe happen inside of your head before one has even occurred. You try so hard to make sure everything goes according to plan, but some things are out of your control and you hate it! Your lesson is to learn how to go with the flow and not to fight against the waves as they crash around you.

Libra: Have you ever found out someone lied to you, betrayed you, cheated on you, stole from you, etc., but after cutting them off and having time to reflect, you realized that in some way, you did them wrong too? Or perhaps you held on too tightly, being paranoid, clingy, or possessive and it eventually pushed them away. Your lessons revolve around projections, co-dependency, self-love, and learning healthy boundaries.

Scorpio: Body image issues, obsessions that borderline psychotic breaks, and watching it all crumble down and catch on fire right before your eyes may be the lessons that eventually shape you into what seems like someone else entirely, but the truth is that you were only distracted and in denial of what existed inside of you. Your lessons have been difficult losses and revelations through utter darkness that brought you toward magnificent light.

Sagittarius: You’ve daydreamt of leaving your home nest since you can remember, but it seems as if everything tries to hold you back from flying away. Many things will lead you far out to sea eventually– to new discoveries and adventures in far away lands. You easily say goodbye to everything you’ve ever known, so excited to just go! Your lesson is learning how to appreciate where you came from and how it has also shaped you into a true nomad.

Capricorn: You may unconsciously have a dislike for authority figures because you believe you can actually do their job better. With your amount of ambition and a hungry need for success, you probably can. Becoming so wrapped up in your own determination, you’re shocked that mountains you climbed are deadly cliffs on the other side. Your lesson is making it to the top so that you learn humbleness and appreciation for every step you take.

Aquarius: You know you’re different and everyone else does too. No one understands or cares about the same things as you. You can’t ever seem to find your true place in the world and you find it exhausting to keep up the façade that you belong, but the truth is that you have kept yourself separate from the rest, hoping your tribe would find you. Your lesson is learning how to form a community with all walks of life and owning your originality!

Pisces: Everyone has always said you were too sensitive and that hurts your feelings sometimes too. It’s hard to even watch sad movies without feeling fake feelings in a real way! Emotions have a profound impact on you and you’ve probably always known way too much intuitively too. Because of this, you give and give until you have nothing left, but your lesson is learning to care without letting it totally drain you. You’re important too!


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